Thursday, April 9, 2015

Blog Tour, Review and Giveaway: Love Surfaced by Michelle Lynn

The equations are simple.

Piper Ashby + Brad Ashby = Twin Siblings

Brad Ashby + Tanner McCain = Best Friends

Piper Ashby + Tanner McCain = Off limits

Tanner and I abided by the rules. We stayed on our designated sides of the relationship circle.

Ignoring swarming butterflies.

Brushing off skipped heartbeats.

Settling on lingering stares.

Here’s the secret … a hand extended over that invisible line once, exponentially changing the equation. I was convinced we could make our relationship work until Tanner broke the trust he embedded in me from the age of seven.

One deceit of mega proportions and the relationship we built for that short month vanished. I swore never to speak to him again and it’s worked. Until now—two years later, when my brother’s wedding places me face-to-face with the best man—Tanner McCain.

Leaving one equation to be solved. Can love surface twice?

Love Surfaced was a story about taking chances and learning to forgive.  I would give this story a 4 stars and would recommend to others.  A love story that begins when they are kids but was forbidden for years will bloom into something more to be torn away by choices made by Tanner. 

Tanner and Piper meet when they are kids and instantly become friends.  Piper has pined away for Tanner for years but her twin brother Brad always stood in the way with his over protective nature. When one night they give into there passion they will finally find out both have been hiding feelings from each other... they will find themselves in a secret romance because Piper is too afraid to tell her brother in fears he will break them apart.. but what she doesn't expect is for Tanner to do something that would damage her trust and push them apart...

2 years pass and when they are thrown together again at Brad's engagement party they will find themselves drawn to eachother again.. but this time Piper has a boyfriend and she has a grudge towards Tanner for his past mistakes.. but when the truth comes out will all be forgiven or will they not be able to go back to the way they used to be?

Go get this book it was a great story and I would recommend to others!

Piper Ashby is a twin to Brad. Tanner McCain has been best friends with Brad forever. But the three of them have been hanging around just as long. Long enough for Piper to have a major crush on Tanner.

In college they finally succumb to their feelings to one another. They stay quiet about their relationship and have two months of bliss. Then something happens to change everything.

This part had me going what? What is it?

Then we jump to two years ahead. Piper has tried to move on but her heart still belongs to Tanner. Piper's brother, Brad, is recently engaged bringing Tanner back into Pipers life.

Can she learn the truth? Can Piper forgive Tanner? Do they have a second chance at love?

Go one click to find out.

Soon, I’m unable to focus, and I have no choice but to take a break to recoup some energy. Gripping the side of the pool, I toss my goggles on the cement and lay my head on top of my hands, leaning over the edge of the pool. Mentally tormenting myself on my recent obsession with Tanner McCain, I’m surprised when the echo of someone else in the pool alerts me.

There goes my therapy for today, I think to myself.

I hastily grab my goggles and rest them on my head. My eyes glance up to see if the person is one of my teammates, but what I find halts my breathing. Tanner snakes into the water, gracefully picking up each plastic rope and ducking underneath, until he reaches the lane right next to me. I gulp down the last of my saliva when he casually swings back and forth on the lane separator closest to me.

He’s breathtaking with his goggles resting on the top of his head and his strong biceps holding his body up in the water. “I thought I’d find you here.” His classic smirk from last night is back in place.

“You did?” Immediately, I hate my timid and unsure voice. Even worse, the hopefulness it’s laced with.

“Want to race? Loser chooses Truth or Dare?” He doesn’t make eye contact with me. Rather, he peers across the empty pool.

“So I can lose?”

Every swimmer from here to California beats themselves up on their workouts, imagining their fingertips on that tile wall before Tanner’s.

He chuckles. “You know I only use half of my energy when I go against you.”

I cup my hand and drag it across the pool, splashing his face. He shakes his head, water droplets spraying off his divine features.

“Jackass,” I say, my back against the tile wall. I purposely don’t allow my body to win the fight to break the distance between us.

“I’m kidding. Come on.” His head nods toward the other end of the pool. “One lap.”

Then, out of nowhere, a confident creature rises within me. I want to pick his brain and dig through the layers to discover exactly why he sought me out in this pool so early in the morning and why his hands roamed places on my body they never ventured before last night. Most of all, I want to know how he left me without even a good-bye.

“What do I get if I win?” I raise my eyebrows at him a few times for competition.

Michelle moved around the Midwest most of her life, transferring from school to school before settling down in the outskirts of Chicago ten years ago, where she now resides with her husband and two kids. She developed a love of reading at a young age, which helped lay the foundation for her passion to write. With the encouragement of her family, she finally sat down and wrote one of the many stories that have been floating around in her head. When she isn’t reading or writing, she can be found playing with her kids, talking to her mom on the phone, or hanging out with her family and friends. But after chasing around twin preschoolers all day, she always cherishes her relaxation time after putting the kids to bed.

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