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Blog Tour, Review and Giveaway: Concealed by MM Koenig

Mia Ryan’s past and present are about to collide in startling ways, leaving her to question everything she’s ever known about herself.

After a shocking turn of events that revealed some mind-blowing secrets, Mia becomes more determined than ever to take back her life from the darkness that’s consumed her. In her pursuit for answers, she quickly discovers that parts of her past, which have always been a mystery, might be the key to saving the ones she loves…and the man that stole her heart.

Ethan Fitzgerald knows that things are never what they seem. Taking down his father’s empire wasn’t supposed to be a challenge—that was before Mia Ryan waltzed through his door. Forever changed by a love that reignites his purpose in life, Ethan is willing to do whatever it takes to protect Mia, and his enemies know it.

In this edge of your seat finale of the Secrets and Lies series, the stakes are higher than they’ve ever been before. Can Mia and Ethan’s relationship withstand the malicious forces threatening them, or is letting go the answer that saves them and the ones they love? Everything comes at a cost—and it might just be true love.

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Concealed is the third and final book in this series and its great and sad all at the same time.  I have waited a while to get this story in my hands and let me tell you it was so worth the wait.  This book most definitely earned the highest of the stars which is 5 by book world standard but I would give it much higher if I could.  This book is part of series so can not be read as a standalone so you need to pick up Conflicted book 1 and Complicated book 2.  I am so happy that I took a chance on this series almost a year ago because it was freaking amazing.  M.M. Koenig has earned a fan girl for life from me.  I am happy that Ethan and Mia finally got there ending because boy oh boy did they go through some twists and turns to get there.  

I am at a loss for words on how much this series has come to mean to me and will stay with me for a long time to come. This is definitely an on the edge of your seat kind of romance and I have said it before but I will say it again this series would be great as a movie... no it deserves to be more than just a book because it has everything anyone could want in a story.  

Through out this series we have hand many questions as to why Ethan and Mia have had all the hard times that had but no worries this book will finally reveal all the secrets and lies we have been given throughout this journey and you will be pleasantly surprised in parts, painstakingly sad in others, and downright murderous at times.. oh and maybe a little turned on!  Ok a whole lotta turned on!  

Oh and if you thought book 2 was action packed you just wait because wow this book is an intense ride of passion and danger.

I am going to miss Ethan and his bad boy ways and Mia and her sassy attitude but most of all every character that was lost in this story will hold a place in my heart for eternity.  But no worries I know there is more to come from this author and maybe even a little more from the side characters in this series... I am personally hoping for a little Jackson love!!!!  
On a personal note thanks M.M. Koenig for a fantastic story and I look forward to so much more from you in the near future!  

Concealed is the final book in the Secrets and Lies Series by M.M. Koenig.  I am sad that this amazingly action packed series that has kept me on the edge of my seat with all of its twists, turns and revelations has come to an end but in true M.M. Koenig style she DID NOT disappoint in the slightest!  This fantastic conclusion was a 4.5 star read for me and if you haven't yet picked up this series, I suggest you drop what you are reading now and get to it because you will become enthralled in the lives of Ethan and Mia as I have.

Although M.M. Koenig does not gift wrap this ending, it couldn't have been more perfect because life isn't all about perfection, and all of the difficulties, tragedies, and horrors that Ethan and Mia have had to endure throughout this series, wouldn't have been worth it, had their ending been easily delivered with a bow on top.  I love love loved how each character that was in the first two books, no matter how big or small a part they played in Ethan and Mia's life, was wrapped up so that the reader was given closure on their story!

There are part of this book that will have you wanting to throw your kindle at the wall in frustration with either Ethan or Mia's behavior or both, you will grab for the tissues while tears stream down your face as the unexpected happens and smiling at the way this group of friends rally's around each other no matter the gravity of the situation to offer support, whether emotional or physical.

I cannot wait for more from this author and I know that once you read you will become a fan of her work for life as I have! 

I gave him a flippant wave of the hand while walking into the crowd. It was a slow go of it because of the drunk chicks tossing themselves at me. I took measured breaths to maintain my patience with them. On my way over to Mia and Jackson, I grabbed the smoking-hot girl with blondish-brown hair next to me.

She was a little wary of me as we sashayed through the crowd, so I leaned into her ear and asked, “What’s your name?”

My deep tone must’ve got to her because she blushed on the spot before stammering, “It’s Jenn. I saw you at the bar, but I know you didn’t see me. What are you up to?”

I didn’t bother answering and tapped on Jackson’s shoulder. “If you don’t mind, I’d love to dance with my girl. Don’t worry. I didn’t come alone. This is Jenn. I’m sure she’d love a dance.”

Jenn scowled at first, but licked her lips after eyeing Jackson. His face was firm as he stared me down. The glare he was shooting for didn’t really stick with the glossiness in his eyes. I didn’t care if he was pissed. Mia wasn’t his. Jackson whispered something to her before stepping aside. He gave me a curt nod and led Jenn away from us. As they walked away, Jackson noticeably loosened up and draped an arm over her shoulders. Jenn was playing her part perfectly, batting her eyes at him and making it clear she was definitely interested in whatever he had to offer.

Everyone on the floor faded away as I towed Mia into me. She bit her bottom lip while placing her hands around my neck. I kissed her cheek before trailing my tongue along her jaw and over to her ear. “I really want to spank your ass for disappearing on me for so long. You’re lucky that my need to have you pressed against me always outweighs any frustrations I have with you.”

Mia moaned as I nibbled around her earlobe. I licked her throat before kissing her hard on the mouth. My tongue swooped along the insides, savoring every part of it. The slow beat of the music switched to a faster one. I hitched her leg around my ass before thrusting my body into hers.

“Your threat on that front is empty-handed.” Mia stammered, catching her breath. I cocked an eyebrow at the clear challenge. She squeezed my shoulders. “I’m not saying I want you to follow through on it either. It’s all too BDSM for me. You’ve already gotten me to explore well beyond what I ever imagined doing in bed, but I have my limits.”

Once Mia was in my arms, my dick was hard for her, but it was to the point of pain now. It was begging me to take her. My mind raced with all the dirty things I wanted to do with her. I glanced around to find a room I could haul her off to. I wasn’t sure how much longer I could go without having her.

We need a minute to fuck away our frustrations with one another. I know exactly what to do to get to that outcome.

I buried my head into her shoulder and pressed light kisses to her exposed skin. Small beads of sweat lingered along her neck, so I trailed my tongue in that direction to lick them away. My hands caressed along her belly until I reached her waistline. My thumbs circled the edge of her hips. Her resolve was fading as her hands slid down my chest. I grazed my teeth along my bottom lip before flashing my dimples. “I’m sure I can convince you to continue trying new things. You’ve enjoyed everything we’ve done so far.”

Mia blinked herself out of the lusty daze she’d fallen into and shoved at my chest with a scolding look on her face. “Stop giving me that look.”

There wasn’t a chance in hell I’d stop messing with her. Her dress alone was a fucking tease. My hands drifted to her fine ass to bring her even closer. She sucked in a sharp breath after I rolled my hips into her. “What took you so long to get in here? Why didn’t you look for me?”

I grinded roughly into her a few more times before kissing her lips. She moaned softly before stuttering, “I told you, I needed to talk to Micah. It just took longer than expected. I was getting around to finding you.”

“You’ve been inside the club for over a half-hour. You didn’t look for me once. If I didn’t know better, I’d say you’re trying to avoid me,” I growled, rocking into her with more vigor.

Mia opened her mouth to argue, but couldn’t speak. My hands were within inches of her breasts. I thrust into her again, making her breath falter. She was close to panting. Mia dragged her nails down my back before resting her hands on my hips. My fingers grazed the bottom of her breasts before I gently bit down on her shoulder. She squeezed her thighs tightly together.

“Please, stop. You know exactly what you’re doing to me and my willpower. I don’t want to have sex with you here. Besides, we need to be more respectful of everyone around us. This isn’t really appropriate behavior in public,” Mia stammered, wiggling to get free.

There was a pleading in her tone that made me step back. I wanted to take her into one of the back rooms and fuck away our issues, but I’d never force her. I rested my hands on the small of her back and pulled her close to me. “Since when do you care about what anyone else thinks?”

She inhaled in a hasty breath as I caressed patterns along her back. “The weekend will go more smoothly if we’re more mindful. I don’t want to fight about it. If you can do that for me, I promise to let you scratch off those two handcuff positions on your bucket list for us.”

My eyes sprang open. I didn’t think it was possible for my dick to become harder, but somehow it happened. Between the dress, her body, and having those two fantasies come true, my dick was begging me to fuck her. It took everything I had to push down my wanton desires. I placed feather-light kisses along her neck until I reached her ear. “I can behave myself in the presence of others. Just stop fucking teasing me.”

Her jaw dropped before she hissed, “I haven’t done anything to tease you.”

I shook my head while chuckling. Her eyes were thin slits as she stared me down. I traced along the V of her dress with one hand while running my other along her exposed thigh. Her breath hitched with each piece of exposed skin my fingers touched.

“You don’t think this is a tease. Not to mention you just offered to do two of the positions I’ve wanted to try with you since our first time in bed together. If that’s not teasing, I don’t know what the fuck is,” I growled, twirling her around.

Her face softened. “Well, when you put it like that. I’m sorry.”

I pinched her ass before softly kissing her. “Just this once, I’ll let it slide.”

Mia giggled. “That’s very generous of you.”

“When it comes to you, I’ll never be able to give enough,” I answered devoutly.

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M. M. Koenig was born and raised in Minnesota. She now lives in the Twin Cities area with her loving dog Marley. She is a graduate of the University of Minnesota with a Bachelors of Science in Sociology.
M. M. Koenig enjoys being active and has a variety of interests that coincide with her passion for life. Always one to try new things, she has acquired a variety of skills. Her sarcastic nature and multitude of experiences tend to find their way into her novels.
When she has free time and isn't writing, she spends as much time as she can with friends and family. To fuel her soul, she is constantly looking for new music, movies, and books to keep the writer's block at bay.