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Blog Tour, Review, Giveaway: Only For Her by Cristin Harber

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The second installment in the Only series. Must read book one first!! First loves never die but Grayson Ford comes close. Bleeding out in a war zone, he barters with God. Bring him back alive, and he'll make it right with his girl. All I want is Emma. I need her, and I fight for her memory. A story. A smile. Anything. But it's all blank. 

Emma is not his girl anymore. Time has skipped by and life's been hard. She strips to pay the bills, waitresses to fill the hours between classes and her third job. All while working to be the best mama she can be to the little girl who will never know her daddy. Even though Grayson abandoned her, she mourned his death. Until he calls, and everything she knew was wrong. It's him. The him that ruined my life. That made my life. That confused my mind to the point that I can't figure out if I've been destroyed or set free. The him that... is... dead. 

He's back with one objective--Emma Kingsley--and she never sees it coming. Only for Her, Only #2 The novella series will release in its entirety this spring.


Only For Her is the second installment in the Only series by Cristin Harber. 

We jump right back into the story, no backtracking, no recapping, and I LOVED that. It was quick and fast paced.

Grayson is in a hospital recovering from his war wounds and is assaulted with PTSD. He tries to think of Emma and finds that he has lost her from his minds eye.

Emma is barely keeping her head above water, working three jobs, going to school and trying to provide for her and Grayson's daughter. She refuses help as though her life is her penance. Her internship that doesn't pay, but is her foot in the door, offered to reimburse her tuition while she goes to school. Feeling like a small miracle happens she receives a call from an unknown number. Concerned it might be her daughter she answers it and the voice on the other end brings her right back to three years ago and all the feelings associated with it.

Grayson Ford has one mission on his mind: get Emma back, make things right between them, and never, ever let her go.

Will Emma succumb to her feelings? Can Gray prove he means everyword he says? And what happens when he finds out they have a daughter together?

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Only For Her is the second book in the Only Series.  I really wasn't sure what to expect from this second book given how Only For Him ended with that wicked cliffy.  I have to say it was a little predictable but it does leave you with another cliffy not as big as the first book but one that you will want to read the third book Only For Us.  So for now I have to rate this book a 3.5 because it didn't pull me in leaving me desperate for more but it did leave me curious.  Normally when I get to the third and final book I rate the series as a whole so hopefully the third book will blow me away so I can rate higher.

Emma and Grayson were introduced to us in the first book Only For Him and showing how there love story began and how it ended abruptly.  Only For Her will pick up a little ways down the road from where the last book left us with that gut wrenching ending.  Now we see how Emma has struggled with her life since Grayson isn't in the picture.. she has a responsibility to her little family now and she won't take handouts from anyone.  When she receives a call from Grayson who she thought to be a ghost her life will get turned upside down once again.  

Can these 2 work through there differences and come to understand why Grayson abandoned Emma in the first place... or is the hurt to much to bare?  Can Emma tell Grayson of a great secret she has had to keep because she didn't know how to contact him, and how will Grayson handle the shock of the secret?  

I would suggest the series to all but if you are not a fan of cliffys then this may not be for you right away but maybe down the line.  I look forward to jumping into Only For Uswhen it is finally released!

Cristin Harber is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling romance author. She writes sexy, steamy romantic suspense and military romance. Readers voted her onto Amazon’s Top Picks for Debut Romance Authors in 2013, and her debut Titan series was both a #1 romantic suspense and #1 military romance bestseller. 

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