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Blog Tour & Review: American Made and Fall Out by Katheryn Kiden


Seven days. That’s all Ariana Coleman has to make it through until her husband, Brett, gets home from the uncertain future that his job holds for him. Seven days until she can touch him and they can finally get back to living their lives.

One hundred and sixty-eight hours. That’s all that’s left of being apart.

Ari has always been one to stick to routine while Brett is deployed. One change that seems harmless leaves her wondering if the outcome is her fault.

Will she be able to move on with what she is convinced is her doing? Or will the wrong person showing up on her doorstep send her into a depression so deep there may be no light in sight?


Emerson Hollis has always been a protector and does a job that most grown men wouldn’t do. She doesn’t do it because she likes it, she does it to protect the people, and the country, that she loves. When stray bullets threaten to take away the only thing she knows how to do, it may actually prove to be exactly what she needs.

Gentry Rice lives and breathes his job as a rescue swimmer. That is until the new guy on his crew brings a friend along for a drink after their shift. She’s everything he could ever want but never knew he needed.

The one thing they have in common could be the one thing to pull them apart.

Will Emerson be able to handle when her new path forces her past into the present? Can Gentry get her to see that things she thinks make her weak, are actually what force her to be strong?

This review will consist of 2 reviews-- Fall Out and American Made.  

Fall Out is a short novella that introduces you to some of the main characters that will appear inAmerican Made so yes it should be read first.  I have read many books by this author and she didn't disappoint with this series!  I would give this book a huge 4 stars and would highly recommend to others.  I will warn you - bring tissues because it is quite heartbreaking, but still a beautiful beginning to a great series.  This book shows Ariana's grief ridden journey and it will tear you apart inside but keep in mind this is just the beginning so you will want to find out how things end up for her... so get to one clicking!

American Made was wow a very interesting and fantastic love story that will shadow the journey of people that give there all for our country.   I have to give Katheryn Kiden a big high five for a fantastic tale.  This book even though sad and heart wrenching at times will come out to be worth the agony.  This book is was Emerson and Gentry's whirlwind romance story and you still get more of Ariana and many other characters as well.  This book has it all.. the chase of romance, the steamy sexy scenes- which by they way HOT! And angst, secrets and most of all lust and love.  I will not giveaway anything with my review other than how much I loved this book because I don't want to spoil it for anyone but do know that it will warm your heart and melt your panties!  So get to one-clicking!

Thanks again Katheryn Kiden for another set of great books can't wait for more in the future!

A book so different from all of the others I have read by this author, American Made by Katheryn Kiden is one that will tear at your heartstrings and maybe even grab for a tissue during a time or two.  With a female lead unlike any I have read in the past, Emerson Hollis is the epitome of how I imagine a woman sniper would be, and I loved everything about her character.  Katheryn Kiden has captured the essence of what it must feel like to serve our country and put your life on the line everyday in this fantastic book of loss, love and finding yourself again after unfortunate circumstances lead you to question everything that you are.  This book was a 3.5 star read for me and I highly recommend it to others.

Emerson has a job in the military that few women seem to excel at, she is a sniper and she is precise.  When things go wrong on a mission while she is deployed, everything that she knows about herself and who she is gets destroyed, leaving her with the question of what is next for her.  If Emerson can't shoot, how will she be who she is?  How will she be strong instead of weak?  Its in the aftermath of returning home that she struggles everyday to find out and when Gentry Rice walks into her life one night by chance, everything she swore she would never allow herself to experience or feels when it comes to romantic relationship is thrown out the door as he breaks down her carefully constructed wall one brick at a time.

Gentry has a dangerous job himself.  He may not be dodging bullets, bombs and the enemy in a ware zone but he lives life on the edge as a Coast Guard Rescue swimmer.  Jumping out of helicopters in the dark of night on rescue missions is something that he lived for, that is until Emerson walked into the bar one night with his buddy.  Now the feisty girl who fights him at every turn, thinks herself weak when she is nothing but strong, and pushes him away at every opportunity consumes his every thought.  He now lives to break down the wall she has surrounding her heart, and he starts by helping her see that she can still use her skills in the civilian world.

Emerson and Gentry have their share of conflict, and that is what makes this love story so interesting, it isn't the easy road that readers are used to nor does it have the usual love triangle angst that we have come to love in many other series.  This love has to fight against the demons that haunt Emerson every day, for the things she can't un-see from her time while deployed and the affect it has on her life and her heart.  With her best friends by her side and Gentry in her corner, Emerson seems to have all the support she needs to realize that she isn't the weakest but instead the strongest person that they know.  But will it be enough?  You will have to read to find out.

Fall Out is the prequel to American Made and in my opinion can either be read before or after.  In this heartbreaking tale of loss, the reader is assaulted with the emotions of being told that the love of your life is gone, and learning to cope in any way that you know how, even if it means pushing away every person that cares about you.  

Adriana Coleman has the unthinkable happen when two uniformed men come to her front door with news just days before her beloved husband is set to return home from deployment.  Instead of leaning on her friends Emerson and Knox, she pushes them away at every turn, becoming a shell of the woman that she once was.  Will she be able to get through the pain and begin to live again?  You will have to read to find out.

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