Friday, April 15, 2016

Review Tour: Subject X by Emma G. Hunter

Title: Subject X
Author: Emma G. Hunter
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Recent Harvard graduate Charlotte Kane tends to be the most practical person in the room. A self-proclaimed nerd and former tomboy, Charlotte still isn't used to the world's reaction to her since she traded in her sweatpants and hoodies for skinny jeans and sundresses. And she's just begun to settle into her new job as a research assistant at a prestigious biotech powerhouse, Philadelphia's Genesis Life Systems, when Owen Becker walks into the subject waiting room.

Owen Becker is pure, distilled masculinity. He's also been the subject of a shadowy Genesis research study for twenty-seven years—a classified one now run solely by Charlotte's prickly and secretive boss. With just one glance at Charlotte Kane, Owen knows he has to have her. But he fears that the secret behind his study might be too much for the new researcher to understand—and far too dangerous for her or anyone else to know about.

When a chance accident on their second date reveals something unbelievable about Owen Becker, Charlotte's world is turned entirely upside-down. As she struggles to reconcile what she's learned about her irresistible new boyfriend with everything she knows to be true about science and the world she lives in, her lingering dislike of her new boss shifts into something more like suspicion. Determining that he's up to something dark—and that Owen is at the center of that something—Charlotte is forced to test the limits of what she's willing to do for love and lust.

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Marvel meets real world? Subject X by Emma Hunter finds new college graduate Charlotte getting a job as a research assistant at Genesis Labs in order for her to figure out her future, and that’s exactly where she meets Owen. He is enrolled in one of the research studies and comes in on the wrong day for his appointment. From the moment she met him, she knew he was different…and how right she was. She tried to fight it, but he wouldn’t let her and they go out on a date. Never before has Owen felt like this about someone and he certainly never expected to find attraction or love at Genesis, and yet, that is exactly what he finds the moment he laid eyes on Charlotte.

Once she learns his secret, will she run or will she stay? And what exactly is her boss Todd doing with all of the samples he collects from Owen? Nothing is exactly easy between Owen and Charlotte and there could be more danger lurking in the shadows. The book was a bit overly descriptive and wordy at times, but the overall story was really good and enjoyable...and those sex scense were hot! 3.5 stars!

Recent college grad Charlotte has landed a job as a research assistant at a major biotech company called Genesis Life Systems. She is very excited to start on this new venture. Her boss often seems aloof and her starting project is blood samples. She adapts to the flow and finds her routine until Owen shows up to give specimen samples on the wrong date.

Owen is pure sex on a stick and draws Charlotte in. To try and accommodate him, she squeezes him in only to have her boss scramble out and halt further interaction stating that Owen is a higher classification of testing that Charlotte has no clearance for.

This strikes up a small flag for Charlotte but she brushes it off. Coincidences have Owen and Charlotte meet again and the form a connection. But things start to get stranger in the lab as well as with Owen. On the second date Charlotte discovers why he is currently being tested at Genesis....

Is it enough to keep her away from Owen? Will the research company figure out why Owen is different?

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Emma Hunter lives with her family in Philadelphia. With a career in finance and a degree in mechanical engineering, she has taken the only logical next step and begun writing novels. Outside of reading and writing, Emma’s main hobbies revolve around food—she’s been known to spend hours at a clip in the kitchen, will drive many miles out of her way for an exceptional meal, and rarely shows up to a holiday gathering without way too many desserts. Subject X is her first novel.