Friday, April 3, 2015

Review Only: Can't Buy Me Love by Rin Daniels

A grifter looking to make good...

Kat Harris is good at three things: lying, running, and listening to her con artist parents. All three collided when she fell for a man that was supposed to be a mark, forcing the Harris family to flee Sulla Valley forever. Five years later, her dad’s in jail and she’s back in search of a fresh start—and a new opportunity to rekindle an old romance. Problem is, the only family she has left isn’t so keen on going legit, and a criminal past like hers isn’t that easy to outrun.

A billionaire tempted to break bad...

Adam has no time for any woman with dollar signs in her eyes—especially since the girl he’d fallen for turned out to be a gold-digging hustler. So when she walks back into his life, he’s prepared to kick her right back to the curb her felonious family came from. If only he could forget how good they were together.

Sometimes, two wrongs make a delicious right.

Falling back into her world could cost him his reputation. Dragging him into her troubles will cost her what’s left of her pride. But if they take the risk, a reformed con artist and the billionaire she wants most might find something even more valuable... a chance at real love.

Kat Harris is a girl with a criminal past trying to make a clean break. She grew up in a family of con artists. Her last con ended on a sour note and her being in love with her target. Kat is now determined to go on the “straight and narrow” path.

Kat’s father is in imprison for a con gone wrong, leaving Kat with her mother. Kat starts to struggle financially between going “clean” and trying to keep her mother straight. She is banking on opening a hair salon to bring in her income. While the salon is being built she works on building up her clientele. In walks Adam Laramie, the billionaire lover of the con gone wrong.

The fire and the heat still burns between these two but Adam is afraid he still can’t trust her. Kat is determined to prove that she is legitimate and that there are no more cards up her sleeve. A series of events leaves Adam more confused and just as sure that he can’t trust Kat but still refuses to let her go. With the help of his father he finally realizes it’s because he loves her.

Will Adam learn to trust Kat? Can they take a second try at love?

I thought this story overall was good. There were plenty of times that I was confused by the wording but as a whole it was a cute story of second chances

This is a second chance romance with a twist.  This book had bit of heat, scamming and redemption in it.

This is a story about trusting your heart when all your experience and instincts are telling you otherwise. It took me a bit to get into it. However within minutes Kat was Adam were getting it on hot and heavy... Their story has a history and could have a future if they trust one another...

Kat needs a change. She's ready to settle down- find roots and make a life.  There's just one problem, Kat is a born and bred con artist. She's been raised by grifters. She's looking to make a stable future for herself.

"She tasted like everything he didn't know he wanted. She tasted like deceit." - Adam

Adam and Kat have a long history. He's been fooled by her once. Now, years later he's wiser and in control. He's wealthy, confident and a player. These two have a connection. But can he forgive her for hurting and betraying him?

"Kat was painfully aware of the narrow margin between right and wrong, was trying hard to stay on the right side of life - but right now right here wrong felt like a brilliant idea." -Kat

This book was interesting. I was eager to find out more about her dynamics with Adam and what had her running five years prior and how exactly she can have a brighter future. I felt they had a deep connection from the beginning. Kat has shady parents and removing herself from that lifestyle was a challenge.

I feel Kat deserves a HEA. Click Can't Buy Me Love and find out if she deserves one too?

I give this book 3 Stars!

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