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Blog Tour & Review: A Desperate Man Volume 2 by Ella Frank and Brook Blaine

A Desperate Man: Volume 2
Ella Frank Brooke Blaine
Illusions — we all create them.
For some it’s to project an impressive image to a prospective employer; for others it’s to attract the eye of another.
My illusion is a bit more...complicated.
Years in the making, my secret has the potential to bite me in the ass. And not in the way I typically enjoy.
As women, we’re judged for reveling in the same carnal pleasures that men do, but I’ve never been shy about my voracious appetite.
Now, I’m under no illusions that I’ll find love with any of my one night stands.
After all, I have one rule — no repeats — but it’s a rule that’s becoming harder to follow since Evan James came back into my life.
Did I say back into my life?
My name is Reagan Spencer, and you may think you know me, but...
How well do we really know anyone?

“Walk with me?” Evan asked.
She gave him a small smile and nodded. “Sure.”
Pushing off the rail, she fell in step with him as they walked along the river’s
“I’d be scared of what you’d see if you looked at me through your lens,” he
“You shouldn’t.”
Evan scoffed and ran his fingers through his hair. “I can’t imagine there’s much
good there…”
“You’d be surprised at what I see.”
That comment had him coming to a standstill. “Would I?”
“Okay,” he said, and started walking again. “Tell me what you see.”
Reagan slid her thumbs down the straps of her camera and cocked her head,
looking him over.
“I see a successful man. One who dresses well, even on a Saturday morning. So
that would indicate to me that he takes pride in his appearance. Maybe cares about what
others think also. The fact that you were leaving a therapist’s office makes me think
you’re a man with some issues, but also a man who is willing to work through them.
Again, that comes back to pride. You seem to be able to swallow yours when need be.”
Evan’s brow furrowed, but he said nothing as she continued.
“You also have a certain…air about you. It’s in the way you move. You’re
confident, but at the same time, when you flash that smile, the arrogance disappears, and
you look like the boy you used to be.”
The smile under discussion appeared, and Evan asked, “How do you know what
kind of boy I used to be?”
“Hey? This is my story,” Reagan reminded him before he continued asking
questions she wasn’t willing to answer.
“Oh, my apologies, I somehow thought it involved me.”
“It does, but you’re on the outside listening, so shh. You asked, remember?”
With a serious face, he nodded. “You would be right.”
“Okay. Now I lost my train of thought.”
Evan chuckled. “Well, it’s probably for the best that you didn’t mention any of
my unappealing attributes.”
“Speaking of…” she said, and turned to walk backward, facing him. “How did the therapy session go today?”
“Really great. There was an orgy, a sampling of sex toys, and a dessert buffet
afterward. Very satisfying.”
He blew out a breath and rubbed the back of his neck. “It was fine. It’s always
fine. Today, Dr. Glover brought up behavior triggers, and it helped to figure out where
this whole mess started.”
Curious, she asked, “And where was that?”
“It wasn’t any one event. It was the high off the power I got from my job, it was
being in an unhealthy relationship…my grandparents passing…the worry about
following in my parents’ footsteps. The further things spiraled out of my control, the
more I craved that control in other parts of my life. Well, a very specific part of my life.”
He glanced over at her before continuing. “Obviously that’s the condensed version, but…I think it helps. Knowing those things and hopefully being able to stop them in the future.”
But the urge isn’t gone?”
The look in his eyes was haunted as he replied, “No. No, it isn’t gone.”

A Desperate Man Volume 2 by Ella Frank and Brooke Blaine picks up right where Volume 1 leaves off.  The rollercoaster ride that is Evan and Reagan becomes even more intriguing as the reader discovers that Reagan has a secret that could change her relationship with Evan forever, a secret that you would never expect after her attitude and behavior in the first book in this series.  This book was a 3.5 star read for me and after the cliff hanger that I was left with, I cannot wait for Volume 3 to see what happens with these two sex crazed characters!  I would recommend this series to anyone looking for a sexed up, intriguing, fast read because A Desperate Man is that and so much more.

Reagan is continuing to monitor Evan to ensure that he is going to his therapy session in the hopes of controlling his crazy and almost unimaginable sex addiction while remaining professional and productive in the work place.  Although she yearns to be with Evan again, for reasons that go beyond the amazing, panty dropping sex; she continues to stay away from him and engage in meaningless one night stands.  It is only after Evan makes a friendly bet with her that ends in an actual date for them that things begin to change for Reagan which sends her running for the hills, that is until Evan confronts her with the knowledge that he knows who she really is.  And it is there that Ella Frank and Brooke Blaine leave the reader wondering what will now come of their relationship?  Will they be able to still work together?  Will they attempt a relationship? It seems only time will tell for this couple.

I am keeping my review brief and vague because I feel that anyone reading this series needs to discover the OMG moments as I did without details spoiling it or else the effect of the secret itself will be completely lost.  I gasped and turned back the page to read again to make sure I was reading correctly when I discovered what Reagan was trying so desperately to hide behind her proper business skirts and her platinum blond hair and I know that you will too!



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Ella is Australian born and bred but currently resides in Houston, Texas with her husband.

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