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Blog Tour & Reviews: Everything I Need by Natalie Barnes

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Everything I Need (Everything I Want 2) by Natalie Barnes

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Some who see me, see that I'm a rock star. Others see me just by my appearance...or my talent. But one woman, just one, saw past all that. Even when I dragged her through the fucking dirt she got back up and dusted herself off. Her blue eyes pierced right through me, weakening me. Her voice soothed, calmed me. She riled me up and got me going, then slammed on the brakes.

Then I fucked everything up...

I hate everything right now, but I really wish I could hate her. It would make things so much fucking easier if I could.

But I cant... I'm fucking in love with her. ~Tristan

Everything I Need is the second book in the Everything I Want Series.  The first book isEverything I Want which starts out the journey of a crazy love story between Tristan and Sophia.  This book definitely has just as much steam and hotness as the first book.  Natalie Barnes most definitly knows her hard rock metal.. I am not a fan of that type of music but I will still a huge fan of this series so far.. yes I said so far this book ends in a bit of a cliffy as well and some are going to scream at there kindles like me and some are going to say how sweet!  This book will pick up a little ways after the first book ended.

Tristan is drowning himself in boose and drugs just to forget about Sophia.. but when he is told his European tour is called off and he needs to go find himself he doesn't think it will help but he goes back home... 

Sophia's heart is broken but she knows she has to move on with her life.. her band is starting to get noticed and she needs it a distraction from thinking about Tristan....

2 years past and Tristan finally finds himself put together and starting to work on his music again.. when a project of sorts is brought to his attention to do a duet with a female lead he is reluctant to get started.. but when he finds out that the duet will be with Sophia he thinks he finally found a way to get back into heart and not her black list... 

Sophia's band is about to go on there tour but is asked to do a project with a fellow member of her recording studio's team.. she is excited at first because who wouldn't want to do a duet with another popular rock star.. when finds out it is Tristan her wind will blow out of her sail...

He hasn't moved on but she has.. can they find there way back to eachother? Will this song mean more to Tristan than Sophia realizes and can he win her heart back?  Or will a roadblock of Sophia's boyfriend stand in the way... 

Go get this series now.. and what a cliffy!  Can't wait for the third book Everything I Have... Thanks for a great ride and can't wait for the finale!

Everything I Need by Natalie Barnes is the second book in the Everything I Want Series. In this book the reader is assaulted with the insane passionate relationship between two rocker babes; Tristan and Sophia, which had abruptly ended at the close of Everything I Want and left you with a yearning for more and a hope that things would turn out differently then how they initially seemed.  Just as in the first book, Natalie Barnes grabs the readers attention with a steamy love story and holds it until the very cliff hanger ending that I never expected but loved just the same.  This book was 4 platinum billboard stars and I personally cannot wait to see how Tristan and Sophia's relationship continues after that huge reveal.  I highly recommend that you pick up this amazing series, especially if you are partial to rock star books like I seem to be!

The book begins with Tristan drowning his sorrows in booze, drugs and women while Sophia is heartbroken but trying to move forward with her life and make her band the success that she has always dreamed it could be.  Both Tristan and Sophia seem to struggle being away from each other, knowing that the other is what will make them happy but not allowing the thought of being together become an option.

After two years goes by, where Tristan has been on hiatus from the music industry and Sophia's band has climbed the charts; the two are unexpectedly thrown together once again by their record label to write and sing a duet together.  Sophia wonders if she will be strong enough to stay faithful to her boyfriend Ben and not fall prey to the sexiness that is Tristan and the way he makes her feel while Tristan takes this as his chance to get her back into his life and into his bed, for good this time.

The rock star life is of course full of glamour, and Tristan and Sophia are whisked away to Hawaii to record the song.  Tristan is thrilled to have Sophia all to himself (and his band of course) on an island where there is nowhere for her to run from his advances.  Wasting no time with her; and Sophia being completely unable to resist the pull he has; they become tangled up in each other once again.  Sophia has guilt for cheating on her longtime boyfriend Ben, but lets face it; the reader can feel through the pages that he doesn't hold a candle in her heart (or her panties) to Tristan.  It is once the cat is out of the bag regarding their relationship that things become even more intense and they begin their relationship for real this time; totally committed and into each other.

Oh Natalie; how could you leave me hanging like that at the end.  I desperately tried to continue to swipe the page on my kindle hoping the words "Ah, fuck!" really weren't the end.  I cannot wait to see what comes next for this awesome couple, as well as for the rest of both of their bands!

Holy! What? How?
This book... this series is amazing! If you haven't read it you are missing out.
We pick up two years later, after Tristan and Sophia's fall out, after Cory's death. Tristan fell apart and the band took a break. Sophias band had a small break to mourn and then went back to recording and finding a new bandmate.
Sophia has moved on with a new boyfriend... or has she?
Tristans band is ready to get back to recording and they have one song that will feature another artist... Sophia. She is against it, still holding onto hurt feelings. But Lux decides to send them to Hawaii to record the song.
Tristan has a plan... he is determined to win his girl back and won't stop until Sophia admits she wants him still too.
What happens? Go one click this bitch now!!! And what and ending!
Wow! I really enjoyed this read. First of all, who doesn't like a good rockstar romance?
Sophia has finally gotten whereshe wants to be with her band. Things are going well for her.  
Overall it was a solid read, and I really liked it. The push and pull between her and Tristan did get to be a little tedious, and sometimes I found myself skimming. 
I will be waiting impatiently for the next installment in June, because holy cliffhangers Batman!! I must know what happens next :)

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Everything I Want ( Book 1)

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I can't freaking believe this! Me, Sophia Mancini, and my band just got signed with a major recording label! And that's not all. We get to open for Undead Society on tour! I've always had a thing for their lead singer, Tristan Scott. He's dangerously sexy. Finally meeting him, I soon realize that Tristan is nothing more than an arrogant, conceited prick! He gets off on making this tour difficult for me as much as possible. But it's so worth putting up with his arrogance when I feel that high I get when performing. Not even Tristan can take that away from me. He intimidates and excites me all at the same time. Trying to put up a front that he doesn't affect me, I find that it's getting incredibly harder to pretend. Every time that I'm around him, I feel myself weakening. He's trying to break me, dominate me, and take me.

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