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Review Tour: Chaser Series by Kandi Steiner

Series: The Chaser series
Titles included: Tag Chaser, Song Chaser, and Straight No Chaser
Author: Kandi Steiner
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Tag Chaser:
Paisley Bronson is a 27 year old successful advertising professional, but the most exciting part of her life happens outside of work. Claiming the life of a tag chaser toward the end of her college career has taught her one thing - never get too close. She has enjoyed her dating lifestyle, but when her best friend makes a bet that she won't ever be able to date a normal guy, her competitive nature takes control and she vows to change the game.
When Paisley meets the incredibly handsome and practically perfect Corbin Ray, she begins to think keeping her word might be easier than she thought. But when an accidental discovery reveals that Corbin is in the Army, she knows she must run the other way and never look back. Although it kills her, she aims to move on and look for a new prospect.
There's just one small problem.
Paisley's been assigned a new client at work, and his name is Corbin Ray.
Will Paisley and Corbin give in to the chemistry between them, or will their past and present complications keep them apart?
Immerse yourself in this fun and irresistibly naughty game of cat and mouse.

Song Chaser:
For more than a year, Tanner West has tried to shake his feelings for his long time best friend, Paisley Bronson. She was the perfect girl to fit the lyrics in all his favorite songs – the girl he had always wanted. When she fell in love with another man before Tanner had the chance to tell her how he felt, he was left with no resolve to find love again. Burying himself in school and easy girls has become his new lifestyle, but when Kellee Brooks shows up at his favorite bar, he begins to think there may be another verse to his song, after all.
Kellee Brooks moved to New York City for one thing: escape. Growing up in a small town where her entire life was planned out for her, she’s desperate to break free and find herself without following the same path as her mom. Kellee thought working at the local dive bar would mean more money for school, but when she meets the smoldering, scarred honey eyes of Tanner West, she finds there’s much more hiding in the smoky building than just a few tips.
With Paisley still haunting Tanner and Kellee vowing to save anyone the trouble of loving her, will the pain and fear keep them apart – or will they find a way to rewrite their song together?
Break free with this heartbreaking story of letting go and letting love in.

Straight No Chaser:
Tanner West has been through a lot when it comes to his best friend, Paisley Bronson. From being there through her dark past to falling in love with her while she fell for someone else, their story is far from perfect. After Tanner found his true love in Kellee Brooks, things began to fall into place. But when Paisley calls Tanner with surprising news, asking him to step up to the best friend plate once again, he must decide if he's up for the challenge.
This is a short story bromance and should be read after Tag Chaser and Song Chaser.

Tag Chaser
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Song Chaser
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Straight No Chaser
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Song Chaser is the second book in Chaser's series.  Although this is the second book in the series it can be read as a standalone but I wouldn't recommend it because Tag Chaser was a fantastic read as well and you meet Tanner in the first book and it will help explain his past more.  I would give this book a solid 4 stars!  I have to say I didn't realize when I read Tag Chaser many moons ago that Tanner would get his own story so when I seen that he did I was pleasantly surprised and eager to read. This is a bitter sweet series for me because Tag Chaser was the first book I read when I started my blogging journey and to see this series go on was awesome to say the least.  Kandi added a little special novella called Straight No Chaser it was a cute novella that showed Corbin and Paisley's wedding and a little bachelor party it was a great way to end the series.  This whole series I would give 4 stars too!

Tanner and Kellee meet at the bar she works at and they have instant connection, but unfortunately Kellee doesn't do the dating thing and Tanner is in love with another girl.  When there connection has them becoming friends can they keep it platonic for the sake of both of their hearts, or will they give into the chemistry that is brewing between them?  Of course when everything seems right and its going down a great path past demons will come back to haunt them both but will they survive, and can Tanner finally find a different meaning to the songs he holds dear to his heart?

Go pick up this series now you will not be disappointed!  Thanks Kandi for making another great book and I look forward to much more in the future.   

In Kandi Steiner's book Song Chaser the reader becomes immersed in Tanner's story, the best friend of Paisley from the first book in the series Tag Chaser, who confessed his love for her and was rejected.  As a reader I was intrigued with Tanner and was excited to read his story.  A story filled with more heartache then one character should have to endure and how every decision he has made can either bring him closer to his happily ever after or even farther away.  This book was a 3.5 star read for me and I would highly recommend this series to everyone to read.

Tanner West is attending medical school in New York, far from the love of his life, or the girl who he thought was the love of his life, his best friend Paisley.  Believing that she fit every lyric of all of his favorite songs, he struggles to get over his feelings for her, especially after she confesses that she is in love with someone else and can only be his best friend.  Throwing himself into his work at the hospital, with more hours than any medical student needs to log, he tries to forget everything about her and is failing miserably; until he meets a girl at his favorite bar who seems to distract him from his wallowing broken heart.

Kellee moved to New York city from a small town upstate to attend school and hopefully shed a life that she believes she is destined for, because she is too much like the mother that left her family and broke her fathers heart.  When she looks into the eyes of Tanner West, she sees something worth trying for and agrees to give him a chance; a chance at times that she wished she never did.  Kellee knows all about Tanner's feelings for Paisley, but believes as they grow closer that he will be able to let go and move on with her.  Her dedication to building their relationship is tested time and time again when Tanner just can't seem to put Kellee first and always drops everything when Paisley calls; leading Kellee to assume that he will never be over her.

Through many mis-understandings and horrible confrontations between Tanner and Kellee the reader almost becomes defeated thinking that they will not be able to work it out.  At times I wanted to grab Tanner and shake him to remind him of the awesome girl he had right in front of him instead of pining for a girl he would never have.  But the ending of this book was everything that I hoped it would be when I started it!  I won't give away too many details because I want you to ride the rollercoaster just as I did while turning the pages of this great book!

Kandi Steiner is a Creative Writing and Advertising/Public Relations graduate from the University of Central Florida living in Tampa with her husband. Kandi works full time as a social media specialist, but also works part time as a Zumba fitness instructor and blackjack dealer.
Kandi started writing back in the 4th grade after reading the first Harry Potter installment. In 6th grade, she wrote and edited her own newspaper and distributed to her classmates. Eventually, the principal caught on and the newspaper was quickly halted, though Kandi tried fighting for her “freedom of press.” She took particular interest in writing romance after college, as she has always been a die hard hopeless romantic (like most girls brought up on Disney movies).
When Kandi isn’t working or writing, you can find her reading books of all kinds, talking with her extremely vocal cat, and spending time with her friends and family. She enjoys beach days, movie marathons, live music, craft beer and sweet wine – not necessarily in that order.