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Release Blitz: Bad Son Rising by Julie A. Richman

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People think I'm a douche.
And maybe I am.
I use most people.
It's what I know.
But if I love you,
I'd die for you.
I just don't know that I'm worth loving.
Handsome, privileged bad boy Zac Moore has always played by his own rules - at school, in business, with women. He's rewritten the rules to suit his own needs and his needs are all that matter. 
Serious and focused family friend Liliana Castillo has one goal. Leave the pre-Med program at Yale to help people in developing nations. 
As their paths cross and uncross, a tale of love, agony, betrayal and growth is woven, transforming two people who've hidden from relationships and love.
This is a stand-alone novel.


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Bad Son Rising is a story about self discovery and love. It's about discovering who you are and what you want in life. It's about how ones life experiences effected how they perceive themself. Everyone deserves to be loved, don't they? Well Zach isn't so sure he can or even wants it.
"He wondered if he was just to fucked up by his jaded past to ever successfully ever understand or relate to another person with any true level of intimacy."

Meet the blue eyed and blond haired Zach Moore. He is gorgeous and he knows it. He's charismatic and friendly too. He works his charm and uses it to his advantage. It's come in handy on many occasions. He's out for superficial and physical fun until he no longer finds it appealing. Until he meets someone opposite of him. Someone that gives him purpose. A girl that makes him want more than a one night encounter.

Lily is a bright girl that takes education and charitable work seriously. She's very mature and focused. Her focus leads her to an enchanting boy that is considered to be a player.

This book grabbed my attention. I liked learning about Zach and his ways. I liked watching him blossom . He evolved a bit and discovered a real purpose. He may of had an unconventional upbringing and lost his way but he always had good intentions. I'm a Zach fan!
Memorable lines from book

"I am the master of duplicity."

"and now it feels like I'm list in darkness and I don't know if I even want to find my way out."
This book by Julie A. Richman was interesting. I give it 3.5 STARS. At times it seemed to drag on just a bit and other times was really good. The hero was strong and believable. I felt his emotional suffering during his pitfalls and good times. I didn't connect with the heroine as much as I would of liked and I'm not so sure why. If you like a stories about young adults and their journey this is a worthy read. Grab this book if you like a love story with a touch of heart!

I'm not quite sure where to start besides the fact that this book was nothing

like I thought it was going to be by the synopsis. I like that it took a

different turn than what I expected though. This is the first book I have read

by took me a few days to finish this book.
I enjoyed it right away and then it started to drag
and then picked back up, and continued to do that until I got closer to the end. I would give this book 3.5 stars.

In Bad Son Rising you meet the main character, Zac Moore, who has never had a relationship

before, just sexual encounters. Because of the way he lost his virginity, he

never felt emotion during sex and just used women to get off and never cared for

them or how they felt.

One day, at his father's wedding, his new step-mother, Mia sees how he is looking

at this girl, and she makes the move to get them onto the dance floor. He slow

dances with her and he just feels this connection that he has never felt with

the opposite sex before and then he doesn't react on those feelings and she

walks out of his life to help the people of Congo, Africa.

He gets into a bit of trouble and finds himself working on the Project Hydrate

Base Camp in Congo, Africa where they meet once again and things are starting to

look up for the pair! That is until the rebels come carrying semi-automatics and

changes their path.

Here are a few excerpts/quotes to tease your mind with:

For the first time in his life, he realized that he did in fact have the longing

to deeply love someone, and with that realization came a new found fear

Was he just too fucked up by his jaded past to ever successfully understand or

relate to another person with any true level of intimacy.

"Here's what I will promise. I will be true to you. Always, I will put you

first. Always. I will try really hard to work on being in a relationship and

making it successful and I will try to always be the guy you deserve."

I didn't like the 3rd person effect that this had. I would of rather it been

told from pov's which would of allowed me to "feel" what was happening between them.

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Britt Logan was a Stage Five clinger, but gave, quite possibly, the best head east of the Mississippi. The latter was the only reason Zac Moore tolerated her suffocating presence. Oh, and she did make nice arm candy, he'd give her that, although that was only of marginal importance to him.
Propped against pillows with his hands behind his head, he watched her head bobbing up and down, listened to her slurping sounds. In another time, another place, that would've gotten him so hot. The girl could suck like a Dyson, and yet, he had the urge to push her away and tell her to get the fuck out of his dorm room. But what the hell, he'd tolerate her until he came and then get rid of her.
Picking up his cell phone, he checked messages. Really wanting to know the scores on some games he had bet on, Zac was pleased to see he'd made a killing on a few of them as well as that he'd be collecting a shitload of money on the bets he took. As he became more engrossed in scrolling through the games, he became almost oblivious to Britt's sucking. Placing the phone on the bed next to him, he closed his eyes and attempted to clear his mind and concentrate. If he could concentrate it would be over soon and he could get on with his night.

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Author Julie A. Richman is a native New Yorker living deep in the heart of Texas. A creative writing major in college, reading and writing fiction has always been a passion. Julie began her corporate career in publishing in NYC and writing played a major role throughout her career as she created and wrote marketing, advertising, direct mail and fundraising materials for Fortune 500 corporations, advertising agencies and non-profit organizations. She is an award winning nature photographer plagued with insatiable wanderlust. Julie and her husband have one son and a white German Shepherd named Juneau.

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