Thursday, October 8, 2015

Release Day Blitz, Review and Giveaway: Collision by K.A. Sterritt

Title: Collision
Series: The Fight for Life series #1
Author: K.A. Sterritt
Genre: Contemporary Romance
 Release Date: October 8, 2015

Their lives were destined to collide.

Juliette Salinger lives her life entirely on her mother’s terms. Everything from what she wears to who she dates is determined by what is deemed appropriate for their social standing.

Look a little closer.

Juliette isn’t cut out for that life. She lives for moments of reckless abandon to escape the crushing pressure of never being good enough.

Leo Ashlar appears to live his life entirely on his own terms. He’s a bartending bachelor and undefeated fight club champion.

Look a little closer.

He’s haunted by a tragic past and hides his demons even from those he loves.

When Juliette’s duplicit worlds collide with the handsome and untouchable Leo, both are impacted in ways they couldn’t foresee. Juliette’s life begins to unravel. Can Leo help her build a new one, or will his past be their ultimate demise?

I rarely saw Richard on Friday nights as he socialised with his own colleagues, and I was ashamed about how happy that made me. We only really saw each other on weekends when we were attending a social function together. Any shameful feelings, however, were going to be forgotten when I planned to leave my colleagues at the bar sometime before midnight under the guise of heading home.

Instead, I’d get in a cab with adrenaline surging and go underground for what I hoped would be a blissful few hours. During those hours I wasn’t going to be twenty-five-year-old Juliette Salinger, daughter of social elite Isabel Fontaine and legal royalty John Salinger. I wasn’t going to be anyone’s puppet, hanging from strings I couldn’t seem to untie. I was just going to be Jules, and I thirsted for the blood spilling in front of me. Not like a vampire or anything paranormal. I’d studied plenty of fights on TV, and I simply craved the energy I gleaned from watching the pummelling impacts, the uppercuts, the right hooks and the sublime confrontation of man against man. In my mind, I preempted every move the fighters made and cringed when they deviated. It would invariably end in them knocked out, unconscious or comatose. Illegal fight nights were a whole new level, and I had a feeling I was going to be counting the hours, the minutes and the seconds between each one.

The premise for this story has superb potential. This ended on a cliffy and I am waiting to see what will happen in book two.

Juliette is an adrenaline junkie, searching for her next high. You see, she is not what she appears to be. She lives her life for her mother, everything she does is for her mother from her boyfriend, to her job, to her apartment. Her being to escape and doing something not approved by her mother gives her reprieve.

At one such event, a cage fight, she meets Leo. There is an instant attraction but Jules leaves it at that and carries on with her fake life.

But fate and circumstance keeps drawing Leo and Jules together. Finally Jules reaches her breaking point and finally, finally breaks up with her boyfriend Richard. 

Leo has a past he is keeping from Jules and she tries to give him time to open up to her but her crazy mother is finally the straw that breaks her back. She escapes on a vacation for six weeks and her fast day back she runs right back into Leo.

What happens for these two? Are they destined to be together?

Go one click now.

Collision by K.A. Sterritt is a story of wealth and the desire to be more than what is expected of you, of what you have allowed yourself to be.  Juliette has spent her life being who her mother has groomed her to be, all the while stealing away small chances to be the woman that she truly is inside.  Her passions for fighting and driving fast keep her happy when she has to be the proper socialite that is expected of her.  It almost seems as though all bets are off when she meets the smoldering and sexy Leo Ashlar.

Leo Ashlar is a bartender who occasionally fights and is currently undefeated.  With a past that he would rather keep there and not talk about, Leo seems to yearn for more simple things until his world is thrown upside when he meets Jules or Juliette.  Are they actually the same woman to him?

When Jules finally walks away from the boyfriend that was chosen for her in the hopes of a love that she never thought she would feel, the reader wonders is it enough?  Can she actually walk away from the plan for her life that her mother has set out for her?  Will she allow her mother to interfere with what she truly wants?  Will Leo be able to let go of the past and open up to Jules?

You need to one click this cliff hanger story to find out and I CANNOT wait to see what comes next for these two!

Collision by K.A. Sterritt was the first book in this series and will leave you with your mouth hanging wide open in shock at the end of this story. I really did enjoy the story but in parts it was lacking something for me so I can only give this book a 3.5 stars. Although it was lacking in parts you will still enjoy the main parts I just hope in the next book or however many books are in this series it will pick up the pieces I seem to be missing with this story, because honestly the ending has me wanting to know what happens next... so if you haven't figured it out yet it does end in a huge cliffy.

Juliette is the good girl that always does what mother says and has the boyfriend her mother picked for her, but inside she is dying to get out of the shell of a woman she has become... so she becomes quite the adrenaline junkie. When she finally starts shedding her shell and meets the dark and brooding stranger Leo it will ignite something inside of her that she never knew existed.

Leo has a very dark secret and it consumes his body and soul, and his only outlet is fighting in the underground fights to relieve the tension of life while the darkness surrounds him. When he meets the beautiful reckless blonde bombshell Juliette his life will get turned upside down.. but will it be for the good or the bad?

Go get this book and patiently or not so patiently wait for the next book!

K.A. Sterrritt was born and raised in Australia. With a passion for reading from a very young age, writing was a natural progression. She lives in Sydney with her husband and three sons.