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Release Blitz: Turn It Up by Kim Karr

Sometimes there’s only one way to do it!

Turn it Up is Book Two in The Detroit Duet & this friends to lovers romance is NOW LIVE!

Charlotte Lane was the tomboy who lived next door.
Eyes the color of the summer sky.
Mounds of curly blond hair.
A little bit of sassy and a whole lot of sweet.
She was my best friend. My confidant. My salvation.

But when circumstances tore us apart, it put more than just miles between us. I hated her. Blamed her for my worst nightmare. And I never wanted to see her again.

Then one wrong turn brought her back into my life and now she’s under my skin. In the midst of all the chaos surrounding us, she’s what’s changing me. Practically bringing me to my knees. Driving me to want to be a better man.

But nothing is ever easy.

And as our worlds begin to crumble…so do we.

Our bond withstood the test of time, but when the future brings the unexpected, it will either draw us closer or tear us apart.

Can we weather the storm?

Turn it Up
© 2016 by Kim Karr

Jasper Storm

What kind of person willingly drives a thirty-six-foot racing machine at breakneck speed through ten-foot waves?

The kind that isn’t put off by the possibility of smashing his nose against the steering wheel if he has to come to an abrupt stop when racing around the track—that’s who.

Today though, Lake St. Clair tops out with uninhibiting two-foot waves at the most, and my speed is tempered by the amount of passengers on board.

Classic Beatles is playing from the speakers on deck. Drew is leaning back in the cushions of the wraparound benches behind me with a beer in his hand. Jake and Shannon are sitting up in the sun loungers on the bow, both also with brews in hand.

Sitting at the helm, Charlotte is standing next to me in a simple black bikini that shows so much skin it is driving me crazy, her mounds of blond curls blowing in the wind making my fingers itch to run through them, and her sunglasses preventing me from seeing her blue eyes. I wrap my arm around her and guide her to stand in front of me. “You take the wheel.”

“I haven’t driven a boat in years.”

Standing, I pull her even closer. My board shorts feeling tighter by the second. “It’s like riding a bike.”

Looking over her shoulder at me, she gives me a quick kiss on the cheek. “I’ll give it a try,” she says. 

Just that slight touch of her lips ignites a fire that starts to flame through my veins. When she takes the wheel, my body is ablaze. Unable to keep my hands off her, I compromise my need to touch her by covering my hands over hers. The cast prohibiting me from making the full connection I’m craving. I hate that she still bears the mark of her attack. I shove that thought away.

It’s a beautiful day, sunny as fuck and not a cloud in sight. The wind has picked up a little the further out we go, and when the softness of her hair brushes against my neck, it sends a shiver racing down my spine. 

Taking a seat in the captain’s chair, I pull her onto my lap. The slight curves of her body fit me perfectly. Unable to compromise any longer, discreetly, my hands roam her body. Sliding down her thighs, up her arms, tucking under the small fabric at her hips. I can’t help myself. 

Ten minutes or so goes by as we pass over the water like it’s a sheet of glass. I kiss her—her neck, her throat, her jaw. Take a little nip at her shoulder and then soothe it with my tongue. 

Concentrating on driving, I’m surprised when she unexpectedly tips her head back so we can kiss. 

The instant douse of arousal I feel is unlike that from the small flirtatious moves I’ve been making. This is full-out sexuality. Our lips meet, softly, gingerly. She’s sitting on my thigh, and her ass is against my cock. She shifts a little and I groan softly against the wet slide of her tongue, and all the muscles in my body knot in sweet tension. The fire in my veins bursts into flames from the slight friction, and all I want is more. The pull and push of the connection we share seems to be growing stronger every time we’re together. 

Unlatching her lips from mine, she turns back and focuses on the open water.

She feels it too. 

The tightening in my cock, the rapid beat of my pulse, and the taste of her left on my tongue puts me into a state of overdrive. I hold onto her fingers, squeeze them, press my naked chest to her bare back, and try to temper my need for her. 

Taking what I can, I then inhale a deep breath. Unable to calm the storm raging inside me, I know I have to take action. This isn’t a storm of conflict, this is one of pure male need. “You have to stand up,” I murmur into her ear.

Again, she tips her head back. “Why?”

“You know why.”

The little vixen shifts a little more and grinds a little harder against my cock.

“Behave,” I growl and quickly stand up, bringing her with me, and then I ease up on the throttle and put the cabin cruiser in neutral.

“What’s going on? Jake asks.

I switch the engine off. “Taking a quick dip,” I tell him as I narrow my eyes at Charlotte.

She shrugs all innocent like.

“Remind me to spank you later,” I whisper in her ear.

Surprisingly, I see a thrill in her eyes.

Waggling my brows at her, my little problem is only growing, so I quickly hop up to the side of the boat and dive into the lake. The water is fucking freezing out this far and just what I need. For now anyway.

Splash. Splash.

Let me just say this…after being disappointed and irritated with the cliffhanger at the end of Set the Pace, Turn it Up more than made up for it. Kim Karr did an exceptional job of finishing out the story and keeping us on the edge of our seat.

This story picks up where the last one ended. Do you want to know if Jasper will go to jail? Will Charlotte survive? Will someone rescue her? Who really is behind the murders and everything else? They are all answered in this book and so much more. I couldn’t get enough of it and when I finally put it down, I can honestly say it did not disappoint.

Five big stars for the sequel and conclusion to the Detroit Love Duet!!! You need to read book one, Set the Pace before you read this book, and if you have already read it, you are going to want to pick up this book ASAP! It is a must read and you need to one click today.

Oh my gosh... woah.

Hold on for the ride of your life.

Turn It Up is the consulsion to Set the Pace. If you thought the twists and turns in Set the Pace weren't enough then Turn It Up is sure to have you on the edge of your seat.

Jasper and Charlie have had one heck of a ride and it isn't over yet. Just when you think it's over, Kim Karr pulls out another twist that had you guessing and begging for more.

I absolutely loved this story. It was the perfect mix of romance, heat, love and angst.

This was so amazing that I read both books in a matter of 2 days. I'd highly recommend this thrilling 4.5 star read!

Turn It Up is the second book in the Detroit Love Duet Series.
It was also the conclusion to Charlotte and Jasper's crazy roller coaster journey that started in Set The Pace.

I would give this book a huge 4.5 stars and highly recommend to others!

If you are reading this review hopefully you have already read the first book and know that it ended in quite the huge cliffhanger.

I literally gasped when I seen this finally show up on my kindle because I just needed to know how this story finalized.
It will keep you guessing as to who actually committed the crimes until all is revealed, and boy was I a little shocked.
I had come up with so many scenarios that when it all came to head I literally wanted to face palm cause I didn't even suspect this person.

This book definitely cemented the love and adoration that Charlotte and Jasper have for one another and I enjoyed all the great sexy scenes.

If you want a story with mystery, angst, passion and most importantly fighting for love then this book is for you!

I have read multiple books by this author and she never once had disappointed me yet! I look forward to so much more from her in the future. Even though I hate cliffhangers she sure grabbed my attention from page one all the way to the end. So the waiting for and anticipation was definitely worth the wait.. thanks for another great series!

Hells to the yes to this long awaited conclusion. Trust me when I say you will not be disappointed by this stunning conclusion.

We left off a cliff.... grrrrrr. But trust me when I say all questions will be answered in this follow up finale.

Charlotte.... is she dead? Did Jake reach her in time?

Jasper.... is he going to jail for crimes he didn't commit?

Charlotte is fragile feeling like she was never good enough to be loved or kept around. But once Jasper's friends and family realize that she isn't out to destroy him or his business they take her into their fold.

Jasper is fighting tooth and nail to prove his innocence and continues to prove to Charlotte that she is worth everything.

Charlotte and Jasper can't seem to catch a break. Obstacles are constantly thrown in their way, but slowly they hurdle each one. But the question remains who is behind all this.

Well you'll have to one click to see if they find out and if they get caught.

Trust me, you won't be able to turn the pages fast enough.

Find out where it all began in...
Set the Pace (Book One) Now Free on Kindle Unlimited! 

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