Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Blog Tour, Review and Giveaway: Night Owl Trilogy by M. Pierce

At twenty-eight, Matt Sky has the perfect life. He has a beautiful girlfriend, a massive inheritance, and four national bestsellers -- all penned under his airtight alias, M. Pierce.
At twenty-seven, Hannah Catalano is a train wreck. Her boyfriend is a deadbeat and her job is abysmal.

Matt and Hannah meet online as writing partners. Their relationship is safe, anonymous, and innocent...

Until Matt sees a picture of Hannah. Hannah's picture sparks an attraction Matt is powerless to ignore. When circumstance brings Matt and Hannah together, the strangers begin a love story that's passionate, poignant, unforgettable, and unstoppable.

When Night Owl was first released months ago, I didn’t read it for one reason or another.  I had heard there were mixed reviews, you either hated or loved it… but that’s really all I knew about it.  Then when the blog tour was announced, I was like hmmmmmm….  I need to check this book out because with all the buzz it got me curious.  Well I am happy to announce I am part of the LOVED IT camp!  The story was so intriguing to me that it just sucked me in and it didn’t let go into I devoured it.  But then it leaves me obsessing like a mad woman!  All of a sudden I want to know every and all things M Pierce!  I am hooked on this series and I cannot wait for the next book!   This story is told in a dual POV and does have a cliffhanger.  But you know what… I love a good cliff!  There is nothing like anticipating the release of the next book and salivating every second until then!

Matthew Sky is recently met Hannah Catalano in an online forum for authors looking for writing partners.  They have started to write a book together but everything stays impersonal.  Only professional emails are exchanged, no formal names or personal information is given about each other.   It keeps things from getting complicated.  When Hannah accidently sends an email from her personal account, at first Matt is furious, but then curiosity starts to set in, a picture is attached to her email account and he starts to fantasize about her.   While breaking his own rule, Matt and Hannah start an online relationship.      Guilt starts to set in as Matt has a live in girlfriend that is away on vacation.  Things really start to heat up when Hannah moves back home which happens to be in the same city Matt is in. 

Things move rapidly in their relationship.  What started as just a online partnership moves into a full flown sexual relationship.  Matt has secrets that he is keeping from Hannah, not only his relationship with his girlfriend, but also about this identity as a bestselling author M Pierce.  Now this is where my inner dialogue starts to question everything I’m reading!   Isn’t this the author’s name??  Is this really fiction??  It is part fiction part reality? Did these things really happen???  My mind is spinning with ideas! But you know with secrets, they are never kept and sooner or later secrets are no more. 

When Hannah finds out the truth about his secrets, Matt’s world starts to spiral out of control.  He continually reaches out to Hannah but she has lost all faith in him.  She changes her phone, email, all forms of contacts as she feels so betrayed she wants nothing to do with him.  Alone and desperate Matt goes off a secluded cabin where old demons show themselves again.   Both Matt and Hannah are miserable without each other.  But will the level of deceit be too much for Hannah to forgive Matt??  Can you truly find your soul mate after so many lies are uncovered???  You need to read to find out! 

It’s a heartbreaking twist of lies, love, and lust that twist and entwine around each other.  You want Matt and Hannah to find the happy ending but sometimes lies cannot be forgiven.  Sometimes I found myself thinking Matt, you just need to man up already!  But the way he has a dirty sexy mouth made up for it!  I loved every moment of it!  5 huge stars! 

"I lied to Hannah about the picture.  I lied to her about a lot of things.  No relationship should be built on lies, but I was in no relationship-at least not with Hannah"M. Pierce grabs your attention from the very first sentence of Night Owl and keeps it until the very last word at the end of this story.  There were many times throughout the story that I wanted to grab Hannah by the shoulders and shake her, telling her not to be so naive when it came to Matt and her taking every single word he uttered as surface truth, instead of being more inquisitive to learn about the man that she would eventually fall for.

Matt and Hannah met online and began writing a book together.  Matt had rules in regards to his writing relationship with Hannah, no pictures, no specifics, no last name and no phone number.  Hannah was the first to break one of those rules, when she sends Matt some pages from her personal email (in which the address included her last name) but it was Matt who continued to break the rules, by giving Hannah his phone number and later skyping and meeting her in person.  I was a little put off by the reasons that Matt wanted to stay so anonymous. I know that he was a famous author and he did not want the "fan-girl" attention from Hannah, but he wrote under the pen name M Pierce, so by giving his name or even talking to her, he could have been a little less secretive and divulged some personal information without revealing that side of himself.  When he tells Hannah that he is a business man and she accepts that without asking too many questions, I thought really?!  Would a girl her age really do that?  It seemed slightly unbelievable to me.

Aside from that one issue, I really enjoyed the book.  The progression of Matt and Hannah's relationship had me on the edge of my seat, wondering when Hannah would finally realize what he was hiding.  Would it be when he accidentally quoted himself, would it be when he took Hannah to meet his agent to help get her a job? Would it be when he took her to his apartment because he forgot to remove something of Bethany's?  There were so many instances when it could have happened and M. Pierce had the reader wondering throughout the book, always turning the page wondering if this would be the time that she finally knew who he really was. 

When Matt hit rock bottom, when Hannah left him, that I began to have empathy for his character.  He became even more reclusive and began drinking again, leaving Hannah's only link to him, to her feelings for him, the hand-typed pages of his latest work that came to the office in drips and drabs.  I screamed at Hannah to go after him.  I wanted to know if she would be the one to save him.  I thought the author did a fantastic job of keeping the reader guessing as to what would happen to Matt & Hannah's relationship as well as his career to the very end.  Matt helped Hannah break free from the box that she had placed her life in, helped her find something that she really loved and Hannah helped Matt be a little less OCD (if that is even possible).

The ending....What and ending it was!  The romance of it made me swoon!

"Are you starting something new?....Mm....What is it?....Our story."A love story that never ends, that is until you get to the epilogue.  Although it is not a cliff hanger by any means, it totally leaves the reader saying WTF just happened and yearning for the next book in the trilogy because you need to know, well at least I do anyway, what happened!

I give this book 3.5 stars!

Panic set in as I listened to the ring.
            I'm about to talk to Matt.
I'm about to hear his voice.
I don't even know this guy.
What the hell am I doing?
He could be a psycho stalker.
We shouldn't cross this line.
I can hang up.
I can hang up now.
Yeah, I'm going to h—
            I swallowed and slid down the bathroom wall.
            "Hannah, is that you?"
            Matt's cool, clear voice swirled in my ear. It was distantly accented—New Jersey, maybe New York—and a little husky.
He sounded sleepy.
            He sounded sexy as hell.
            I had the overwhelming urge to ask him to keep saying my name. Hannah, Hannah, Hannah. Help me come. Warmth bloomed between my legs.
            "Okay then." He laughed softly. I felt my reason melting at the sound. "We'll play the one-sided conversation game. I'm Matt, it's nice to—" Again, he broke into quiet laughter. His voice was rich with amusement, but not warm. He sounded contemptuous. He sounded ready to laugh at anything, simply for the pleasure of laughing with his silky voice.
I couldn't help but picture the devilish eyes that must have accompanied that voice.
            Green eyes, I decided. Dark green, secretive and deep like a forest.
            "I was going to say it's nice to meet you," he went on, "but I guess we've technically met online. Now we're meeting on the phone. Maybe…" He trailed off. I heard some shuffling. "God, if this is you trolling me Nate, I swear I'm going to break your fucking—"
            "Hey! Sorry, I—" I scooted over to the bathroom door, opened and closed it, then sat back against the wall. Brilliant. Sorry, I was soaking my underwear while I listened creepily to your voice. "—sorry, yeah. I had to go in the bathroom. My sister is asleep."
            Matt was silent for a moment.
            "Is that why you're whispering?" he said.
            "Yeah. She's really tired. We're at a motel, we just stopped. Pretty sure the wall between this bathroom and her bed is a piece of plywood, so."
            "Well… damn. I wanted to hear your voice. I mean, your regular volume voice." He chuckled. "Do you think you could risk a few words? I'll deal with your sister if she wakes up."
            I smirked, imagining a conversation between my hotheaded sis and this glib personality.
            "I think that would be a bad idea. But, um. Sure. What  should I say?"
            "With your normal voice? How about, the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog."
            "Okay." I cleared my throat. I was suddenly painfully self-conscious about my voice. "Um. Okay. The… the quick brown fox—"
            Laughter exploded on the line. It was loud and sharp, nearly cruel.
            "Oh… my god Hannah." I heard a clatter, then some scuffling. "Oh fuck. You were really saying it. The quick… brown fox… oh god." Matt dissolved into laughter again.
            I glared at my knees.
            "What's so fucking funny?" I whispered.
            "Hannah. Hannah, I'm sorry."
            I heard him take a few calming breaths.
            "Okay," he said. "I'm sorry. Ignore me, seriously. I have a weird sense of humor. That… that struck me funny. You have a lovely voice. Go figure."
            Go figure? What did he mean by that?
            "Look, is there a reason you wanted me to call, or were you just looking for some late night entertainment?"
            "Pretty sure this classifies as early morning entertainment, Hannah."
            "Okay. Well whatever. Look, I'm not sure why I—"
            "I can't stop thinking about you."
            His words stopped me cold.
            His words, and something in his voice. Honesty.
            "What we did," he continued. "Or what you did to me…"
            My throat went dry. What I did to him. It should have grossed me out, the thought of a stranger beating off to a few details about my body, but it didn't. It intrigued me. The heat between my legs pulsed.
            "You know what I'm talking about," he insisted. An edge came into his voice at the slightest provocation.
            "Y-yeah," I managed. "Yeah."
            "You enjoyed it."
            "You said you wished I were pounding into you."
            I couldn't believe this smooth-talking stranger was dictating to me how I felt.
            I couldn't believe I was blindly agreeing.
            And I couldn't believe my considerable vocabulary had suddenly been reduced to "yeah."
            "Hannah, you made me come so hard. And I did it again, thinking about you. Let me return the favor."
            His words hung in the silence between us.
            Return the favor. Help me come.
            "Yes," I whispered.

M. Pierce is the bestselling author of Night Owl, book one in the erotic Night Owl Trilogy. The author lives in Colorado and owns a rabbit named Laurence.