Saturday, March 21, 2015

Review: Charlotte's Bed by S.J Stava

Charlotte's Bed by S.J Stava

At thirty, Charlotte is sick of the single life. Sick of online matchmaking, sick of bad first (AND second) dates, and sick of the dreaded "I can't believe you're not married yet!" pitying stares. So when her boyfriend proposes – who just happens to be a Dean at the university where she works – she's thrilled to bid her singledom adieu. At the start of the new semester, she seems to have it all: a great job, great friends, and now. . . a great fiancĂ©.

So what’s the catch? An annoyingly handsome new teaching assistant and the opportunity to direct the school’s fall production. Still can’t see the downside? Neither can Charlotte until suddenly, what she thought she wanted, might not be enough anymore.

How do you choose between the life you've always imagined and the love you've suddenly discovered?



Well I just loved this book!

Charlotte.... Charlotte, Charlotte, Charlotte. She is a woman newly into her thirties and college professor in the drama department. She has done everything from online dating to blind dates. Finally figuring that she will be alone she meets Richard.

Richard is well into his 50's and has been married already once. He is everything Charlotte idealized an adult relationship should be. She shrugged off his "habits" as endearing and romantic. He would order her dinner, her drinks, etc. 2 years into their relationship Richard proposes, catching Charlotte off guard. She accepts thinking that she should be happy for a relationship like this.

As she gets used to the idea of being a fiancé and thinking this ideal and convincing herself that she should be happy she meets Mason, her T.A. for the semester. He is not the usual pimply, geek freshman. He is much older, having changed his profession.

Mason makes Charlotte realize all things she is missing that she hadn't realized she was. She thought adult life should be a certain way. She is attracted to Mason very much but figures she would never be his type, not to mention she is newly engaged and he has a girlfriend.

As Mason and Charlotte spend more and more time together she starts to form an attachment, an attraction. One that Mason eventually returns.

What happens in the long run? Will she ride off into the sunset with Mason? Or will she choose what think she should settle for with Richard?

This story transitioned beautifully. Charlottes inner monologue fit what every woman thinks to a 'T'. I couldn't wait to find out how this turned out.

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