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Release Blitz: A Beautiful Catastrophe by Katheryn Kiden

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Title: A Beautiful Catastrophe
Author: Katheryn Kiden
Cover Designer: Katheryn Kiden of Indies InDesign
Release Date: October 17, 2016
For two years Shay Daniels has been stuck in the past—stuck in a pain so deeply overwhelming that she constantly feels as if she's drowning. A chance meeting gives her her first breath of fresh air, but it could be her final downfall. He's stuck wondering what could have been—letting the pain of everything he's lost simmer within his broken heart. She's the first thing that has made him feel like himself again in years. He might be able to love her—he wants to—if he could only manage to live in the present. Devastating pasts. Uncertain futures. Life is supposed to move forward, but what if all it does is revolve in a heartbreaking circle? What if every step you take toward making yourself whole again only leads you closer to another beautiful catastrophe?
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“Does he make you happy?”
Pursing my lips, I glare at him. “Do I look happy?”
“No,” he mutters, finally looking up at me. “You look sad. You might be throwin’ punches fueled by anger but your face looks sadder than hell. I’ve never dealt with you sad, Shay, I’m not sure I know how.”
“I’ve always been sad,” I whisper, admitting something I hate about myself.
“Okay … but it’s never been like this.”
I walk away without saying anything and make my way to an open mat. I flex my feet, stretching my ankles as he walks up silently beside me and slides his hands into a pair of punch mitts. After a few minutes of him questioning me between hits and me not answering, he shakes his head.
“What the hell did this guy do to you, Shay?” I grind my teeth, and when I don’t answer, he blocks my hit and smacks me upside the head with a mitt.
“I need you to hit me back,” I bite out. “That’s the only way this works for me.”
Irritation surfaces on his face. “And I need you to answer me.”
“He made me hopeful, okay? Jesus, fuck.” I step toward him, swinging again. “Now hit me back.”
“No.” He shakes his head, raising his hands for me again.
“Hit me back,” I scream, squeezing my fists tightly on either side of my head. My voice echoes off the walls around me and the desperation that fills it hits my ears. The gym goes silent around us, and for the first time today, I see another form of emotion in August’s face other than irritation—anger.
“Is that what you need?” he yells back, throwing his gear to the floor as a crowd of people begins to gather around us. “You need to be hit back? You want to be hurt? Too damn bad, Shay. You want to train? That’s one thing, but I’m not going to hit you so you can feel somethin’ other than the emotional pain you’re in right now.”
I lower my head, glaring at him. When he doesn’t budge, I storm toward the locker room. I slam the door back against the wall, thankful the room is currently empty.
Hauling back, I hit a locker, leaving a large dent in the door and scream out my frustration. August steps into the room behind me. I don’t even have to see him to know who it is—his presence fills the room. Turning, I stare as he kicks the door closed behind him and stands in silence—the only sound hitting my ears is my harsh breathing.
“I hate you,” I bite out.
This book! Holy mother of something! It took my heart to so many places.. It made me swoon.. It made my heart crack in a really big way and I am not so successfully putting the cracks back together! This book was such and amazing and beautiful story that even though it splintered me to pieces it will stay with me for a long time to come. I would give this book a beautifully catastrophic 5 stars and highly recommend to others!

Shay and Deacon wove a great tale one you don't want to miss on any level..I will not give away any of the story line as I want you to get all the feels like I did and have this story grip your heart and mind because you wont be able to put it down I guarantee it!

I have read many books by this author but this one takes the cake for me! Get to one clicking and find out what its all about! Thanks Katheryn for amazing story and I look forward to much more in the future!
Beautiful Catastrophe is an amazing story of love. About two hearts, trapped in the past.Until their paths cross. Be it fate, or destiny - on their journey to love each other; they begin to find themselves again. 

Shay and Deacon have a one of a kind love. They'll make you fall hard. Their story will forever change you and stick with you. Once you've read this book, there will be no going back. Grab the tissues and a glass of wine, curl up in your favorite spot and get ready - this book will make you feel so deep inside. 

It's one of those books that you want to read all over again just to experience it all over. 

This was my first read by Katheryn but it certainly won't be my last.

One click this 5 star gem and see why Beautiful Catastrophe is hands down a must read!
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Katheryn was born in Maine and still resides there with her asshole dog. Growing up, she was the only girl out of five children. Out of four loving, but hard-assed, brothers, she has been set on fire TWICE, shot at, left her with a burning car and a five gallon container of gas, scared out of her mind every time they got behind the wheel, and has enough hilarious stories and amazing memories to fill a million books. It made her independent and every female character she writes reflects strength and independence. Katheryn books are full of page turning suspense, humor, and enough steam to overheat your e-reader. "There are no weak women, just weak moments."