Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Blog Tour and Review: Hard by Ava Jackson


Hard Cover 


The last time I saw her, she was asleep—and I'd just taken her virginity.
She was my best friend's little sister. I'd broken the guy code, and the guilt had me running before she woke.
Ten years later, she's a corporate bad ass negotiating across the table from me—and hotter than ever. I want my second chance, but she's all grown up and isn't about to hand it to me.
This time, I've got a whole different game plan in mind.
The last time I saw him, he was balls deep inside me—and I'd just lost my virginity. When I woke up he was gone.
Ten years hasn't erased the sting of rejection. And now he wants his second chance?
I swore I'd say no ... but then he made me an offer I couldn't refuse: when we're working, we're strangers, but at night? He'll make my every dirty fantasy come true.
This time, I'm not going to be the one left wanting more. Standalone steamy, erotic romance. 

This was a quick, steamy read. If you are after a short hot ditty, then this is it. 

It's got a small back story so you aren't feeling aloof, but not much background. Again, that works if you are looking to delve right in. And after the last one I read, it was EXACTLY what I needed.

Dylan gave her virginity to Cameron, her brother's best friend and he disappeared right after. She was hurt and spent 10 years avoiding him. Cameron has regretted walking away from Dylan for 10 years and finally has a chance to cross paths with her again.

Can they get over the past? Will there be a second chance?

Go one click to find out!

Hard For My Best Friend's Sister was a quick hot steamy read.  I would rate this book a 3.5 stars and would recommend to others.  Dylan and Cameron have known each other for years but one day changes everything and they will loose touch.  Dylan will hold a deep resentment for years to Cameron but can 10 years of separation make the heart grow fond or hate even more?  

Find out in the this tantalizing steamy tale but one-clicking now!  My review will be short and sweet as I don't want to give away any of the story line but what you have already read in the synopsis.  It is a good book so don't let me 3.5 star get you down I just wish there was more to the book than what we got. 

This is the first book I have read by Ava Jackson and even though I only gave this a 3.5 stars it had quite the potential for a great story it just felt a little rushed and I felt it could have been longer and shown more depth of each character.  I will follow this author as I did enjoy the story line and I look forward to much more in the future!

Hard For My Best Friend's Sister is a short, sweet but totally steamy read that will have you wanting more when your turn the last page.  Ava Jackson gives the reader everything that you could want when looking for what I call, an in between read.  You know what I am talking about ladies, a book that will not make you cry, rip your hair out in frustration or throw your kindle across the room.  This 3.5 star read has the right amount of romance, angst, and of course hot sex that we all want in a book.

Dylan and Cameron meet again after 10 years, 10 long years of unrequited love and perhaps a little bit of anger.  After meeting up again in the most unlikely of places, their re- connection is electric and has the reader yearning to find out if they can put the past behind them and move on to the future.

Ava enjoys naughty things. She’s drawn to the forbidden and taboo, and writes kink that makes you think. Raised in Idaho, Ava now lives on the East Coast with her husband, and two dogs.