Friday, January 30, 2015

Blog Tour & Review: Bitter Sweet Love by R.C. Stephen

After enduring an abusive childhood and having her heart broken by the only boy she trusts, Alexis White vows to never let anyone hurt her again. She's left her troubled past behind and starts a new life at college. For the past seven years, her social calendar has been filled with frat parties, drinking, and meaningless sexual hook-ups. Until one night she unexpectedly gets saved by a tall, dark, and handsome French foreigner, Luc Blanchard. He's charming, sophisticated, and very interested in Lexi, who has presented herself as a challenge when she tells him relationships aren't her thing.
She finds herself sucked in by his own intriguing past. But everything changes when Dylan Priestley, the gorgeous boy who broke her heart and shattered her faith in friendship and love, suddenly shows up in her life again while back home on a visit. Dylan doesn't hide his feelings for Lexi, but she can't forgive or forget being betrayed by the one person she ever truly loved.
Despite the pain Dylan's caused her, Lexi is once again drawn to the blue-eyed-boy-next-door. Will Lexi choose the man who seems perfect but hides a dark side or the boy who smashed her heart into pieces so many years ago?
Warning: this Book Ends in a cliffhanger. This is book one of a trilogy. Release dates will be held close together.

January 2013
Have you ever been at such a low point in your life when you saw the light to the other side? I thought it was something that people experienced when they were old and gray and had lived a life full of hopes, dreams, accomplishments, and family. I never thought that the angel would come for me at twenty-five. It’s my birthday.
It’s also the day I die.
She’s here. I can see the light around her and feel the warmth of her presence, amber liquid pouring too quickly over my head. The heat flows between my legs.
What’s happening? So much blood leaves my body. I can’t feel pain. I see only light and crimson. This is my end, but I’m not ready. I have so many things left unfinished, so many mistakes to correct. This is all my fault. The baby will die and I did this.
He will never forgive me. I need to see him one more time. I need to tell him the truth. He needs to understand what happened. I thought life would be different. I thought I had more time. If only I had more time.
My life can’t end like this.

Bitter Sweet Love by R.C. Stephens is a story about a broken childhood that shapes the person that you become later in life.  Alexis White had a childhood that no young girl should ever have to endure, physical abuse at the hands of her drunken mother, abuse she accepted as her reality in order to protect her younger sister.  Finding solace in the handsome boy next door, Alexis fell in love with Dylan who was her savior in more ways then one, until he no longer held that title for her anymore due to circumstances that were nothing more than a giant misunderstanding.  Living a life of one-night stands in the store-room of the bar where she worked, Alexis starts to think that she should try her hand again at have a relationship when she meets the handsome Luc Blanchard; who is everything you could want on the outside but hides so many secrets on the inside.  Once she is in over her head in more ways then one, Dylan returns to her life stirring up feelings she never wanted to feel again but had a difficult time forgetting.  This book was a 3.5 star read for me and I would recommend it to others.

Alexis White is studying to be a lawyer while working at a bar with her best friend Anna.  Along with Anna, Alexis has a rule that centers on never letting herself get involved with another person emotionally because that only leads to a broken heart, and her heart had been broken once long ago never to be repaired again; or so she thought.  Alexis keeps to one night stands and enforces her rule to never take a man home to her apartment, that is until she meets the sexy and charming Luc Blanchard who slowly begins to break down the walls that she has erected from the heartache of a devastating prom night where Dylan supposedly cheated on her with the school slut.

Luc Blanchard appears to be everything that Alexis could want in a man.  He is charming and sweet; serious and dedicated to his job but also playful and spontaneous.  Alexis decides to break down and discard her one night only rule and start a relationship with Luc; the first one since Dylan broke her heart.  Things seem to be going well and she begins to believe that she deserves to let love in her life again, that is until Dylan walks back into her life turning everything she thought she knew and felt into instant turmoil.  It is only then that Luc's true colors begin to show; causing Alexis physical pain once again from the hand of someone she cares about and immense worry for what she is facing by being with him.

A spontaneous trip to Hawaii after a car rendezvous with Dylan is just what she needs to get her relationship with Luc back on track, or is it?  When everything seems to come to a screeching halt and all the truths she never would have imagined are brought to light, will Alexis be able to walk away with her heart in tact? You will have to read this twisty tale to find out.

Bitter Sweet Love was the first book in the Twisted series.  This book will definitely make your brain twist and turn and leave you guessing as to what will happen next.  I would give this book a 4 stars! This book is a love triangle of sorts.. the new sexy french man Luc versus the boy next door first love Dylan.  There is more depth to the story than just a love story... Alex is trying to forget the scars of her past by moving on with her life, but when the whirlwind story continues on she will find it hard to find what she is looking for.. but what if what she was looking for she already had and she let a lie destroy that?  

Alex and Dylan grew up together and became each others first loves in highschool, but when a disastrous prom breaks them apart and they part ways to there separate colleges they decide they have to move on with there lives and forget about the past.  But there is only one problem Dylan can't move on he just has to prove his worth to Alex.. but will it be too late??  When Alex is on her own she becomes the one night stand queen she doesn't date and she certainly will never love again... but when a sexy french man Luc enters the picture she finds herself letting down her walls and feels that maybe she can breath again.. fate always has a way of stepping in when Dylan comes back.  Both men will be a challenge for Alex but who will she choose in the end?  Or will another twist of fate make that decision for her?  And will she finally see the true colors of Luc before it is too late??

If you want a story that will make you wanna slap the heroine for being so naive and stupid at times and then want to be jealous of her at the same time.. because who wouldn't want 2 sexy men chasing you?? Then this is the story for you.. don't worry its not ur typical boy meets girl falls in love leaves and they reunite OH no it is so much more and by the end you will be having a WTF moments many times.  Go One-Click this book ASAP!!!

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R.C. Stephens was born in Toronto, Canada. She graduated from York University with a Master’s Degree in Political Science.
Her debut Novel Bitter Sweet Love is book one of the Twisted Trilogy. Followed by Twisted Love and Sweet Love Forever.
R.C. is an avid reader, so when she isn’t cooking for her clan or on her laptop writing, she’s snuggled tight with her Kindle devouring any romance novel she can. Okay, with the exception of Thursday nights. She makes time for Scandal and Vampire Diaries. She’s a fan of drama and suspense but she’s also a sucker for a happy ending.
Her husband was her first teenage love. They live together with their three children in Toronto. Loving Canadian winters she could never think of living anywhere else.