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Blog Tour: Everything I Have by Natalie Barnes

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I fucked up. 

This wasn't supposed to happen, not now, not ever! I think? 
Shit. I don't know what to think anymore. 

These last two years have turned my life upside down. Right when I finally 
think I have everything going exactly 
how I want it, something always fucking 
happens. But this something is not so 
easily forgotten. Part of me wishes it 
could be, but the other...wants this 
more than anything. I have never been 
so scared in my entire life as I am 
right now. 

I feel so alone. 

He won't want this. He won't want me. 

But what if? 

What fucking if? He does... 

Tristan, I'd give this part of me for 



Read the first chapter of Everything I Have here: 

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Everything I Have by Natalie Barnes is the third and final book in the Everything I Have Series. With the major cliff hanger that Natalie left the reader with in book two, I could not wait to read this next installment to find out what happened with Tristan and Sophia. This book was a 3.5 star read for me and those readers who enjoy a good rock star romance, this is the series for you.

Sophia and Tristan have finally come together, really together as a couple after years of being apart. And that is when Sophia gets the surprise of a lifetime. Unsure of how Tristan will react, Sophia is determined to keep her secret, just that a secret, until she is ready for whatever Tristan may throw at her when he finds out the news, even if it means he walks away. With the help of her stylist Frankie, Sophia dodges many situations where her secret can be discovered until one day and too many drinks later Frankie spills the beans. The reaction from Tristan, well that wasn't what Sophia or the reader anticipated, especially with how Tristan has dealt with things in the past.

I am not giving much detail in my review for a reason, I don't want to spoil the oh shit moment if some readers haven't read book two yet, and that cliff hanger reveal is the main source of turmoil, angst, tears and love in book 3. I suggest you read this series to find out.

4.5 Mother-fucking stars for me.

Gah! I don't even know where to start with this review. This series (Everything I Want) is sinfully HOT!

Sophia is still bad-ass and stubborn. Her and Tristan seem to be on a good path when Sophia harbors a secret. A secret that could change everything and that makes her scared. Things are finally good all around: their (the band's) success, their album, their tour, and her relationship with Tristan.

Tristan is still Mr. Alpha Hotness but you see him bending for Sophia. Their sizzle is scorchingly hot... so hot you'll need to fan yourself, maybe even smoke a cigarette (even if you don't smoke).

You also have a better glimpse of all the secondary characters and feel like you are part of the band. I love them all and the way they gel together as a band and individually is fantastic.

There is so much more I want to say but I fear I will give it away. So what happens when Tristan finds out Sophia's secret?? Go one click this bitch right now!

p.s. I smell a Caleb spin-off and I am happy to oblige in reading that.

Everything I Have is the third and final book in the Everything I Want Series. I was anticipating this release for quite some time because I needed to know what happened because Everything I Need ended with quite the cliffhanger! Sophia and Tristan needed some closure to there whirlwind roller coaster romance and Natalie Barnes certainly delivered it. Although this book did give the closure and ending to Sophia and Tristan it wasn't my favorite of the series, it was good I just didn't get that blown away feeling like I did with the other 2 books in this series.

So I would have to rate this book a 3.5 but the series is a solid 4. Now don't get me wrong there was still strong passion and hard core sexy scenes from the Alpha male Tristan which of course I love every minute of him, but for some reason I felt like it was lacking the excitement and or buzz that the fist 2 gave me.

Regardless I fell in love with Tristan and Sophia long ago so this story was sort of the icing on a very big tiered cake so make sure you read the whole series! Thanks for a fantastic journey with these 2 characters and I can't wait for Caleb's story in Beautifully Chaotic! And hopefully many more fantastic stories in the future!

Everything I Want ( Book 1)

"I can’t freaking believe this! Me, Sophia Mancini, and my band just got signed with a major recording label! And that’s not all. We get to open for Undead Society on tour! I’ve always had a thing for their lead singer, Tristan Scott. He’s dangerously sexy. Finally meeting him, I soon realize that Tristan is nothing more than an arrogant, conceited prick!

He gets off on making this tour difficult for me as much as possible. But it’s so worth putting up with his arrogance when I feel that high I get when performing. Not even Tristan can take that away from me.

He intimidates and excites me all at the same time. Trying to put up a front that he doesn’t affect me, I find that it’s getting incredibly harder to pretend. Every time that I’m around him, I feel myself weakening. He’s trying to break me, dominate me, and take me."


Everything I Need (Everything I Want 2) 

Some who see me, see that I'm a rock star. Others see me just by my appearance...or my talent. But one woman, just one, saw past all that. Even when I dragged her through the f*cking dirt she got back up and dusted herself off. Her blue eyes pierced right through me, weakening me. Her voice soothed, calmed me. She riled me up and got me going, then slammed on the brakes.

Then I f*cked everything up...

I hate everything right now, but I really wish I could hate her. It would make things so much fucking easier if I could.

But I cant... I'm f*cking in love with her.



Natalie Barnes is the Amazon Bestselling author of Everything I Want and Everything I Need.

Her passion is she loves to read and write erotic/romance literature.

Natalie is inspired to write by listening to music, which she believes is an influential part of the creative process in her writing.

Natalie grew up on Bay Mills Indian Reservation in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

She still resides in Michigan and is married with three beautiful children.