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Blog Tour: Enticed by You by Amy Muscat

Enticed by You
by Amy Muscat

From the moment Peyton Emerson discovered she was pregnant at 18, although scared, she couldn't wait to share the exciting news with the baby's father and her childhood sweetheart, Keller James-who was serving at war in Afghanistan. 

Then a letter came from Keller shattering Peyton's world, saying he wanted nothing more to do with her or her unborn child. 

Or so she thought.... 

Fast forward five years, and Peyton, now 23, is living in New York City with her daughter Ivy, and her crazy British best friend Lottie Carter, working part time as a stripper to provide for them. 

As Peyton and Keller are reunited, they discover the truths and the lies that left them both heartbroken. 


Will she take him back?

Can she forgive him for everything?

Will a chance meeting with the man that left her heartbroken and pregnant, take her back to the dark place he left her in?

Or will they find their love again?

Excerpt 1:  
I grabbed the pole and slowly spun on it using one leg, before coming off it again and teasingly started pulling my dress up inch by inch showing them my lace-clad ass before pulling it back down and covering it, hearing them boo. You can’t get naked too quickly, it’s a 4 minute song and I couldn’t stand there naked for that long, fuck that.
Excerpt 2: 
Keller groaned into my mouth and I felt one of his arms wrap around my back and the other slowly move up the side of my ribs skimming my breast and up to the back of my neck, where he grasped onto the roots of my hair, twining his hand in and pulling my head back. He deepened the kiss, pulling his lip from in-between mine and gently bit mine.

I gasped at the slight sting and he took advantage and pushed his tongue in.

Our tongues battled for what seemed like hours when in actuality it was a minute or so. I pulled away gasping for breath, but Keller didn’t once take his lips off my skin. He just moved slowly down my cheek, kissed my jaw, before moving to my neck, where he sucked and tasted and nibbled.

Amy Muscat writes both an emotionally heartbreaking and heartwarming story in Enticed By You. This book brought tears to my eyes as well as a smile on my face on more than one occasion and I would highly recommend it to others.  This book was a 4 star read for me and I hope that you feel the same when you read because it was a fantastic story.
Peyton is a single mom, not by choice, whose daughter is the light of her life.  Being abandoned by the one and only love of her life when she was pregnant, she does everything that she can in order to give her daughter the life that she deserves, including working a stripper.  That is until one night when her world is turned upside down while working a bachelor party at the club.  Who knew that a $1000 private VIP dance would bring her face to face with Keller, the man the broke her heart into a million pieces.
Both Keller and Peyton received letters while he was deployed in the military after she discovered that she was pregnant, each saying the one thing that broke the others heart; they didn't want to be with each other anymore, their situation was too difficult to endure.  Peyton believing that Keller wanted nothing to do with his unborn child and Keller believing that Peyton couldn't deal with him being away overseas to continue their relationship.  Their chance meeting in the club brings feelings that they both thought they had buried long ago right to the surface, especially with Keller finding out that he had a daughter who he never knew or met and had missed 5 years of her life.  
Peyton struggles with the feelings that are surfacing in her heart for Keller, but she tried to put them aside for now, knowing that the most important thing is that her daughter have her Daddy in her life.  The love that Keller has for his daughter Ivy Rose is evident the very first time that he lays eyes on her which makes Peyton's love for him only grow.
They begin to put back the pieces of their relationship, one that neither of them had wanted to end all those years ago.  Keller is determined to find out who actually sent the letters that stole so many years away from their love and him away from his daughter.  When he finally discovers, with the help of his Army boys who is behind it, you will gasp in surprise as you never saw it coming.  Once this truth was unveiled and they began to move forward with their lives together, the reader things what a great ending to the story.  But that is so far from the end!  A series of unfortunate circumstances almost steal the happy ending that Keller and Peyton deserved to have.  I won't reveal any more, you will have to read to find out.  And I highly suggest that you do!!
"Thank you for giving me back my happiness...Thank you for loving me."

Enticed by You was a great romance.  I would give this book a 4 star!  This is the first book I have read by this author, and I am now a big fan.  It is a love story that you could actually see played out in real life. Young love, Lost love, secrets, complications you name it this story had plenty of twists.  But in the end it will give a plentiful HEA and have you begging for more.  

Peyton is a young single mother that works as a stripper by night and a coffee shop girl by day.  She doesn't love the stripping but it pays her bills and provides for her daughter Ivy.  With her heart shattered from Ivy's father Keller, Peyton has no choice in what she does for a living and she doesn't regret a minute of it.  

I hated it, but I had no other choice, it was strip or become homeless and starve.-- PEYTON

Of course Peyton did have her mom and best friend Lottie to help but she learned early on to become independent because no matter how much a person tells you they care about you or they will take care over you it will never last.  When one night she is doing an extra shift to get money for Ivy's birthday a stranger from her past will appear... the one man who destroyed her by one simple letter walks back into her life.  Keller has reappeared and he is angry with her, she doesn't understand his anger because he is the one who walked away and said he wanted nothing to do with her.  But little does she know there is a secret that neither one of them saw coming and fate has its way of showing its pretty little head and will intervene.

Keller was a young teenager when he found the love of his live Peyton.  When he went away to boot camp he was so happy to know he had something to come home too.  But when he received a letter that destroyed his hopes and dreams of a future with Peyton, he had to pick up the pieces of his life.  He never forgot about her and is still determined to get an answer from her one day.  When that one day comes.. he doesn't expect it to be when he goes to a friends bachelor party at a strip club that he finally sees her again. 

Of course Fate has its way of walking right into the picture at the perfect moment and will give Peyton no chance of pushing Keller away and they will both find out a secret so huge that neither were prepared for.  Can they get past the secrets and lies and move forward or will the pain from the devastation that they both were left in be too much to handle?

Pick up this book soon!  You will fall in love with Peyton, Keller, Ivy and my favorite character Lottie the roommate!  I hope Lottie gets her own story because the woman has some serious passion and filthy mouth and I loved every thing about her. Thanks for a great story!

Amy Muscat is a twenty-two year old London girl, a bookaholic, and when she’s not writing or reading, you can find her pulling a pint behind the bar where she works, where she drives all her customers mad talking about people that don't exist.

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