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Review Tour: Starting Over and Lost Without You by Annalise Blaze

So excited to be sharing our reviews with you of Annalise Blaze's first two books! 
Starting Over By Annalise Blaze

Published: Sep 30, 2015

Forty-something caterer, Hope Winters has recreated her life after a divorce. Taking a chance on a catering job her deployed daughter suggested, Hope meets thirty-something businessman, Rafe Lacroix. Instant heat and a high profile job combine to bring them together. Giving in to the electricity, Hope knows better than to let her emotions get carried away. After all, she’s had twenty years of being told her value. She knows that Rafe deserves better but she wants a sample of her own. Determined to enjoy her fill, Hope knows when it’s time to let Rafe go to save them both. When disaster strikes, an unwavering Rafe knows where he belongs. At Hope’s side, providing the sustainment she needs to fight old demons and new fears. Can Rafe help unwrap the desires Hope has hidden away? Can Hope slay the ghosts of her past and accept that the recipe to her true happiness lies in Rafe’s arms?
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Starting over by Annalise Blaze is the first book in the Winters’ Series, and also happens to the be the author’s debut novel. And what a debut it was. It was a great first book and I can’t wait to see what happens in the following books. 

The last thing Hope Winters wants is to find love. Being a forty something year old divorced mom, she is done and only wants to focus on herself, but the appearance of Rafe Lacroix is going to change all of that. She can’t deny that there is an attraction lying between them, and he makes her want to test the waters even she should push him away. 

The moment he saw her, thirty something year old Rafe instantly wanted and decided he would have her no matter what. Will he help her get over her past so that they can have a future together? Or will the spark fizzle before it burns brightly. 

One of the things that drew me to this story, was that the characters and story lie slightly out of the box. Hope is older than Rafe, which does not always work out well for the author writing the story, but in this case, Annalise nailed it. The fact that the heroine is older than the hero of the story was well written and didn’t feel awkward at all. And the instant spark belonged in this story because of the characters. I know not everyone enjoys a quick love connection, but it does happen sometimes and the author captured it beautifully. The characters are memorable, and they could be you or anyone else you know. The author has created a new world in this book and I enjoyed it a great deal. 4 stars and I recommend you one click today. 

Annalise Blaze hits it out of the park with her debut novel, Starting Over. 

Hope Winters is a divorcee and mother who isn't looking for love. She's damaged from her past and focusing on her future. Until her path crosses Rafe's. He's immediately intrigued by her and decides he will pursue her at all costs. Sure some could argue there was some insta love happening, but it works for this cast of characters. When you're like Hope, you aren't looking to play games - you know what you want and you go for it.

The thing I loved most about this book was how real it was. You connected with Rafe and Hope. You rooted for them all along. Hope is a real woman with real world insecurities. Rafe is the man who compliments her as a person, he is her equal. They are a team.

Certainly a four star read that is worth one-clicking today!
Lost Without You By Annalise Blaze
Published: Dec 28, 2015

I started to panic and I rarely panic.

I just got out of my car and went into the house, praying she was home. There was no sign of her. What the hell was going on? My pulse was beating at an alarming rate, and an overwhelming fear had taken up residence inside of me.

I saw the envelope on the table with a sheet of paper lying on top of it. Swallowing hard, I picked up the paper up to read it. I could see dried spots where tears had obviously fallen on it as she written it. In my gut, I knew I didn’t really want to read her words.

I put my head in my hands, feeling broken, and the most alone I’d ever felt in my entire life. My world had imploded. The hell of it was I had no idea how the fuck I was going to fix it. One thing I knew for sure was I had to find Hope. I had to explain and beg her to understand.

Keri had just taken away the one thing I cherished and loved the most. How could one person be so cruel and vindictive? She left me completely gutted and my heart ripped out.

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Book Two of the Winters’ Series by Annalise Blaze is Lost Without You, and while I did not enjoy this one as much as I did book one, I still liked it. Please take note that although book one did not end in a cliff hanger, you need to read that one in order to read book 2. 

This time, it’s Rafe’s past that needs to be dealt with. And it’s someone from his past that could come between him and hope. Keri wants Rafe for herself and will stop at nothing until she runs Hope off. The problem is, Hope already has trust issues due to her ex-husband Chris. Will Rafe be able to convince her he loves her and that there is nothing between him and Keri?

Hope loves Rafe, but with the appearance of Keri, she feels like something has changed between her and her fiancĂ©. Will she really lose him? Has she already lost him? 

While this story felt a little choppy compared to book one, I still loved the characters. You want to hate Keri, and you do. Trust me. The characters once again are so well written that they pull you in. I wanted to keep turning the pages because I was invested in the characters. The story was still good, even though it felt it was missing something, and I think that was due to the characters and the author’s writing style. You feel like you are talking to your friends more so than reading a book. 4 stars.

Lost Without You picks up right about where Starting Over leaves off. 

Things heat up with a momentary lapse in judgement from Rafe's past cannot take no for an answer. There's just one problem, she's never went up against someone like Hope. You'll have to read to find out what happens and if Rafe and Hope can survive. 

This book was just a little bit different then book one, it was a little slower on the uptake but the characters more then make up for the missing action on occasion. 

Annalise's characters have a way of drawling you in. Often times I felt like I was talking to a girlfriend instead of reading a book, perhaps reading a letter from a pen pal about everything going on in her life. It was that good. 

One click this one today too!
Annalise Blaze writes romance novels with relatable and troubled characters. Her debut novel, Starting Over; A Winters Novel, is based around a divorced 40 something woman and a 30 something younger man. Annalise likes to write about real world experiences that she can layer into her characters. 

Annalise started writing in 2001, but never put any of her work out there for the public, choosing to set aside her writing to devote to family until 2014. When Annalise isn't writing she can be found reading any number of books. Her debut novel was finally made available in April 2015.

Twitter @annalise_blaze.

IG @annaliseblazeauthor