Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Book Tour and Review: Change of Plans by Mila Rossi

Contemporary Romance
Released: January 30th, 2016


Sarah Thompson is a twenty-five year old girl on a mission: go to her friend’s office party, find an attractive guy and lose her virginity. When she meets rough and rugged Jason Hendricks, she knows she’s found her one-night-stand.

Jason knows about MMA fights and boxing. He doesn’t know jack about virgins and wants to keep it that way. When Sarah turns out to be just that instead of the experienced vixen she led him to believe, he’s in for the shock of his life.

Trying to move on from their disastrous night is easier said than done, as Jason’s guilty conscience can’t let the sweet, brown-eyed girl go. Determined to show her a good time, he tries to convince her that a redo of their time together is a must. Sarah is tempted, but can she stick to her promise and give in only to lust, or will she fall for the brooding fighter?

It might be short, but the story doesn’t leave you hanging!

Sarah has been so focused on school and proving to her mother she can do more than be a housewife, she has put her love life on hold…way on hold. Now at 25 she is determined to lose her virginity, and who does she pick, a MMA fighter turned trainer, Jason. A simple one night stand is not in the cards for her since it turns out hers and Jason’s lives intersect more than they should for a love ‘em and leave ‘em type of not – not that they exactly had one of those either.

It may have been a fast read, but the story and characters were well developed, which isn’t something many authors are able to accomplish in the lower word counts of novellas. Mila Rossi’s Change of Plans has everything that you are looking for in a good romance – sex, love, friction, laughing, teasing – and add to it a dash of ignorance and confusion as Sarah and Jason learn what real love is. The characters are memorable and you want to know everything about them. If anything, I wanted to see more of their story in the future, and I want to know where I can find a guy like Jason. LOL. I highly recommend Change of Plan and give it 4 stars. You need to pick up this book!

Change Of Plans by Mila Rossi was a fun quick read about a girl who is entirely focused on her studies at the expense of her social life and a former MMA fighter who doesn't sleep with virgins. When these two get together it is explosive to say the least. This book was a 3.5 star read for me.

Sarah is a 25 year old virgin who decides that it is time to get the deed over with. Going to a party with her friend, she decides to choose a guy for a one night stand. Much like her approach to her research, her approach to losing her virginity is methodical and well planned. Jason is a former MMA fighter who know trains fighters. He doesn't know anything about virgins, but the little he does know is shattered with the way in which Sarah approaches what is supposed to be a monumental moment in a girls life.

What happens next with Sarah and Jason is almost comical in how they each get under the others skin but for completely different reasons, having the reader wondering what will happen with these two.

Change Of Plans was quick fun read. I would give this book a 4 stars and recommend to others. Even though it was quick read it definitely didn't leave out an details. This is the first book I have read by this author but I will definitely be following her for long time to come.

Sarah is the nerd in many ways because she has always focused on her school and not the "boys". She finds herself at 25 in a situation to rectify a very awkward problem that she has.. she is a virgin.. but doesn't want the quintessential boyfriend to loose her virginity too because she doesn't have the time to put into a relationship.. so a one-night stand is to her the only option...

Jason is a retired MMA fighter who doesn't do the "love" thing for many reasons. When he finds himself at a party and on the prowl so to speak he meets the sexy Sarah, he knows what she wants and he makes his move. He doesn't realize Sarah's secret until its too late... so he ends her plan of seduction and loosing her virginity.... but did he do the right thing?

A one-night stand that turns into so much more is what you will get from this book, but will it last? The Student becomes the Teacher so to speak.

Go pick up this book ASAP you don't want to miss out on this fun fast read!

Cute, quick read!

Sara has been solely focused on her studies, never having time to pursue a relationship, let alone sex. She has decided, very matter-of-factly, that she will have a one-night-stand to rid herself of her virginity.

Jason spots Sara and has deemed her the choice du jour for the night. But little does he know the surprise that awaits him. Feeling blindsided, he deems the night ruined but finds himself thinking more and more about the 25-year-old virgin.

Both are botching up trying to amend the mistake and find themselves longing for the other. Jason has become consumed with wanting to show her sex can be quite enjoyable, more so than their first experience together.

I loved the push and pull between the two of them. When Jason wanted Sara, she didn't want anything to do with him; or so she told herself.

Was this destined to be one off? Or can they figure out a way to have more. Go one click to find out!

Mila Rossi is a contemporary romance author. She creates heroines who don't back down, stand up for themselves and insist on freedom and independence until the right man comes along. Then all rules are thrown out the window. The heroes must be clever, generous and able to throw a girl over their shoulder.

Mila has seen the world and loves to write about it. She also loves to paint vintage anime characters, belly dance, try new foods and perfect her archery skills. She wishes she could partake in extreme sports but only allows her characters to tempt fate. Her own chances of causing disasters are just too high.