Thursday, December 15, 2016

Cover Reveal: Untouchable by Nicole Dykes

I'm finally free. Free to make my own decisions and prove to my family that I'm not the problem child they think I am.
I'm here to make a change, clean up my act, and be someone all of the Monroes can be proud of. But it's true what they say, old habits are hard to break.

That is until Hunter Thompson. Football God, unbelievably moral, and one of my brother’s best friends. Unfortunately, he only sees me as nothing more than that, his best friend's little sister.

I've almost reached my ultimate goal. After years of hard work and determination, both on and off the field, I'm closer than ever to getting my degree and heading to the big leagues.

I don't have time for distractions. My friends call me choirboy because they just don't get it. I have my eye on the prize and I refuse to mess it up.

Right when I’m getting close to the end zone, I find myself taking a small detour in the form of a short and sexy blonde. Unfortunately, she's my best friend’s sister but I want nothing more than to have her as my own.