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Review: Vision of Love (Infinity #1) by S. Moose

Vision of Love (Infinity #1) by S. Moose
 Published April 14, 2014

You can say I had it all. The fancy house, top of the line car, lots of friends and more money than anyone could ever imagine. On the outside, we were the perfect family. No one knew about my abusive father and my mother who drank herself into oblivion every night. My name is Karly and I have scars, deep scars that no one knows about, and when my parents died I was left alone and on my own, to fight through life with no help.

When it came to life and happiness, I had it all until my world was turned upside down. My name is Nicholas and my wife, the love of my life, left me and our new baby girl without as much as an explanation. I didn’t want to accept it, but after our divorce was final and four long years passed, I started to lose hope that she’d ever come back. Emma was growing so fast and I needed help. My sister recommended that I hire her friend, Karly, as Emma’s nanny. I took a chance on bringing another woman into my little girl’s life. Did I do the right thing?

As many days and nights are spent together, feelings can no longer be denied and a relationship is formed.

Life is about taking chances and learning how to fall, but when the past comes back, will they be strong enough to fight through and trust each other? Or will all they worked for fall apart?

 Vision Of Love is a story that you will need some tissues, some extra panties... oh pfft dont wear any, cause they will melt off in the steamy scenes, oh and ur gonna have a huge WTF moment with the cliffy this ends with.  I would give this book a 4 star. It is told in dual POV's of Karly and Nicholas.. I really got pulled into this story and me being the hopeless romantic thought oh this is such a sweet romance.. and then BOOM! Smack ya in the face Cliffhanger! Oh and don't get me started on the big tragedy that happens in this book as well.  Aghhh I wanted to scream no freaking way more than once!  But in all it was a great story maybe a little insta-love but S. Moose will definitely make up for that with her ending.. I know shut up about it already and get to telling ya a little about this story right!!!

Karly is starting her life after finally being done with college.  She hasn't led a normal life, she has scars from her past from an abusive father and part of her will always have the dreams and nightmares that come with it.  She had a true love once named Bradley but when her father had left her for dead, Bradley left her too.  She thought her life was over until she went to college and met Neil.  Her and Neil dated but never slept together, he always told her he didn't want to take advantage of her and that when the time was right they would.. but instead of that happening there relationship became more of a friendship and she was ok with that, she didn't trust many people anyway so to have Neil there for her was huge.  She is moving in with her friend Alexis who she met when she was student teaching.  Once she is settled she finds out that Alexis's brother is going to be staying with them as well with his daughter Emma, only for a short time until there house is done being built.   When she meets Nicholas instantly she feels sparks but she is guarded because of her past and not only that Nicholas has a history as well and a daughter.   When she becomes Emma's nanny things will start to change and her and Nicholas will become closer.. but good things are never meant to last... when a tragedy strikes and she finds her walls that Nicholas broke down are going right back into place.  

My heart pounds in my chest and all I can think about are his eyes and the way he stares at me.  The depths of his soul are in his eyes, and each time we look at one another, a piece of his soul belongs to me.  I'm not sure we can still be friends.  The electric charge between us is undeniable.  His kisses make me weak.  His eyes make me melt.  That smile, wow, his smile, makes the world stop and everything seem clearer.--- KARLY

Nicholas thought he had everything.. the perfect life per say.  He was married to the woman he loved so deeply that nothing could break the bond they had.  But when she gets pregnant Jamie will change and not for the better, she wants nothing to do with Emma, and leaves them both behind while she pursues her career.  Nicholas is lost without her and takes up alcohol to ease his pain, but soon realizes he is wasting his life and has to move on.. he has to raise Emma and be a better father.  So he is moving away and taking Emma with him start a new life.  

Love was a fucked up emotion.  People threw the damn word around as if it didn't mean anything.  I refused to settle down with anyone.  I wanted the real thing, but that didn't exist anymore.  Finally I accepted the single life.  Being single meant no complications and arguments.-- NICHOLAS

When he meets his sisters roommate Karly she will turn his world upside down.. and make him second guess his perfect life he thought he had and was Jamie really ever a true love or just a young romance that ended badly.  When he starts to let his guard down and try to work things with Karly tragedy strikes Karly's life and he is determined to pick up her pieces.  

I watch her from where I'm sitting and notice how relaxed and carefree she is.  It's been a while since I've been around a normal woman.  Most of them had a stick up their ass and walked around like their shit didn't stink.  Karly's a breath of fresh air and there's an ache that I wanted to fill.-- NICHOLAS

Nicholas helps Karly pick up her pieces and life couldn't be better.  But again good things wont last for long, Jamie is back and things will change forever.

Go get this book asap!  I can't wait for the sequel Vision of Destiny because the ending just broke my heart and I have to see if they will every get and HEA.  Thanks for a bumpy ride!

Saoching Moose, writing as S. Moose, is a New Adult Romance author living in Webster, NY with her amazing husband, Kevin Moose.

A 2011 Saint John Fisher College graduate, S.Moose loves to read, write, be with her family and friends, and living her life to the fullest.

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