Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Teaser Tuesday: Hollywood Prince by Kim Karr

My lips curve into into a grin, and I find myself stepping closer to Amelia. “We have five minutes.”
Her gaze flicks over me. “I think more like four and half now.”
“Stop wasting time then and come here,” I beckon with my finger.
“There isn’t enough time,” she protests.
My brows rise, and I yank her toward me. “Amelia Waters, you have no idea what I can do in five minutes.”
Her hands are trembling when they land flat on my chest. “What can you do in five minutes?” she asks as if challenging me.
I lick my lips. “Some really bad things.”
She laughs. Head tilted back and loud.
She won’t be laughing soon.

Hollywood Prince cover reveal Dec 15th. 
Hollywood Prince releases Jan 2nd. 
Add it to your TBR here ➜ https:http://bit.ly/2fLQLnI
Pre-order links coming soon!