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Blog Tour: Your Little Secret by Bethan Cooper and Kirsty-Anne Still

Title: Your Little Secret
Authors: Bethan Cooper & Kirsty-Anne Still
Release Date: Aug 15, 2014
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Amber Watson thought she knew what she wanted in life – a house that didn’t have creaky stairs and leaky taps; a home with the perfect guy and an undying love that stole her breath away.
Between her boyfriend, Connor, and her best friend, Ethan, she thought she had the perfect life and the perfect future only a heartbeat away.

That is until abandonment and need begin to overwhelm her. 
When Connor takes a job in London, Amber finds herself slipping at his lack of contact and the uneasy feeling that he’s hiding more from her than he says. 
With the help of Ethan she not only finds herself, but finds the flame she has always held for her best friend coming to life. 
Amber never expected to fall into a love triangle, but soon finds herself in a fight between her love for Connor, and the undying love she has for Ethan. 
What happens when Connor’s little secret is found out, Ethan’s secret leaves Amber abandoned once again, and Amber’s secret eats away at her?

“Ethan,” she managed a small murmur and willed her eyes to open and look at him.
“Shh,” he answered back, working faster to reach the pinnacle of perfection. There were no disruptions; absolutely no reason to believe their relationship was now in tatters. The way she spoke his name purred him on. He could feel her getting close to giving in and if he had it his way he would steal more than just this orgasmic moment with her.
She ran her hand into his hair and gripped as the orgasm ripped through her, stealing her every breath from her, making her lose her mind completely. She knew her sanity had gone down the drain with the shower water, but there was no way she could compare this moment or replace it with another.
Especially when he came and her name left his lips in such a way it made her heart blossom beyond any measure.
Pinned against the wall, ruined entirely by an earth shattering orgasm she looked into Ethan’s eyes. His gaze was strongly set on hers, his lips parted with his bated breath and she melted into the happiest smile she had felt in what had to be a lifetime. “It really has always been you.”
Carefully, without letting her go, Ethan turned the shower off and pulled her from the small space. Standing in the opening, he wrapped her body with a towel, using it as another reason to hold her close.
Bowing her head Amber let the wet hair drop against her skin. "I don't deserve you."
Lifting her chin, he surprised her with a kiss and she forgot all regret that was lingering on her mind. She pushed against his torso, back against the white tiled wall behind them. Ethan groaned as the cold tile hit his back, but he let Amber assault him.

Your Little Secret by Bethan Cooper and Kirsty-Anne Still is a story about a independent girl, making it on her own and the how she stumbles her way through a long distance relationship with her boyfriend Connor, who took a job in London for six months; leaving her to miss him and spend her time with her long-time best friend Ethan instead of counting down the days until she can be with him again.  Little does she know that the secret she denies within herself, will surface at the most inappropriate time, forcing her to make a life altering decision, in more ways then one.  This book was a 3.5 star read for me and I would recommend it to others who enjoy reading books based in England, that have a little bit of angst and conflict and a lot of soul searching.

Amber is fighting the feelings she has regarding her live-in boyfriend Connor leaving her for six months to work on a project in London, several hours away from her little cottage in Leeds, where she works in a coffee shop after college.  Nervous about being in a long distance relationship, she more than anything wants to ask him to stay but knows this is something that he has to do for them, for their future together.  Little does she know that being the trusting girlfriend is easier said then done.

Ethan is Amber's best friend since their University days and there is nothing that they don't know about each other, nothing that they wouldn't do for each other.  Ethan has intense feelings of the romantic sense for Amber but he has never acted on them because he is positive that she doesn't feel the same and regardless of how much it hurts him to see her happy with Connor, he would rather have her in his life as her friend then not have her at all.  He buries his feelings deep, and is supportive of Amber and the relationship that she has with Connor; giving her advice when she doubts the stability of her relationship.

Everything comes to a head one night when Amber's doubts of Connor's fidelity become a little too much to bear and the never-ending thoughts about her possibly feelings for Ethan become too much to deny.  A night that they have both wanted since University finally comes to fruition but neither one leaves in the morning happy and smiling; especially after Connor shows up with a marriage proposal causing Ethan to jump out the window in order to keep their secret.

Who does Amber choose?  The man who has never left her side, who knows everything about her and loves her like no one can? Or the man whom she has lived with for several months and has been away from for some time with doubts that constantly re-appear with his lack of contact?  You will have to read to find out!

Your Little Secret is a tangled love story. It's about a young adult named Amber that has two guys in her life that are vying for her heart. It's a complicated and confusing time for her. This book takes you on an emotional journey where love, friendship and loyalty is tested. Morals are challenged.  Love, lies and deceit catches up and expose the truths. They say the truth set you free but finding it sometimes is the challenge.

Amber is in a serious relationship with Connor. He's an entrepreneur that has responsibility elsewhere. Unfortunately their relationship is tested. I will go as far to say it's more then tested. This separation leaves her vulnerable and leery.

Amber is also in a committed relationship with one of her best male friends Ethan. She is committed in relation to hanging, counting on and leaning on him. He's the one that's always there to pick up the pieces of her fragile and confused heart.

Ethan is a loyal friend that is always there to help her cope with her life.  She leans and depends on him a lot! He's a very patient guy. He is also in a relationship with another girl. He is working towards fulfilling his heart too.

It's obvious that Amber and Ethan care about each other. It's obvious to me that sometimes some don't see what's in front of them or don’t want to face the truth. They are both blinded by insecurity and self doubt. Hopefuly they can find what they need before it is too late.

Who will win her heart? Who can she trust?  She must search her heart and follow her instincts.

Sometimes I found the heroine to be whiney and wallow in self pity a bit too much. At times she bordered on being ridiculous.  As the story progressed I found myself wanting to know what Connor was really up to.  How long would she not admit her feelings for Ethan. I was wrapped up in the love triangle as it unfolded. While her feelings for Ethan became apparent it turned her into someone a bit deceitful. This story had twists and turns that kept it interesting.

Memorable Quotes

"It's hard to stop yourself falling in live with the guy that pulls you up from the floor when rock bottom hits. You can't stop how you feel whenever he's around and you can't stop the jealousy when he leaves you again."
"The feelings I carry for him, they're there, but they are no way as bright as what I feel when I even so much as think of you."
"This darkness inside me has swallowed me whole, it's followed me for months and now, I've found something out that had broken me. I can't find me anymore."
Your Little Secret by Bethany Cooper and Kristy-Anne Still was a pleasurable read.   It has a bit of steam and made you question what you would do if put in this situation. It also set up a good cliff. I give this book 3 and a half star rating!

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Kirsty-Anne Still
I used to be just another Fanfiction writer! That was until one person showed real interest in my work. And then another, and then another, until I had this whole group of people reviewing like crazy and wanting original work from me. I’d spent years writing for free online, I didn’t believe I had it in me to publish something!
But I’m glad I did!! I never imagined pushing my work and striving to reach my ultimate. I never imagined I’d be the girl who started The Viper Rooms! But who am I to deny the inspiration when it hits?
I love writing, it’s a lifeline. I love creating a world that others fall into. I love having the control to make a whole new world. It’s like a dependency, an addictive one. It’s one of the things I’m extremely proud of.
As much as I complain, I love the mini dialogues that go on in my head, the plotlines that attack me when I least expect them to. The ones that jump to life at the most inappropriate times and drive me totally crazy!
For now I split my life between writing, dreaming, working, and volunteering with children.

Bethan Cooper
Bethan Cooper spends her days working 8 hours at a well-known restaurant and yawning - a lot.
But her vulnerability behind the uniform is her writing, having been obsessed with writing short stories and song lyrics from her teens, she has finally put pen to paper and started a novel.
She is married to the love of her life, who she met when she was seventeen.
So writing romance is a must for her, especially lots of kissing and people surrounded by love, as it is after all, the best human emotion.