Thursday, January 15, 2015

Review: Jacked by Tina Reber

We all have skeletons in our closets. Doctor Erin Novak was only sixteen when she was accused of a crime she didn't commit. Since that moment, she has made it her life goal to pursue emergency medicine, pouring her heart and soul into assuring another innocent life isn’t lost to the hands of the wicked.

We all have secrets we've never shared.

Detective Adam Trent has lost control of everything, starting with losing his partner to a punk with a gun and then everything else to the crushing guilt. Now a member of the elite Auto Theft Task Force in Philadelphia, it's his job to be one step ahead of the criminals stealing expensive cars in the city. Too bad the television cameras keep getting in the way of his investigation.

We all have pasts that we can never escape.

A stolen car, a tragic chase, and a traffic stop crosses the fates of these two, tying them together in ways that are unimaginable. As their love and trust grows, so do the enemies that threaten their survival, testing the strength of their commitment. Can true love endure half-truths, past pains, and secrets never meant to be shared?

Some things are just out of our control.

Love Unscripted spin-off featuring Kyle Trent's older brother, Adam.

I never thought that Tina Reber could top the amazingly entrancing story told in the Love Unscripted series but she surpassed my expectations with the first book in the Trent Brothers' Series Jacked!!!  This book was a roller-coaster ride in the very best way from the very first page and had me entranced until the last word.  A five star read for me, I recommend that everyone immediately drop what they are reading and one-click all the sexiness that is detective Adam Trent because I promise that you will not be disappointed.

Adam Trent is a detective in Philadelphia's elite Auto Theft Task Force as well as the star of a reality television show where his team was followed by viewers each week to see what would happen next with this take down the bad guys group of detectives.  Hating that the show was becoming more about his sex appeal to the female viewers and less about the actual crime solving that it had started out as, Adam wants out of the craziness that the show has brought to his life.  Being all about solving the crime and bringing down an elaborate auto theft ring that has claimed several lives, Adam believes he is making headway until he comes face to face with an emergency room doctor during a traffic stop for a stolen car.  An unexplainable connection between the two and his inability to not protect her from a limelight she worries will bring her world crashing down, he can't seem to get Erin Novak off of his mind.

Doctor Erin Novak has done everything in her power to escape a past that she would rather forget, a past that had her in handcuffs for a crime that she truly didn't commit but that has had her weighed down in guilt since she was a teenager.  Being pulled over by Adam Trent and his team for a driving a supposedly stolen car, she worries that the carefully planned life she has created for herself will soon spin out of control, leaving her without the one thing that has brought her comfort all of the years; being a doctor and helping people.  The pull that she feels to help those even amidst the turmoil going on in her own life has Adam admiring her even more; in spite of the secrets that she is obviously keeping from him.

Each unable to get the other out of their head; they go on a date that ends in disaster, Erin not understanding why Adam walked away and Adam not knowing how to tell her that he and his team are the reason that are family is facing a grief that they never could have imagined.  It is only in trying to protect Erin from the aftermath of being pulled over and questioned by the police that the truth begins to unravel and these two begin to come closer despite everything that keeps trying to tear them apart.

Without giving away the juicy and exciting details that keep the reader riveted to their seats yearning for more from both Erin and Adam, I will tell you that this book is filled with all the moments this reader loves to come across in a good book; action, swoon worthy moments along with secrets that could destroy and the characters coming to terms with things from their past that have held them back in one way or another throughout their lives.  I finished this lengthy book in one sitting and I know that you will devour it too!   Nothing will compare to Adam Trent and the fierce way he protects what he cares about at all costs.  This book is a MUST READ for all and I cannot wait for the next one in this series!

Jacked was a fantastically great story by one of my favorite authors Tina Reber.  She hit this one of the park just like she did when she introduced us to Ryan Christiansen.  A story that started out as being a person at the wrong place and the wrong time turned into a crazy roller coaster ride.  Adam and Erin instantly had chemistry and once they gave into it things will become explosive.  Tina has a way of making her stories pull in and never let you go until the very last word written. This was a very long story but I was thankful that we go the whole picture in one book and didn't have to wait for more.  You will get humor, sadness, danger and plenty of angst in this book and lets not forget some amazing sexy scenes.  I would give this book a 5 stars!

Erin is a trauma surgeon and she feels like her life is on path that she doesn't want but she is working towards what she really wants and that is to work in the lab behind the scenes look for cures.  When she gets involved in a crime she didn't commit her world will be turned upside down.  She tries to stay out of the spotlight but this problem will throw her life in to tailspin and she has broody sexy man to thank for that.  

Adam has his life set out he works as a special agent for the FBI and now he is famous because he signed up to do a TV show to show the world what a day in his life is like.  He doesn't do it for the fame or the money but for some reason he agreed.  His life will spin out of control the more he becomes famous and when a spitfire doctor comes into his life.

They instantly have a spark that can't be hidden, when they find themselves thrown together because of an investigation they will find they can't hold back on the spark.  Will they be able to get through all the trials and tribulations with Adams fame and with Erin's job?  

I'd been down for so long.  I forgot how it felt to be happy.  I'd been doing time, not living it.  A prisoner of my own doing.  Erin was a breath of freedom and a lifeline of sunshine and damn if she didn't taste like perfection. -- Adam

As soon as we touched again, I felt it.  Warmth and strength and breath-rending anticipation mixed with a million other tiny impulses.  I knew I wasn't going crazy. 
Moth, meet your flame.-- Erin

You have got to go get this book!  I freaking loved it to pieces!  Thanks Tina for giving us another great story and I can't wait for Jason's story in Amped!

I had my first library card at the age of four and below is the picture to prove it. My mom was a part-time librarian at the Coplay Library for 29 years, where I spent a good portion of my time growing up attending “story hour” every day after school.
I always chose the hot pink colored carpet to sit on to listen to the amazing stories that were read to us and eventually begged my parents to install the same hot pink carpeting in my bedroom. That’s when I learned that “wall to wall” carpeting DIDN’T mean that my walls would be covered in hot pink carpeting too. It was a sad day.
No, my mother is not in the picture, but some of my longtime friends and neighbors are. You can hate me for posting this picture of us later. I think it’s cute.