Monday, March 21, 2016

Blog/Review Tour and Giveaway: Rushing In by Vanessa M. Knight

Rushing In by Vanessa M. Knight 
(A Ritter University Novel) 
Publication date: January 26th 2016
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance

Megan Stewart has always been the good girl, living her life imprisoned by others’ expectations, always doing what’s she’s told, waiting for her life to begin. Going to Ritter University is her chance to break away. Her new beginning. To finally get the life she wants. But somehow she’s falling into the same patterns, the same habits. She never takes a chance. Never takes a risk …until Danny.

Danny Jones is the kind of guy every parent fears— tattoos and all kinds of sex appeal, wrapped up in trouble. No one knows the things he’s seen, the things he’s done. They haven’t lived through the shit he’s lived through or earned the scars he has to show for it. No one knows, because he’s never had the time or the desire to let anyone in…until Megan.

They are all wrong for each other, but they can’t stop themselves from rushing in.


Meghan has lived a life full of expectations. Living in a proverbial bubble placed on her by her parents. A tragedy had struck the family when she was younger making them fearful of letting her go. She finally has her chance at freedom and normalcy by going away to college. There she meets Danny.

Danny is your typical player, never maintain the same girl. But he has his sights set on Meghan but refrains deeming himself not good enough for her.

When these two are together they are hot!!

But outside influences are working well to keep them together...

What happens when Meghan's parents find out what really happens at college? Will Danny believe he is good enough for Meghan (when she believes he is)?

Go one click to find out!

Rushing In by Vanessa M. Knight is a story about being trapped by the expectations placed upon you by family due to circumstances beyond anyone's control. Trying to become your own person while yearning to please your parents isn't easy. This book was a 3 star read for me and I would recommend it to others.

Meghan lives a life of expectations. Her parents have sheltered her to the point that it's stifling and she is trying to break free while in her first year of college to live a life that makes her happy despite what her parents think.

Danny is the typical bad boy player from the wrong side of town with an upbringing that Meghan's parents would hate and probably pull her out of school if she were to get involved with him. But she doesn't care and goes after Danny anyway despite knowing that he doesn't do relationships.

When Danny and Meghan get together their chemistry is hot and sizzles. But will the strings that hold them to their past stand in the way of their future? You will need to read to find out!!

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