Friday, June 10, 2016

Blog Tour & Reviews: On her Six by Christina Elle

Title: On Her Six
Series: An Under Covers Novel
Author: Christina Elle
Genre: Contemporary Romance Suspense
Release Date:  May 23, 2016

New neighbors are bad news in Samantha Harper’s experience. Especially ones as suspicious and brooding as the guy who just moved in next door. So when the dangerous but sexy stranger seems to be involved in something illegal—the aspiring cop in her takes action. If only she could stop thinking about how he looks naked...

All DEA agent Ash Cooper wants to do is lay low and survive this crap surveillance assignment. But after a run-in with his attractive neighbor, he realizes that’s going to be much harder than he planned. Keeping the woman out of trouble is hard enough, but keeping his hands off her is near impossible.

"A truly awesome read! The perfect blend of humor, suspense, action, and romance. This is a book I highly recommend!" -Bette @ NetGalley
"I have to say, I have not read a book with this much humor in it in a long time and it was so refreshing and enjoyable. Christina Elle has done an awesome job of mixing romance, suspense and humor all together. You will not be upset that you decided to read this one!!" -Melanie @ NetGalley
"Refreshing, funny, sweet, and sexy- On Her Six has it all!!! I highly recommend this steaming suspense." -Page Turner @ NetGalley
He was done. He could take caning across his bare back or bamboo under his fingernails, but he sure as hell didn’t stand a chance against this kind of torture. A man’s resolve was only so strong against a woman like Sam. Telling his subconscious to take a hike, he hitched her leg over his lap. She drew a quick breath, but then settled astride him as if her body was made to fit his. Her legs cradled his thighs, and the center of her heat married flawlessly over his growing erection.
Imagining what it would feel like to be buried deep inside her, he shifted to encourage more friction. Her body went rigid, her spine as straight as a damn board, then she relaxed and trailed her hands along every piece of his available skin. Up under his sleeve to his biceps, where she squeezed the muscles; across his chest and stomach; his back.
The impression of her touch lasted even after her hands moved on to their next location. His shirt was off in seconds, and he was doing his damnedest to remove hers just as quickly. Would she be upset if he ripped it from her body? It was a mere scrap of fabric anyway.
On Her Six was a quirky and sometimes humorous read about wannabe cop Samantha and under cover DEA Agent Ash.

Sam and her group of grandmas, better known as the neighborhood watch, don't miss a beat. When Ash moves into the neighborhood he becomes the latest target of their 'watch', but it doesn't take him long to discover he's the source of their entertainment so he decides to put on a show. 

Little do they know, they are only adding drama to his investigation. Especially when Sam shows up when Ash is trying to gain intel and the whole thing goes haywire. Sam is full of tricks and truly believes she has saved the day. Air horn and pepper spray included.

Parts of this story seemed a little far fetched, not to mention the fact that I don't really believe Sam would have gotten away with all her tricks. 

Still I enjoyed it and would give it 3.5 stars.
This was a cute read that blended humor, romance, action and suspense.

Samantha (Sam) works for the BPD and is determined to become a cop and follow her families legacy. In a sense she is like a rogue civilian cop with her neighborhood watch. Sam, her grandmother and some other elderly neighbors are like their own little band of a surveillance team. And their sights are set on Sam's new neighbor.

Ashland moved into a small neighborhood to be surveillance for the DEA. He just wants to lay low and keep an eye out but that gets shot to hell when he runs into Sam and her neighborhood watch.

Ash's mission ties into Sam's. Her father had gone missing working undercover a few years prior and happens to be where Ash's teams is staking out.

Can these two work as a team to bring down the bad guys?

One click to find out.

On Her Six by Christina Elle is a quirky, romantic, and action packed read that I enjoyed.

Samantha (Sam) aspires to become a cop just like others in her family, including her father, but she can’t seem to quite make it. So until she can make the grade, she and her neighbors perform a neighborhood watch, and when Ash Cooper moves in, he becomes a suspect of illegal activity in her eyes. It doesn’t matter that he saved her…and has to keep saving her. And who cares if she is attracted to him?

Ash is working for the DEA and has the neighborhood under surveillance, but he didn’t expect his nosy neighbor to be so troublesome or beautiful. If anything, she makes his job harder. He wants strangle her and kiss her at the same time. Can he keep her from danger? Will they work out their “differences”?

There were times when I thought this story was a little rushed and the end felt lacking, however, even with some of the unbelievable things that happen that seem to stretch your version of reality, it’s a good story like. It was funny, enjoyable, and entertaining. 3.5 stars!

Christina believes that laughter really is the best medicine, which is why in her stories she blends a healthy dose of hilarious hijinks with gritty suspense.
When she’s not writing fun contemporary romance or quirky romantic suspense, Christina can be found devouring books in every genre, watching Chris Hemsworth on TV, playing board games with her family, working out, watching Chris Hemsworth on TV, napping, watching Chris Hemsworth on TV, and shopping…for Chris Hemsworth’s latest DVD. She lives near Baltimore with her husband and two sons, who give her an endless supply of humorous material to write about. She is a member of Romance Writers of America and Maryland Romance Writers. She is represented by Margarget Bail at Inklings Literary Agency.
She loves hearing from friends and followers, so feel free to send her an email or connect through social media.