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Release Promo and Review: Dear Juliet (book #3) by Trudy Stiles


Along with Trudy Stiles, we are very excited to share with you the Release of "Dear Juliet", the 3rd book in The Forever Family Series! Don't miss the special Release Price of ONLY $.99 (2 days only)! 

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Dear Juliet by Trudy Stiles
Book #3 in the Forever Family Series

Release price $.99 for TWO days only

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This is a poignant story. Trudy Stiles has a way with writing heartfelt emotional stories. I'm a fan of the Forever Family series. If your looking for a trilogy that will pull you in and capture your heart look no further.

Her characters have so much emotional depth. Their stories are complicated and deep. They are almost tragic.

In this book, we get more insight on Seth, remember him? I remember how his heart was broke by a girl called Tabby? We also learn about a girl named Juliet troubled by an action that leaves deep psychological and emotional scars.

This book takes pieces of Dear Emily and Dear Tabitha and comes full circle in Dear Juliet. We watch the progression of Seth and Juliet's life go from past to present as we piece their story together. It is engaging and full of ups and downs.

Trudy has the gift of making you feel for her characters. They linger in your mind and stay with you. You absorb their heartache and love. You fall for them hard! You care about them and that's why Trudy is a gifted writer.

I do feel the story had a bit too much tragedy in it to be believable to an extent. But that's just my opinion.....

I recommend this series because it's amazing and wrought with lots of emotion. Click it and find out why I'm a fan!

I give it 4.5 Stars!


First off, if you have not discovered the Forever Family series by Trudy Stiles stop what you are doing and go get these books! This series is absolutely phenomenal! Each story is truly touching and will pull at your heart strings. You may need a heavy dose of tissues, chocolate, and or wine in no particular order after reading! The way that Ms. Stiles intertwines the story is amazing and cannot wait to see what is in store from her.

We meet Seth in the first book Dear Emily and then again in Dear Tabitha. My heart just broke from him in the first story and it seems like through the entire series he gets shafted and now finally in Dear Juliet we get Seth’s story! The story gets broken up in two halves and we really get to know Seth and get his full story. In the other two books he was not always the focal point and we didn’t know much about him. The bond he shares with Juliet goes for many years and it’s an amazing story that takes us from when the preteen years all the way to present day. It’s heartbreaking to see how Seth’s story unfold and you want him to find that one true love and it seems like every turn, fate just seems to get in the way of things.

Then there’s Juliet. Her story is truly tragic! She has her future in front of her and in a blink of an eye, everything changes. She struggles to find her own path after a terrific accident. She thought she had her whole life in front of her planned out and now she needs to find herself. The twist and turns that come along will surprise you and I certainly never saw them coming! 

This story just goes under the file of MUST READS and READ IT NOW! You do have to read the entire series as they do relate to one another. But you will not be disappointed! Trudy Stiles is just one of those authors that is an automatic one click for me! 5 beautiful stars!


Let me start by saying, that Trudy Stiles has a rare gift. Her books are those random gems, that will forever hold a special place in my heart.
Going into this this book, I had a soft spot for Seth. I knew there had to be a back story behind selfishness we saw in Dear Emily. And boy was I right!
Juliet and Seth recieve a school assignment to become pen pals and that starts a life long relationship.
It's a guarantee that Trudy's books will have your emotions run wild. And this one doesn't dissapoint! If you're looking for a book that will leave you raw, and then put you back together again, this is the book for you!

Dear Emily - Book #1 in the Forever Family Series

<a href="">Dear Emily (Forever Family Book 1)</a><img src="" width="1" height="1" border="0" alt="" style="border:none !important; margin:0px !important;" />

This book is not suitable for young readers. It is intended for mature adults only (18+). It contains strong language, adult/sexual situations, non-consensual sex and some violence.

Dear Tabitha - Book #2 in the Forever Family Series

<a href="">Dear Tabitha (Forever Family Book 2)</a><img src="" width="1" height="1" border="0" alt="" style="border:none !important; margin:0px !important;" />

The Epic Fail series will begin this summer (2015)

This is a spinoff of the bestselling Forever Family series. These will all be standalone novels focusing on the various characters from the band Epic Fail that were introduced in Dear Emily.

Book 1 - expected Summer 2015

Book 2 - expected Winter 2015

Book 3 - expected Spring 2016

Trudy Stiles is a New Adult author, mom to two beautiful children, and married to the love of her life. She is the author of the Forever Family series including “Dear Emily” and “Dear Tabitha”. There will be many more stories from this series and you never know who may have a standalone or novella written for them. Stay tuned! Trudy is a music junkie and you’ll know that she’s writing when you see her plugged into her laptop with her earbuds in. Her playlist is unique and is a must for her writing sprints. When she’s not writing, she’s carting her children to their various activities while avoiding any kind of laundry or housework. She also loves to run along the boardwalk of the beautiful New Jersey shore. She’s always been an avid reader and frequently escapes into the fictional worlds of the many characters that she has come to love. Well, now there are some fictional characters in her head dying to get out! Her first story “Dear Emily” was released in December 2013. “Dear Tabitha” was released in March 2014. The Forever Family series will continue with several companion/stand alone novels.

Twitter: @trudystiles

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