Friday, May 20, 2016

Release Blitz and Review: Irrefutable by Kimberly Bracco

Title: Irrefutable
Series: Apprehensive Duet, Book 2
Author: Kimberly Bracco
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Release Date:  May 20, 2016

Quinn Taylor had a plan, and it didn’t include Alex Conway. 

With Quinn’s decisions no longer her own, her friends questioning her judgment, her life spinning out of control; she’s not sure about anything she once believed in. Alex has found something to believe in – Quinn. He knows what life is like without her and it a life he no longer wants to live.

Just when it seems things can’t get any worse, chaos ensues leaving them both out of time and out of options. Should Alex try for Quinn’s love without a guarantee in sight? Will Quinn be able to marry one man, to save herself, while knowing it will destroy the one man who truly loves her? Their lives are about to be flipped upside down – one way or another. Will they have the strength to work against life’s obstacles and find true happiness together? Can Alex get Quinn to see she’s about to make a huge mistake? Can he show her a side of love that’s irrefutable?

Can I trust him? That’s the biggest question I need to answer before I can say a word about the driving force of this wedding. A wedding that’s supposed to take place in less than eight hours. For two years I thought of Alex as this amazing man, the man who was going to change my world. I let him in—I gave him parts of me I never gave anyone else, and I’m not just talking about sex. Alex got further in than anyone else since my time as an immature teenager, and it ended in a lot of confusion and hurt. My walls are my safety net; I put them there for a reason. No one had ever gotten past them, and I thought that’s how it was always going to be—until Alex. But Jordan made it in too. I tried to hate him, but it didn’t work. Jordan isn’t my enemy. How can I hurt him? He’s stood by me through everything my dad has done to me. He may not know the full weight of my father’s threats, but he’s still been my rock through it all. When everyone else had something negative to say about what we’re doing, Jordan had my back, to the point of being willing to marry me to save me.

Irrefutable was the second book in the Apprehensive Duet Series.
These are not standalone books you do need to read Fallacy first in order to understand this book.
I would give this book a 4 stars and I would recommend to others.

If you read Fallacy you know it ended in quite the cliff hanger so of course I couldn't wait to get my hands on this book!
There was so much depth to both of these stories I feel a little lost after not having them apart of me anymore, I will truly miss Alex... Quinn I am not sure how to feel about her lol... I wanted to literally throw her in front of a bus a few times in the first book and this one... but maybe she grew on me a little towards the end. I will have to say I think I will always hold a little resentment to her for future references hahahaha.

I liked in the this book that we not only got more in depth with Quinn and Alex we got to know Jordan more as well, I felt like he needed to be more of a main character and was soooo happy that Kimberly delivered that! I will not spoil you with any words about this story.. but I will tell you this is quite the twisty mind bedazzle and will keep you guessing whats going to happen till the end.

These are the first books I have read by this author but I will definitely be following her work in the future. Thanks for a great ride and I look forward to so much more!

This is not a standalone. You must read Fallacy first.

After meeting Quinn and Alex in the Unrestricted Series, I was even more excited when they go their own story. Kimberly did not disappoint.

Quinn would likely be every playboy's dream. She's always down for fun but wants no commitment. Something about Alex draws her in, and the minute she starts feeling, she runs.

But Alex doesn't give up.

In this book we watch as Quinn confronts some pretty serious crap head on. But with two men by her side, what will happen? Who will come out on top?

If you're looking for a gritty, edge of your seat read, pick up this 4 star read today!

Kimberly is a stay at mom of four crazy beautiful children. She lives in New Jersey with her husband of ten years and enjoys every minute of her never dull life. She loves a good book that is impossible to put down and you will mostly likely find her reading in her downtime, unless of course, there is a football game on.