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Blog Tour, Review and Giveaway: Unspoken Promises (Unspoken #2) by Gabbie S. Duran

 “I promise to never let go…” 

That was Abigail’s unspoken promise to Matt the night she thought she found her happily ever after. But just as quickly, her promise will be put to the test as Matt’s past returns and threatens to tear them apart. 

Abigail may be forced to walk away from the only place she now calls home, unless she can find the strength in her heart to stay and fight for Matt. 

With every unspoken promise made to each other, can they learn to push beyond their past, or will they allow it to split them apart?

New Adult Contemporary Romance: Due to strong language and sexual content, not intended for readers under the age of 18.


I don’t know what the future holds between Abigail and I, but I’m praying it’s a future of forever.

Unspoken Promises picks up where Unspoken Memories left off. If  you have not read book one in the Unspoken series, you  will want to read it first or you will not understand the story line. The story is told in the POV of both Abigail and Matt. 

The story begins so nice and sweet and it made just want to swoon, but then, Matt's man-whore ways of his not-so-distant past begin to bite him in the ass. Do you remember Lisa, the chick he banged on the kitchen table, from book one? Well, she comes knocking on the door and drops a bomb on Matt and it changes everything between Matt and Abigail. 

My biggest mistake has been that I’ve grown used to keeping things to myself. I’ve learned to shut out the world from my emotions that were dwelling inside of me after Emily died. It took Abigail for me to love again, but I still made the mistake of not being honest with her. It needed to stop, and it was going to stop as of now.

Matt is still trying to deal with his sister's death and Abigail is still struggling with her memory.  But their love is strong and if they stick together, they can conquer anything.
This next quote is hands down  my favorite in the entire book and is being said to a girl from Matt's past trying to upset Abigail:

“... the difference between you and Abigail is that I merely fucked you, I just made love to her in there, so that’s what you’ll smell when you go in there.”

I have to warn you that it ends a bit cliffy. It wasn't a jump of a ledge, but the story is definitely not over. But I hope that we don't have to wait 9 months for book three like we had to wait for this one, because I want it now! I can't really say much more without ruining it for you!


Unspoken Promises was a great follow up to Unspoken Memories.  This is not a standalone you need to read the first book to understand the story.   I just have to say that I became a huge fan of Gabbie's a long time ago when I read her first book Unspoken Promises.  You will most likely want to throw your kindle within the first chapter because you will be like no flipping way that happened when things were starting to get so good with Matt and Abigail.. but who doesn't love a little drama to thicken the plot! I was so happy to hear that there was more to Matt and Abigail's story but damn if this book didn't end in a little bit of a cliff hanger. I love you Gabbie but I may have to hunt you down to get some more Matt and his pancakes, and not only him I can't freaking wait for Trey's story! I will have to say there were times when I wanted to shake Abigail and say what the heck are you doing this is Matt were talking about just suck it up and find a way to figure things out!  So to all of you they haven't read either one of these books yet I will not spoil it for you but I will tell you get your butts in gear and go get them now! 

This is a continuation of Matt and Abigail's love story, and you will not be disappointed, there will be more twists and turns that will keep you wanting more.  

Looking forward to much more from Gabbie, thanks for another crazy ride in your mind!  I would definitely give this story a five fabulous stars!    Now to wait for the release of Unspoken Endings!

I will leave you with a few of my favorite lines from the book though!

Abigail-  I was known to the world as a stuck-up, conceited bitch.  I was a person with a controlling agent, who just happened to be my cheating fiance.  He didn't love me.  He only loved my money.  According to tabloids, I was someone who had no care in the world for anyone by myself, and although I had no memory of who I once was, I knew it was true.  But that was my past and now I'm in the present. 

I knew from that moment on that I was holding onto him and never letting go.  Matt was mine to keep, and there was nothing that was going to take him from me.

Matt-  I just cannot get enough of Abigail.  Shit, I already wanted her again, but I know she needs her sleep.  Her body needs to rest after the ordeal she was put through this weekend.  Realizing that if I keep lying here next to her, my boner will not ease up, I would either have to relieve myself or go against my own word and take her again.

I'm expecting silence from her, but she surprises me.  "I dreamt you were leaving," she faintly whispers against my ear.  " I would never leave you, beautiful.  I promise,"  I reassure her, although bewildered by her words.  "You can't say that, Matt."  I'm disheartened she doesn't believe me.  "Yes, I can, because I love you." 



Emily always had a way of making me see the answer to my problems. While growing up, she was always there to lend an ear. Listening without judgment to every single word. I don’t know how many times I depended on her for an answer, and no matter how many times I asked, she always responded.

The day she died, it felt as if she took a part of my soul with her, and I had let her. She deserved it more than I did. It wasn’t until the day Abigail walked into my life that I knew that part of my soul had returned. It’s as if Emily was giving it back to me, knowing I desperately needed it.

Abigail was the light at the end of a darkened tunnel that I was trapped inside of. I had refused to keep walking forward when Emily died, but Abigail finally forced me to take the steps to awaken her. She helped me find the light within myself.

Dropping down to the ground, my knees hit the earth, sending a jolting pain up my legs. I stare down at the grave marker, realizing it’s the first time I’ve laid eyes on it. The elegance of the black marble represents the extravagant taste of her husband’s family. I had blown off their countless phone calls when they had contacted me to help choose the marker. I didn’t care. It would have made me face the reality that she was never coming back. The agonizing disbelief of seeing it brings tears to my eyes.

I sit there with the silence surrounding me as I allow the tears to fall and the agony takes over me. I miss her so fucking much. I keep wishing that she were still here with me. Just a phone call away like she was before. I’m selfish, I know, but I hate the fact that she’s no longer by my side when I want her to be.

After what seems like hours of sitting there crying alongside her, I somehow find the courage to speak. “I fucked up, Em,” I say crying at her grave. “And I don’t think she’s ever going to forgive me. You always told me that me fucking around was going to come back and bite me in the ass and you were right.” The words come out as a whisper as I continue to speak. “I can’t stand the thought of losing her, as I did you,” I cry down to her, expecting an answer, but all I receive is silence.




Gabbie is a Southern California native, who lives with her wonderful husband, two amazing kids and a senior citizen kitty. When she’s not writing you can find her reading or sneaking off for a run. Some might say it’s a crazy life, but she wouldn’t change anything about it.

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