Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Blog Tour Review and Giveaway: Into the Darkness (The Dark Angel Series) by Kat T. Masen

Into the Darkness (The Dark Angel Series)
by Kat T. Masen
Publication: July 5, 2014

“He is the most beautiful man you will ever see. His soul will capture you, but don’t be fooled, Mi Corazon. He will use all his powers to draw you in when there is nothing left to do but take the one thing you’ve been holding on to.”

What began as an affair seven years earlier has since become a tragic love story, a tale of two souls fighting to be together with only their love to guide them. But as people make mistakes, they find themselves once again reliving the past, asking the questions that have remained unanswered. Until now.
Charlie Mason fought hard to rebuild her life and find love again. When the ever-so-perfect Julian Baker proposes marriage, she leaves the past behind her to plan a future with him. Then, in a cruel twist of fate, her past and future collide. Broken and scarred, Charlie is forced to face him once again, the dark angel who took the one thing she had been holding on to—her fragile heart.

Lex Edwards has other ideas. He wants her back and will stop at nothing, even when he realizes the Charlie he knew in high school has changed. She is a game player, and forgiveness is not on her agenda. A dark past threatens their future and the only way to overcome it is to relive the memories. Lex must take her back into the darkness.

We walked away from the table. For a split second my eyes met his. 
               Those eyes that haunted me in my sleep.
               Those eyes that I couldn’t escape no matter how hard I tried.
               Those eyes that stole my heart and never truly gave it back. 
               Those eyes that belonged to the one and only Dark Angel.
               Seeing him again took me back to places I vowed never to return, the pain I no longer allowed myself to feel. Why did life want to throw a giant curveball when it was just starting to feel right? I was the person standing in the middle of the crowd and the only one to get crapped on by a seagull that flew past. That summed it up in one neat package. Except for the fact that I couldn’t get out of my head the way he looked, the way he sounded, the way he smelled. I felt like I was sitting in the DeLorean from Back to the Future, transporting back to 2006, and there I was again. There he was again. How did this happen? And just a day after Julian proposed to me?

Do you believe true love prevails? Do you believe in second chances? What if you don’t deserve a second chance?

In Into the Darkness, the notion of first love, loss and heartbreak as well as finding redemption captivated my attention. If you like stories about tumultuous love and seeking your truth you may enjoy this! If you detest stories that involve cheating you may have issues with the book.

"I felt myself drawn in, cast under his spell without any hope of climbing out."

I found the prologue to be mesmerizing. The story unfolded with dual point of view that enabled  you to get a deeper grasp of the main characters involvement and predicament regarding their unconventional relationship spanning over several years. At times it was sweet, at times it was spicy and it certainly was dramatic.

I'm a sucker for complicated situations that evoke emotional turmoil. I like flawed characters. I love ANGST. These characters had you liking and being frustrated with them simultaneously. Their relationship was never easy but it was organic, endearing and magnetic.

Alexander Edwards also known as Lex in an alpha male through without a doubt. He's dominant, possesive and driven. He's fixated on his empire in my opinion and a bit lost. He has a soft side that not many get to see because he's not fulfilled in all areas in life.

"This is what my life has become- working around the clock, not knowing when the day began or the night set in."

"I guess your right, I don't do girlfriends or relationships."

He has his reasons. And I'm very curious. Could it be because of someone from his past? Owner of the Lexed Group has made him abundantly wealthy but it's obvious something is missing. Could it be the girl from his past?

Charlotte Mason is a lawyer in NY. She seems seemingly happy with her thriving firm and loyal friendship to college friend Bull. She's in a stable relationship that is satisfying with Julian and nothing could be better. BUT Charlie feels something is off. What though she doesn't know? She's plagued by something and someone by her past. And it just might catch up with her future?

"He did it to me every time. But I asked for it. I allowed it. I craved it."

The supporting cast was eclectic and quirky. At times they were down right perverted and silly. They enhanced the story and carried the plot along as companions that are pivotal in Charlie's life. I think the author was going for a Sex in the City feel in general. The supporting cast brought the humor to the drama.

I think the author prolonged the drama longer than necessary in this book (could of shortened the book and still got the same effect). I liked the story and the end definitely sets up book two in a OMG I need book 2 now - way!

Get swept Into the Darkness by Kat T. Masen and discover how love is painful and beautiful....

 Born and bred in Sydney Australia, Kat T. Masen is a mother to three crazy boys and wife to one sane husband. Growing up in a generation where social media and fancy gadgets didn’t exist, she enjoyed reading from an early age and found herself immersed in these stories. After meeting friends on twitter who loved to read as much as she did, her passion to write began and the friendships continued on despite the distance. 
“I’m known to be crazy and humorous. Show me the most random picture of a dog in a wig and I’ll be laughing for days. “