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Blog Tour: Something Reckless by Lexi Ryan

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author

Lexi Ryan

Adult Contemporary Romance

Release: December 22, 2014

He talks dirty to me, but I don’t know his name.

He wants to tie me up, but I don’t know his face.

He turns me on, but I couldn’t point him out in a crowd.

I’ve fallen for an anonymous stranger, and tonight the anonymity ends. Tonight I want more than typed secrets and texted promises. I want something reckless. Heat. Passion. The thrill of being entirely possessed.

Because I suspect this anonymous stranger isn’t a stranger at all.

Lizzy Thompson met riverrat69 online through Something Real, a service promising to deliver meaningful relationships by forbidding its users to share names or photos until they’ve reached a certain benchmark. She was looking for love. He was researching an investment. They hit it off. Talked and flirted, hid behind screen names and cartoon avatars.

Now they’re breaking the rules and meeting in person. But Liz is prepared. She’s picked up hints and followed clues.

She’s ninety-percent convinced she’s discovered the identity of her dirty-talking online friend.

She wonders if her ex-lover Sam Bradshaw knows her identity too.

When she rolls the dice on one reckless night, her chance at something real could crumble.

Something Reckless is the first book in Lexi Ryan's new series Reckless and Real that focuses on the story of Lizzy Thompson, the twin sister of Hannah from the series Here and Now.  As I have come to expect from Lexi Ryan's books, this story was full of suspense paired with the discovery of who the characters are; making this a four star read for me.  I highly recommend all of Lexi Ryan's series, as I promise you will not be disappointed.  Something Reckless ended in a cliff hanger that has me yearning for more, dying to find out what happens once Lizzydiscovers the truth to an answer she searches for throughout the book.

Lizzy has made it her mission to find herself, in her personal and professional life, hoping to become the person that she has always wanted to be.  The book starts off with a flashback to her teenage years where she throws herself at Sam Bradshaw, a guy who she has had a crush on for what seems like forever but is a few years older than her.  After her advances are not reciprocated, she finds herself with Connor; one of Sam's frat brothers' and friend.  He comforts her in her time of dispare at having been rejected and a friendship that last years is formed, of course with some bumps along the way.  Lizzy seems to "bump" into Sam at the occasional yearly wedding where they proceed to hook up for the night but never going further as she knows that Sam will never feel the same way about her that she does for him.  In the present, Liz has joined several dating websites and seems to go on one bad date after another, never finding the kind of love and passion that all of her sisters now have in their lives.  Searching for the same type of relationship, Liz is determined that all of the sites she belongs to will finally pay off.

Sam looks at Liz with an attraction that he is not ready to face, both in his own head and heart as well as with her.  He has things in his past that haunt him, causing him to only seek out woman for the pleasure of a night and nothing more.  His heart is telling him that he may want to venture to something more with Liz but placing himself in a vulnerable state isn't something that he is ready to do.  Couple his fears of commitment and his concern with Liz's relationship with his sister's husband Connor, he all but shies away from anything but drunken wedding sex with her.  Until one night a year isn't enough anymore and he begins to let his heart lead him more than his head.

Liz has been going back and forth with a guy who seems to like all the same things she does, both in and out of the bedroom on an app that is in beta-testing.  The rules of the app are simple, no names or pictures until certain milestones are reached.  Wondering if she is chatting with Sam all of the times, hoping that it is him, she agrees to finally meet her mystery man after attending a wedding at a nearby cabin.  She walks up to the cabin to find Sam inside and they agree to try and forge a relationship, or at least they talk about it after some hot and steamy time between the sheets.  But something has Liz wondering if Sam and her mystery app guy are actually the same person. And boy was she right to be worried about the man behind the sexy messages.  When everything comes to a head and she believes she knows his true identity, she goes to Sam's father, whom she works for, so that she can resign from a position that she absolutely loves and that is when all of the truths are brought to light, both to Sam and Liz.  I found myself trying to turn the page of my kindle after this amazing revelation, one that I had guessed wrongly about several times while reading because I desperately needed more and I know you will too!!

Something Reckless is the first book in the Reckless and Real Series.  Although this is a new series it is spin off of the Here and Now Series.  This is Lizzy and Sam's story and wow was it a whirlwind!  Lexi Ryan for me is the queen of cliff hangers and she didn't disappoint in this book whatsoever.  I would give this book a 4.5 stars and would most certainly recommend it to others.  You will be guessing until the end as to the mystery in this book although the more information given I figured it out before it was revealed.  WOW is all I can say Lexi sure knows how to steam up the pages and make your mind spin.  Lexi has become one of my favorite authors and she always leaves me wanting more even after the series are done so I was so happy to get Lizzy's story.  

Lizzy was introduced in the Here and Now series as the twin of Hannah, if you haven't read that series I seriously suggest you pick them up asap, even though this is a new series you will learn more about Lizzy if you read that first, if not this you can read this without but I wouldn't suggest it. 

Lizzy and Sam have known each other for years but at first it was a crush she had on Sam and no reciprocation. Year after year they find themselves running into each other and having the quintessential affair but only lasting for one night.. when Lizzy does something that she will regret forever she realizes her chances with Sam are never going to happen.. but when she joins a romance sight and gets merged in a job that she see's Sam directly almost everyday her life will change.  She keeps her identity a secret but she is sure the man she is talking to on the app is Sam... but will it turn out to be Sam or someone else?   Or will fate intervene and pull them together anyway?  

You have to pick up this book ASAP!  Lexi you burn my brain every time I read one of your stories but is such a slow fabulous burn that I can't keep myself not coming back.  AHHH I can't wait for the next one so hurrrrrryyy puhleeeasse!

Most readers have those certain authors that are automatic one clicks when they have a new release and Lexi Ryan is one of those authors to me!!! I first fell in love with her stories with the Here and Now series and she does not disappoint in her new series Reckless and Real series.  Ms Ryan just has a way of taking you by the jugular and not letting go!!!  She the master story telling putting together suspense with romance and has me turning the pages of my kindle like I'm a crack addict and she's my dealer!!!  If you pick up Something Reckless you will not be disappointed!!!  You will fall in love with Liz and Sam just like I did!! 
Liz has always crushed on Sam.  Ever since she was young, she knew he was it for her.  She fantasized about being with him but for some reason or another, things never worked out.  They would have the occasion hook up but Sam was the no strings attached guy and Liz would always take what she could get when it came to him.  Even if it was just for one night. 
Desperate to find real love, Liz decides to use a new online dating site.  She instantly finds someone she connects with.  She has suspensions that is may be Sam as there are so many similarities but is unsure if it is him or not.
"There's a part of me the likes the anonymity.  Almost as if knowing his name makes him real, and once he's real I have to let him go to make room for the real relationship I promised myself I'd find." - Liz

Sam has always felt different about Liz than he did with any other girl.  Their relationship has never been easy.  But when his family pressures him to have some regular dates with his father's re-election coming up he decides to give things a shot with Liz.  She started working for his Father and his brother in law, who just happens to be who she gave her virginity to, he starts to feel possessive of her.  Weddings them to be their thing so when Liz's sister Hannah's wedding on the horizon, he asks Liz to be his date.  Their relationship is also smoking hot!!!  They are definitely made for each other and Sam decides to ask Liz on more dates and finally explore the feelings they have for each other.
"I'm scared to love her.  I'm scared to love anyone, but Liz more than most.  She looks at me like Superman just walked into the room, and it makes me feel powerful and weak all in one confused breath." - Sam
Both Sam and Liz have secrets that are about to be exposed.  Is the mystery man really Sam???  Liz has doubts that it may be someone else and is scared to confront Sam about it.  Sam has his own skeleton in his closet that is about to be exposed.  How will it effect Liz and how she feels for him???  I cannot wait for the next book to see how it all plays out!!!  There is a cliffhanger but it is one that lives out screaming what the hell, not because of the cliff but because the secret that is exposed!!!!  I so did not see the ending playing out as it did!  But as I said before, Lexi Ryan is a master at her craft and I will be salivating waiting for the next novel!!

“You look amazing in this dress. I’ve been pretending all night that there’s something I want to do more than get you out of it.”

“What would you do with me if you got so lucky?”

“I’d keep you up all night, for starters.” He slides a hand into my hair and traces the side of my neck with his thumb. His groan rumbles through me. “Tell me what you came here for.”

I thought that was pretty clear. “I’m wearing extremely slutty underwear. What do you think?”

His nostrils flare and his breathing goes thready. “I think I’m going to have to up my game, because now I want to see it.”

I have to bite back a smile. “Good,” I say. My heart thumps out a beat, probably Morse code for please and thank you.

“How slutty is this underwear of yours?”

I lick my lips. “Oh, it’s damn near whorish.”

“Let me see it, Liz.”

I lift my chin and prop my hands on my hips. “Seriously? That’s all the seduction I get? Let me see it?”

He steps closer until I have to crane my neck to look at him, and holy hell he smells good. “What game are we playing here, Rowdy?” he murmurs against my ear. “Is this the one where we pretend we don’t want each other and sleep alone . . .” His fingers skim down my shoulder and my eyes float closed. “Or is it the one where I make you come so hard you scream my name and tomorrow you act like you want nothing to do with me?”

“Are those my only choices?” I ask, but I keep my eyes closed, focusing on the feel of his rough fingers dancing across my skin. The truth is, I don’t want to play either game. I’m done playing games when it comes to Sam. I’m done pretending I don’t want him when I do, and I’m done pretending our annual one-night stand is enough for me.

“Tell me you aren’t going to run away in the morning. Promise me you won’t shut me out again.”

I don’t know what that means, and I’m too scared to analyze it. My eyes are still closed when he takes my chin in his fingers and tilts my face up to his, still closed when he brushes his lips over mine and when I open under him because I’m helpless to this man’s kiss.

“Promise me,” he repeats.

“I won’t run away.” Then I unzip my dress and let it fall to the floor in a puddle, and my boldness is rewarded. Sam’s lips part and his breath escapes him in a rush.

He steps back and takes me in. The bra is strapless, black lace demi-cups that lift my breasts until they threaten to spill out. The panties—what there is of them—are a thong in matching black lace. Their fine lace straps sit in a sharp V high on my hipbones.

A ringlet of hair escaped my up-do, and he takes it between his fingers and twirls it around. I deserve a medal for not melting right here at his feet.

He hooks his index finger under the black bow between my bra cups. “Did you wear this for me?” His voice is a husky whisper that I can’t deny.


His fingers skim my belly, trace over my hip, following the lace of my thong behind me to where the straps meet at the small of my back. My breath catches as he takes the fabric path over the curve of my tailbone and down, his fingers bringing every nerve ending to life as they pass. Electric pleasure whips through me.

“Fourteen months since I’ve touched you,” he says. “Fourteen months since I’ve gotten to hear the way you breathe when you’re turned on, since I’ve gotten to listen to you scream as I make you come. Tell me you haven’t thought about it.”

“I’d be lying.”

“Don’t lie,” he says, eyes hot and intense. “Just tell me you want me.”

Copyright Lexi Ryan, 2014

Adult Contemporary Romance
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“You need a good guy. A long-term guy. One who does dates and romance and emotional strings…I’m just an asshole who wants to tie you up, make you come, and walk away.”

Samuel Bradshaw is a man with a reputation—the kind of reputation that should have me running the other way. Instead, it has me searching for the shortest distance to his bed. I won’t be the starry-eyed girl who thinks she can change a man like Sam, and despite what he thinks, forever is not what I need. I need the things he makes me feel, the way he turns me on, and the promise of pleasure in his eyes. This promises to be SOMETHING WILD.

New York Times and USA Today bestselling romance author Lexi Ryan’s novels have been described as intense, emotional, and wickedly sexy. A former college professor, she now writes full-time from her home in Indiana, where she lives with her husband, two children, and a neurotic dog. Find her on Facebook or Twitter to chat about books, TV, and her children’s latest antics.

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