Monday, December 28, 2015

Release Blitz: Catalyst by Leighton Riley

Title: Catalyst
Author: Leighton Riley
Release Date: Dec 28, 2015
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For every action, there is a reaction.

People aren’t always who they say they are. Everyone has their secrets. Some are more evil than I ever thought imaginable.

I was left broken and alone after my boyfriend was murdered in my bar.

An old acquaintance moves into Liam’s home and a spark is ignited deep inside me.

Becoming vulnerable made me weak, and I never saw it coming.

When obsession takes over, lies and deceit can be killer.

Watching movers pack away his things and throw them into the truck is so impersonal. Tossing the boxes into a truck with no thought as to what they are handling. I wish I had the strength to be the one who packed it all away, but I couldn’t. It was hard enough to pack up my things. I moved my stuff out of the home two weeks ago, but the majority of everything in that home was his. 

He was my other half. My soul mate. One morning, we were completely in love and talking about starting a family, and then by nightfall, I had found my boyfriend barely alive in the storage room of the bar I owned. I rode with him as he was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance, praying he would pull through even though the look on the paramedics’ faces told me otherwise. After what seemed like forever in the waiting room, doctors gave me the news he didn’t make it. The police questioned me extensively, and later that night, I came home to his empty house. From that day on, I have been on autopilot.

A mystery ARC, no author, no title and no synopsis had us going in totally blind, reading a book that I had no idea what to expect, no idea what type of story it would be and no idea who the author was to gauge the writing style was how this book was presented to our blog and how the ARC was delivered. This made the book all the more intriguing when opening it up to begin reading and the mystery kept me captivated. This book was a 3.5 star read for me and I would definitely recommend it to others.

This story will raise some emotions that will have you hoping for a HEA, yelling at the characters when they make a mistake you can see coming from pages away and perhaps slightly sad at how it turns out in the end. There are twists and turns that will have you guessing as to the outcome, and although I wasn't all pleased with the ending for some of the main characters, overall this book was a good read and one I know others will thoroughly enjoy!

Well this book was literally presented to us as a mystery, no name, no author name, no synopsis just going in blind as ever... but that really did intrigue me to the highest degree. So when I found out the name and the author I was surprised and should have known who it was by the way the story went. Leighton Riley you seriously destroyed me in Regretfully and Catalyst had the same type of ending so needless to say I was a little upset towards the end of this story. The ending of this story is going to either make alot of people very happy or it will seriously make you wanna scream with disappointment.

So that being said I would give this book a 3-3.5 stars and I would still recommend to others. Although the ending might have ruined me a little the rest of the story was quite intriguing and flowed pretty good. It does have quite some twists and turns and you may or may not expect some of things to happen but I will say it was a quirky crazy journey so get to one clicking.

When we received the email about this book, I was intrigued. We had nothing to go on and it was a complete mystery, and that is why I had to read the book. The absence of information was almost impossible to resist. I guess that’s why the gang in Scooby Doo always jumps in when a mystery is presented to them. I started reading this book with an open mind and zero expectations, but as I delved into the story, I started to build up expectations and I have to say…I was a little disappointed in the end. The buildup and the story kept me entertained and there were a few twists and surprises I didn’t expect, however in the end, I felt like one of the characters I had been pulling for was left as an afterthought. That’s not to say that the ending was bad, just a little disappointing.

Tinsley is a bar owner and feels like her life is on a downward spiral when her boyfriend was killed. Her best friends are keeping her afloat and all of the sudden someone from her past comes barging back into her life. Things look like they are getting better, but all may not be as it seems.

Catalyst by Leighton Riley has love, confusion, craziness, hurt, more love, and a happy ending. The story was enjoyable, the characters were developed, and the plot was almost believable. I give the book 3.5 stars.

Leighton Riley resides in Dallas, Tx and works in real estate for her day job. She writes contemporary romance and romantic suspense. Sinfully, Regretfully, and Deceitfully can be read in order or as standalones. Sinfully and Regretfully take place around the same time frame and can even be read in reverse order (will give more background on Payton and Ryder's story). Tate's story, Deceitfully, finishes off the series. She's also the author of the romantic suspense novel, Catalyst.