Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Blog Tour & Review: Hero by Samantha Young

The explosive, emotional and unforgettable new romance from the NYT bestselling author of the On Dublin Street series
Alexa Holland's father was her hero-until her shocking discovery. Ever since, Alexa has worked to turn her life in a different direction and forge her own identity outside of his terrible secrets. But when she meets a man who's as damaged by her father's mistakes as she is, Alexa must help him.
Caine Carraway wants nothing to do with Alexa's efforts at redemption, but it's not so easy to push her away. Determined to make her hate him, he brings her to the edge of her patience and waits for her to walk away. But his actions only draw them together and, despite the odds, they begin an intense and all-consuming affair.
Only Caine knows he can never be the white knight that Alexa has always longed for, and when they're on the precipice of danger, he finds he'll do anything to protect either one of them from being hurt again . . .

It’s been awhile since I’ve read a Samantha Young novel and now I’m sitting here asking myself what took me so long??!!  I first feel in love with her writing style in On Dublin Street and for some reason or another that is the only novel I’ve been able to read from her until now.  Hero just reminded me of how much I loved her writing and how she has the ability to bring you a strong alpha male and a strong female lead that you don’t want to slap silly!  I was pulled into the story from the beginning and was intrigued on how the story was going to unfold!  I would highly recommend Hero and now Ms. Young will be one of those automatic one click authors for me!
We first meet Alexa and Caine at a photo shoot.  Alexa is the personal assistant to the photographer and is just coming back from a vacation so she was unaware of who the subject was.  When she sees Caine, her whole world crumbles as her Father and his Mother had an affair that would eventually lead to Caine’s mother over dosing on drugs.  Caine is one of the wealthiest and influential men in Boston and does not know who Alexa is until she apologizes for her Father’s actions. He is outraged and with his connections, has her fired and not able to hold a job in Boston.  She forces her way into his office to speak to him and eventually into his life. 
“I got into my car and drove out of there, wondering why the hell I couldn’t let this go, why I had to push my way into his life, just so I didn’t have to deal with my own.  I wasn’t sure about anything anymore.  The only thing I started to predict was that if I did by some miracle find a way to make Caine see who I really was, I was almost positive that I wasn’t going to come out of it unscathed.”
Alexa is successful in persuading Caine to hear her out and eventually hires her as his own PA. To start their relationship is professional but with Alexa’s smart mouth and Caine’s stubbornness their connection quickly turns into something more and they start a no strings attached affair.  
“Monday through Thursday that was pretty much our lives.  We worked together under the pretense of complete professionalism.  I went home around six thirty and Caine came over around ten thirty.  We fucked and then he went back to his apartment.  There was nothing romantic about it. Yeah it was hot and the heat only seemed to be getting hotter, but Caine’s walls were still high and impenetrable and I had no clue how to break the down.  I was failing miserably.”
With their relationship getting hotter and closer, Alexa discovers she has formed a deep emotional attachment to Caine.  But Caine is content on keeping their relationship as is.  He is determined that he doesn’t deserve a loving relationship.  That he is not that man Alexa believes him to be.  He has secrets that he is not ready to share with Alexa and because of that, he shuts her out. 
“I didn’t not need to be saved by a man who couldn’t even save himself.”
“A man like me isn’t capable of being your fucking white knight.”
Will Alexa and Caine be able to put their differences aside for love?  Will their family drama be too much and rip them apart?  This is definitely one you do not want to miss!

Samantha Young is the author of the runaway bestselling On Dublin Street, which sold over 150,000 copies within five weeks and has now been sold in more than 25 countries. Published by Penguin UK until recently, her first book with Little Brown (Castle Hill) was one of the top 10 Hachette ebooks for 2014. This year she has been nominated for the Goodreads Choice Award for Best Author and Best Romance. She lives in Stirlingshire, Scotland and is available for publicity purposes, along with corresponding regularly with her 22,000 fans on FB and 15,000 Twitter followers.

You can visit her at

Praise for Samantha Young:

 ‘This steamy romance is mysterious, all-consuming and pretty damn good’ Closer

‘Ridiculously incendiary chemistry.’ Dear Author

‘A true gift for storytelling’ Daily Record

‘Young writes stories that stay with you long after you flip the last page’ Under the Covers