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Blog Tour and Review: Tempting BAD by M. Robinson

Title: Tempting BAD

Author: M. Robinson

Release Date: March 24, 2015

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I’ve come from a privileged life and an even more privileged upbringing. My parents taught me right from wrong and everything in between… except I wanted the gray area. I wanted to live life on the edge with the possibility of falling over. I didn’t care about the consequences because I had no heart…
I left that on the floor of my parents’ bedroom door, shattered.
And never went back to pick up the pieces.

Family first.
I learned the meaning of the word hate.
I learned that life is a battlefield and I stood frontline.
I learned that praying doesn’t work and God doesn’t listen.
And I learned how to be a man…
All at the receiving end of my father’s fists, my mother’s tears, and my sisters screams.
You can’t run away from your past…
It will always find you, especially when you’re asleep.

Warning: Book contains adult situations.
Sex/language. Mature readers only.

I was there, but I wasn’t.

I danced around in a sea of emptiness and longing, it moved around me easily, carelessly, harshly.

It was all and it was nothing.

It made me full and it made me empty.

It pleased me and it dismayed me.

I didn’t care. I was there to do a job. To be a VIP. I played my part beautifully, just as I always did. Letting myself get taken away on empty promises of nothing, but somehow seemed like everything.

This was my first foray into M. Robinson’s VIP world. I can say it lived up to its reputation. It was sinful, salacious, gripping and much much more. Tempting Bad: VIP Spin Off is an utter page turner! It took me on an unbelievably raw and intense journey filled with erotic moments, beauty and heartbreak.
“It was wreaking havoc on our souls…..”

This book wreaked havoc on my heart and soul and I loved every second of it! My favorite books have broken characters, shattered hearts and a bit of romance. If I feel the connection between the characters then I’m hooked. If the characters have depth and believability then I’m sold. Tempting Bad really had it all…. I give it 5 Sultry Stars….

This story centers on a few individuals whose lives collide over a period of time. Along the way they may find comfort, strength and hurt those they care for. They each have a screwed up past, a unique present and an uncertain future. Seeking their personal truth along the way is challenging, their inner demons haunt them causing their lives to spiral at times. Their past has a hold over them and until they learn to cope, they may never be free or able to love to their fullest capacity. Their story isn’t easy to hear. It isn’t a happy tale. But who wants happy? I want the deep dark road filled with angst, twists and turns. I want to empathize and have my heart gutted. I want to root for a HEA even if it seems unlikely. I want what M. Robinson created. She brought me into Brooke, Devon and Ysabelle’s world and now I’m forever changed.

Brooke- Exquisite, privileged, betrayed, damaged. On a mission, seeking her destiny… Sex is her outlet and her mask.

Ysabelle- Independent, lonely, private. She’s a runner…. From who and why…? Still a mystery!

Devon- Protector, giving, broken, haunted, lover, resilient……

“He found all the missing pieces that were scattered in places, I didn’t even know I hid them.
He put it back together.
He put me back together” -Brooke 
“I never thought I would be capable of falling in love with you, and now I don’t think I’m capable of falling out of love with you.” -Brooke

M. Robinson is a gifted writer. She truly knows how to draw the reader in. She created a story filled with spice, betrayal, passion, angst, abuse and redemption. She took me prisoner and it consumed me. Not many authors take you to that literary level. M. Robinson is a daring writer. She knows how to channel emotion, angst and raw sex appeal fluidly. Her characters experience a great deal along the way as does the reader. Her books are a memorable experience. Sit back and enjoy the ride. I certainly did!!!!
Tempting Bad is a standalone novel. It is a spin off and can be enjoyed prior to reading VIP. I now can’t wait to begin those soon. Get clicking…….and maybe even licking!  This book was hot, sad and bittersweet…..

M Robinson has quickly became one of my all-time favorite authors… she is just one of those authors that can pull me into a story and grab me by the throat and not let go until the end!  She has done it to me in every single book she has published and Tempting Bad was no exception!  If you have read the VIP series, you know Brooke and Devon, but if you haven’t, it’s ok because the great thing about this one is that it’s a spin off and it can be read as a standalone.   This one will definitely have your emotions going from hot to cold, swooning to pissed off, and everywhere in between!  Both Brooke and Devon are both so broken and lost that your heart breaks from them both! You want the two wrongs to make a right.  You want the happily ever after.  But when two people are so broken, can they find peace in each other?
Devon is the good guy, the hard working, loyal as they come guy that your family would love for you to bring home.  But he puts on a good front.  Years of abuse from his Father and what he has witnessed has made him more of a Father figure to his younger sisters.  His mother and he were abused for years and one night will change everything. Despite coming from hell, he has made himself into a successful bar owner but does not have much time for anything else.
Brooke was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, coming from privilege and having the perfect family.  So she thought.  On the night of her sixteen birthday everything she knows comes crumbling down and leaves her to believe her whole life was a lie.  She stumbles across the business card of VIP and instead of blaming VIP for her family problems, she finds something with them that she could not find at home. A sense of true family.  
On a night out with mutual friends, Devon and Brooke met and instantly their chemistry is smoking hot. They are both like a moth to a flame with each other and even though neither have the strength to stay away.   Neither can explain the pull the other has to each other but neither resists it either.  Devon knows Brooke is a VIP and what her business is but he pursues her anyway.  He knows she hides behind the persona and is determined to know the real Brooke. 
Their relationship is a rollercoaster of emotions and it will take you to the highest high and the lowest low.  You will want them both to just open their eyes and to see what happiness the other brings to each other.   Can Devon be the knight in shining armor? Can Brooke open her heart and let him in? Or are they both so damaged that they will never be open to love? Can two broken pieces be whole together?  You will definitely need to read to find out!  I’ll just leave you with this…
“Everyone says love hurts, but you never imaged what it was going to feel like until it was too late.  I wanted to believe in something so badly that it ended up destroying both of us.  I couldn’t save her, as much as she couldn’t save me.”- Devon

This was my first foray into the sinfully sexy world of M. Robinson. Let me just say I was not disappointed. I think my e-reader has seared into my skin with the flaming hotness that exuded out of every turn of the page. I cried because I was happy, I cried because I was mad… yes, this book broke me… repeatedly. I still don’t think my heart is beating properly. I’m gonna’ be in a book funk now, I just know it.
“Can two broken people really heal each other?”

That is the question you ask yourself the whole time you are reading this and also what you are rooting for.

Brooke was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and relished every moment of her life until everything changed. She happened upon her father and his mistress. She couldn’t understand because the illusion of her parents love was so great, so inspiring, how could her father betray her mother? Her ideals of love splintered into a million pieces and she never put it back together. Finding out he was a member of VIP, she became lost and hardened.

Devon was born to a monster that the outside world considered a public hero. His father was a cop that beat Devon and his mother; sometimes to within an inch of their lives. Once his dad was out of their lives, Devon became the protector, the care taker, the father figure to his younger sisters. But he also got vivid night terrors. He immersed himself in everything he did, afraid to have a relationship and end up like his father.

Devon and Brooke meet through a mutual friend, Ysabelle. Their attraction is instantaneous. Devon knows who she is and what she does; he sees the broken girl, unsure of what to do, and the confident, sexy woman that has immersed herself in the VIP life style. They start a relationship on friendship and slowly bits and pieces of their lives get shared.

Brooke let him in, without even knowing she did.

“He made my heart beat again.
He found all the missing pieces that were scattered in places, I didn’t even know I had hid them.
He put it back together.
He put me back together.”

Brooke knew she loved Devon and that he loved her back but it just became another thing that was swept under the rug. She was afraid to do it, so Brooke did what she does best – She broke Devon. But in breaking Devon she also broke herself. They went tumbling down the rabbit hole never knowing if they would surface.

“Everything could go to hell. I didn’t realize until later that we existed in a limbo, in a fairy tale. Make believe… And like all good stories… ours would hit rock bottom. Possibly with no happily ever after.
What goes up must come down.
It’s the law of gravity.
It was Brooke and Devon.”

The angst and back and forth in this book had me hooked. I couldn’t turn the pages quick enough. I wanted to jump in and fix them, to make them see that their two broken halves made a beautiful whole. The sex in this was dripping with hotness, like HOLY HOTNESS! 

What happens to Brooke and Devon you ask? Go one click to find out! You will not be disappointed. I can’t wait to see what else M. Robinson has in store for us.

I didn't think I could love M. Robinson more after reading her VIP trillogy... Boy was I wrong!

Reading Tempting Bad was an emotional rollercoaster that I can't wait to repeat.

I knew this book was going to break me, when at 2% in, I read this: "My family was always perfect. Except we weren't the only family... My dad had three families. Ours. His mistress'. And... VIP."

When I read VIP, I fell in love with Devon. He is just so beautifully broken. His protective nature is something, that I look for in every book hero. 

M. Robinson has a way of taking broken characters and making you, as the reader feel thier pain. I really wish I could rate this book 5 million stars, instead of just 5!

M. Robinson loves to read. She favors anything that has angst, romance, triangles, cheating, love, and of course sex!