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Blog Tour: The Critic by Joanne Schwehm

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Convey a message

Andrea Jordan dreams of acting on Broadway, and she is at the cusp of achieving success. All her sacrifices start to pay off when she lands a role that will catapult her to stardom. 

Express our thoughts

Award-winning theater critic Bentley Chambers possesses the power to make or break a career. Theatergoers consider his reviews to be gospel, and actors cringe at the thought of him in the audience. His words possess power. 

A heart’s not made of stone

More than one actor has been sent packing after Bentley’s bad reviews, and Andrea could be next. She won’t stand by and let him shatter her dreams, but she never thought giving him a piece of her mind would also mean giving him a piece of her heart.

Will Andrea discover on her own the passion Bentley claims she lacks, or will he be the one to draw it out of her?

Words… choose them wisely.

The power behind the written word. Sometimes one's intentions are misinterpreted when read. 

Andi is an aspiring actress. This is her dream, her life. We start the book during her first show, 5 years earlier. A journalist, Bentley, is just starting his career as a critic and spies Andi before he realizes she is the actress in the first show he is to critique. He is immediately enamored, and as the curtain rises he realizes its her. Because he was so smitten he expected to see great things. Unfortunately the show falls flat for him and he is honest in his review.

Crestfallen over the bad review, Andi applies herself over the years, hoping that each play will be "her break". All the while Bentley goes to see her every play hoping for a better outcome. In her current play, Andi is now the lead, hoping that this play will be her breakout role that will land her on Broadway. Once again, Bentley writes a review that he didn't feel connected to the character, thus causing Andi to have to re-audition for the lead against her understudy. Andi has finally had enough, feeling like Bentley is personally out to destroy her career. She tracks him down and confronts him.Only, he is not what she expected and sparks fly.

Bentley truly only wants to see her succeed, he believes in her and offers to help her. They get to know one another on a personal level and the chemistry between them is undeniable.

Will Andi finally make it to Broadway? Can Bentley and Andi make a relationship work?

I couldn't stop turning the pages, I needed to know all these answers and more. Go and one-click this and find out for yourself how Andi and Bentley figure things out, personally and together.

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Author of Unexpected Chance, My Chance (The Chance Series), Ryker and The Critic.

Joanne was born and raised in Rochester, NY and currently resides near our Nation's Capital with her husband and two sons.

Romance is one of Joanne's favorite things and thankfully, she is surrounded by it.

Joanne firmly believes when that unexpected chance comes, take it. Don't let it pass you by - you never know what you could be missing.

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