Saturday, July 25, 2015

Blog Tour, Review and Giveaway: Of Demons and Stones by Anne L. Parks

Title: Of Demons & Stones 
Author: Anne L. Parks 
Genre: Romantic Suspense 
Tour Host: DRC Promotions

Kylie Tate is highly successful and focused on her future. No one sees the fear that consumes her, ravaged by demons from a past that left her distrustful of love.

Alex Stone is rarely denied. Not by business associates, and certainly not the women he dates and forgets. Romance is never an option. That is until beautiful, sexy, too damned independent Kylie comes into his life and frustrates the hell out of him. She sparks a desire in him to protect her from the one demon that haunts her - and threatens to destroy them both.

Pushed to her limit and unwilling to be a victim any longer, Kylie takes control of her life.

But a madman’s quest for revenge not only threatens to destroy the love she has finally found – but also her life.

Holy Mother of books! I don't even know where to start with this book. I seriously had chills a few times reading this and the end about killed me! I would give this book a 4.5 stars and would most definitely recommend to others! This story has so much detail, angst, steam and drama you won't know what to think right away. But let me tell you this story will blow you away. It was a bit of a dark romance with an alpha male but damn it was just the right amount all around. I devoured it page by page until it left me saying son of a bleep at the end!

This will be my most anticipated sequel release of 2015 because I need to know what happens next! This is the first book I have read by Anne Parks but believe me it will not be my last!

Kylie and Alex both have demons in there pasts and when they both meet they are drawn to each other and will start a mind blowing romance that will leave you on the edge of your seat and soaking wet panties! Alex doesn't do love his heart is like a steel door that will never be open again, and Kylie has been burned bad from a past relationship which leaves a steel barrier around her heart as well. When Kylie's past threatens everything they have worked towards can there relationship survive? Or will the demons be too much and send them in separate directions forever?

Go get this book now! You don't want to miss this wonderful dark journey! Thanks for a great ride and I can't wait for Book 2!

4.5 STARS!

WOW that was one hell of an ending!
Holy mother of cliffs.

Kylie Tate is singularly focused on her career. A past relationship has made her distrustful of love and has actually instilled fear. But she is determined to rise above it and not let it consumer her. Kylie refuses to be weak.

A fluke encounter with Alex Stone, his car broken down on the side of the road, brings Kylie and Alex together. Alex is also closed off like a stone wall (heh heh - see what i did there? anyways). He is more known as a wam-bam-thank you ma'am type playboy.
....That is until Kylie comes along.

Both of them harbor secrets from their past and Kylie's is starting to rear it's ugly head since she started a relationship with Alex. The further their relationship progresses the worse it becomes.

These two characters are stubborn and bicker like a normal couple will. There is also an undeniable sizzle between them. Kylie is hell bent on protecting Alex from her past, and Alex is consumed with protecting Kylie too.

Everything comes to a head at the end of this book, leaving chaos and realizations.

You must go click this edge-of-your-seat thrilling romance! You won't be disappointed.

Anne L. Parks has penned and self-published six novels, including a standalone and a completed five book series, since 2013. Her debut novel, Strangers, was published on her 45th birthday. Since that time, she has written four more full-length novels and a novella, completing her first full series, Return To Me. This year will be another busy one for her. In May, her first venture into paranormal romance will be published as part of an anthology. In late June/early July, she will have a Fourth of July themed short story included in a boxed set with eight other talented authors. A new series, Tri-Stone Demons Trilogy, will publish in mid-July, Mid-August and Mid-October. She also has plans for a suspense serial to be published throughout the year, as well as a fun, contemporary, blog-only serial.

Anne lives outside of Washington DC with her Navy husband, four children, and one very spoiled German Shepherd. When she is not writing, she loves reading (duh!), hanging out with her family and friends, and drinking wine. She has a full schedule of conferences and signing events this year, so find her and say “hello!”