Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Blog Tour: Take Back My Heart by Aubree Valentine

Take Back My Heart by Aubree Valentine
Come Back To Me Series
Release Date: Nov. 30th 2016
Cover Designer: Kelly Kennedy at Cover Crush Designs
Author T.E. Black at T. E. Black Designs

Fourteen years ago, Connor Matheson walked away from the one person who owned him, heart and soul. He had convinced himself he’d come back for her one day, but when he found out she was keeping a secret from him, it only kept him away. When his grandmother died, leaving him to handle her estate, Connor was forced back to his hometown, where his heart remained.Lauren Delaney-Forbes was doing just fine on her own. She had a little boy, whom she loved more than life itself, and spent her days at a job that she enjoyed. Her dreams of marriage and happily ever after dissolved when she found her ex-husband in bed with another woman. Convinced her heart couldn’t handle another heartbreak, she focused on being a mom and giving Eliot her all.

Until Connor showed up and flipped her world upside down.

Could he convince her that their love deserved a second chance or would she take back her heart, leaving him in the past?

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Take Back My Heart is the debut novel by Aubree Valentine. It is about second chances, forgiveness, moving forward, and so much more. 

Connor left PA and went to live in New York, leaving Lauren behind to her way of thinking. And now that he's back, can she forgive him and move on with her life? Does she want him back? Why is he even there?

When he left, his initial intention was to come back to Lauren, but something happened and instead of coming back, he stayed away. He never stopped loving her though. Can he make her see reason, or will he let her fall through his fingers again. 

Let begin here...I hated Lauren. She is manipulative and selfish, and Connor let her be. I think the overall story is good and it was a good start for a debut novel. I can't wait to see with Aubree comes up with next, especially since this one ended on a bit of a cliffy. Yes, she left us hanging. The time frames are not 100% clear and there were times when I wished I understood the characters more. We need to have more of their emotions and such. Work on showing rather than telling. That said, underneath everything, there is a good second chance love story about two people who had life turn their worlds upside down. It proves that sometimes life isn't fair, but wonderful things can come out of tragedy. 3.5 stars. 

This was good start for rookie author Aubree Valentine. There were many times where I was confused with timeline as well as with the MC characters seeming whiplash with her feelings.

14 years ago Connor walked away from Lauren, thinking he was helping her. He left a rift in her that she thought she would never mend.

He's back. Lauren has to decide if she will let him back him in.

Will she give him a second chance?

Aubree Valentine is stay-at-home mom to boy/girl twins, married to her high school sweetheart and avid believer in fairy tales.

When she's not busy chasing her kids or her fur babies she can be found curled up with a good book or writing.

She got her start in the Indie community as a PA for a handful of other fabulous authors. Working behind the scenes fueled her desire to publish her own work.

She's a die hard Tennessee Titans fan even though she resides in Pennsylvania and her hubs roots for the Baltimore Ravens.