Saturday, January 31, 2015

Review: Love Hurts by Mandi Beck

Even when she won’t fight for us, I’ll go to war for her… 

Inside the Octagon, I have no fear. I’m at home, in my element, inflicting pain onto men trained to hurt me just as badly. Making them submit, knocking them out, maiming them, because it’s them or me. And I choose them. 

Outside the Octagon, my only weakness is a five-foot-two, classy as fuck woman that I’ve loved for most of my life. She’s the one that brings me to my knees, fills my arms, my heart, and one day soon, my bed. She makes me reckless. Volatile. I drink too much and try too hard to fuck my way out of feeling—all because of her.

Frankie De Rosa is my girl, my best friend. I haven’t earned her yet, but I won’t stand by and let anyone take her from me. She will be the greatest fight of my life, but she’s worth the battle. 

Love hurts, but anything worth having does, right?

I’m Deacon “The Hitman” Love — Welcome to the Cage.


In of my book clubs, I noticed an emerging author getting some buzz about an upcoming release and it started to pique my interest so I started to keep an eye out.  When that author got ready for release day I was ecstatic that we would finally get to read her book!  That is exactly how I felt about Love Hurts by Mandi Beck!  I’ve been watching her for a couple of months and I could not wait to get my hands on her novel and now I have read I am so impressed with her skills as a debut author!  I loved that the novel was primarily told in the male point of view with some of the females sprinkled in but there is nothing getting in the head of a cocky MMA fighter and his dirty mind!  LOVED IT!  This is the first book in a series of two and there is a small cliff.  Me personally, I didn’t mind it. The story just drew me in and I cannot wait to see how it all ends!
Deacon Love is a rising MMA fighter with a close knit family. They all look out for each other and is a large part of his success in the MMA world.  Included in the family is Frankie, his father’s best friend’s daughter. She has always been the constant calm to his world.  The novel starts out with him receiving a barely audible call from her.  Since he is out of town, he sends his brother to her house and what he finds is something they never expected. She was beaten to edge of her life by her boyfriend who is now missing.  The intro to the novel was exceptional!  I was on the edge of my seat reading turning the pages as quickly as I can!  It had my heart racing and had my nerves shot! 
Frankie and Deacon have never crossed the line of friendship but Deacon has always loved her.  He was always waiting for the right time to start a real relationship with her. But it seems like the time was never right.  Deacon does all he can to make sure Frankie makes a full recovery and that includes security as the boyfriend is still missing.  As time goes on they realize their feelings for each other are stronger than just friends and things get hot and heavy fast!  But with Deacon’s lifestyle and his reminder of flings past in the air, things get hazing and misunderstandings get in the way of their relationship and things look like they are over before they even start! 
Can Frankie put Deacon’s past behind him and ignore the girls that are always around throwing themselves at him?  Will a love from her past be the one that keeps them apart?  And what happened to the ex that beat her?? He’s been lying low and nobody has seen or heard from him since that night… where is he???!!  Urgh!   The suspense there is just killing me!  This is a great debut novel that has all the things I love rolled in one package and I would highly recommend reading.  Mandi Beck is one author I will be following and I cannot wait to see what else she has in store for us!