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Blog Tour & Review: Unconditional Love by Kelly Elliot

Lark Williams leads a fast-paced life, always on the edge of danger. Running from his past and fighting to keep his present life a secret, he keeps his heart out of reach from love. The walls he built around himself come crumbling down when he meets Azurdee Emerson.

Azurdee lives a peaceful life in the small town of Wimberley, Texas. Her tame world quickly becomes heated as she begins to fall in love with Lark. He’s everything she has vowed to stay away from—dark and mysterious, and not to mention, sexy as hell and full of secrets.

Just as Lark and Azurdee give in to their feelings of love, Lark’s present life threatens the safety of the one person he would sacrifice his own happiness for. When Lark finds history repeating itself, he makes a decision that will forever change both of their lives, leaving one heartbroken and lost and the other fighting to survive.


Hello? Jessie?”

“What did you just ask me?” she said.

I chuckled. “After your first time. Were you sore?”

Then she screamed. Right in my ear. “Azurdee! You and Lark? Oh. My. God. Was it good? I mean, I know it hurts at first, but after that? How many times did y’all? Was he sweet to you? That bastard better have been sweet to you! Was it hot? Oh my God, tell me everything!”

I laughed as I made my way downstairs. I saw about a half dozen people out back cleaning up the rest of the reception. Tables and chairs were being taken down and placed into a trailer.


“Oh, sorry. I was watching them take down the rest of the things from the reception.”
She let out a long sigh and said, “Azurdee, spill it.”

I moved into the living room and sat down on the sofa. “Oh Jessie, it was amazing. He was amazing. He kept calling me mi amor! It melted my heart every time he said it. He was sweet, passionate, and so gentle. It was beyond anything I had ever dreamed.”
She let out the silliest little yelp. “I knew Lark Williams had it in him.

He just needed to find the right girl.”

My stomach dipped a little and my smile faded a bit. “Well, I’m not sure if I’m the right girl or even the girl.”

“Wait. Was this a one-time thing? Please tell me you didn’t agree to him taking your virginity and walking away!”

“No. We both agreed that we would be exclusive, but I have a feeling this is the first time he has been exclusive since…well since…” Why couldn’t I say her name?

“Nikki?” Jessie asked.

“Yes. Jessie, why do I feel like I’m in competition with someone who passed away years ago? I can’t shake this feeling that he was comparing me to her.”

She let out a breath and said, “Pesh. Nonsense, Azurdee. He would never do that. I’m sure it was probably just very powerful for him. I mean, by his own admission he has said he has no intentions of ever…”

Her voice trailed off and I knew she was regretting what she had just said. “Jessie, I knew how Lark was and how he thought when I got into this. I know he could walk away at any given moment.”

I silently prayed that would never happen, but deep down inside I knew it was a strong possibility.

“He won’t walk away, sweetie. I see the way he looks at you. I think you are the game changer he’s been waiting for.”

I bit down on my fingernail and began chewing it. “Maybe. I don’t want to get my hopes up, ya know?”

 “So tell me…are you sore?” she asked with a giggle.

I felt like a teenager in high school. “Let’s just say he told me he was going to make it so I would think about him every time I moved…for a few days.”
Jessie let out a gasp and began laughing. “Oh my.”

I dropped my head back onto the sofa and said, “Jessie…he is amazing. I mean…the way he can be so sweet and then so dirty. Oh God. He had me going insane with lust for him.”

“The sweet part surprises me, but not the dirty,” she said with a laugh. I laughed in return and said, “Four times.”

“Four times! Look at the stamina Mr. Williams has!”

We both lost it in a laughing fit. “Jesus, Azurdee. No wonder you’re sore.”

“Bed twice, bathtub once, and then the shower,” I said in an almost whisper.

5 Red Rose Stars for Kelly Elliot's new book  Unconditional Love!!!!

Being a huge Kelly Elliot fan, I have read and loved every character and story from the Wanted Series and also the Broken Series!  When Lark Williams was introduced as a side character in Jessie & Scott's story, I thought he was a mysteriously intriguing character and I had hoped that the readers would get to read about his story in a future book.  Kelly Elliot did not disappoint!  I smiled often when reading and I even reached for the tissues a time or two while devouring this book in one sitting.  And now that I have had Lark's story and a glimpse into his brother Tristan's life, I will try to patiently wait for his book to be released!!

"Guarda mi corazon siempre"

Guard my heart always.  That is the motto that Micheal Lark Williams lived by since college when he lost his first love in a terrible accident.  Never getting close to any woman, he made sure that his feelings and emotions never came into play when he was with a woman, that is, until he met Azurdee.  Azurdee, a kind-hearted, happy girl, who was saving herself for someone special, met the mysterious Lark and was captivated by him from the very beginning.  After a year of wanting and a friendship that she wanted to be so much more, she gave him the gift of herself, even though she knew that he was closed off to love, because of his loss in college.  

"I had just given my virginity away to the one man I probably should have guarded it from the most. The one who had the power to destroy my heart and soul"

Lark was keeping secrets from Azurdee, even though he was falling for her all the while trying like hell not to.  His job was top secret, the only person knowing what he truly did for a living was his brother Tristan.  Leaving for days or weeks at a time on missions, he wasn't able to shake Azurdee from his mind, and he was having a problem wrapping his head around feelings he hadn't had in years, feelings he hadn't even felt for his college girlfriend Nikki.

"I'm not sure I can be what you want me to be"

Azurdee tries not to push Lark into something that he isn't ready for, but she knows that he guards his heart because of his past.  She tries not to fall head over heels for him but fails miserably, acknowledging that Lark had her heart and soul and that she would love him forever.  She begins to piece things together about his job, and it isn't until she hears him on the phone with Skip that she believes her suspicions are accurate.  Even though she worried every time he left in the middle of the night for a mission and wasn't in touch for days at a time, she loved him more and more as they spent more time together.

Tears clouded my vision during the Christmas scene at the ranch when he brings Azurdee home to meet his parents and his father takes him and Tristan into his study to ask them about their intentions with the girls and tells them the story of the journey of love and the familly tradition of writing a letter to your partner and placing it in the bottle and putting it out to sea.  That had to be one of the most romantic things that I have ever read and I practically swooned when I read the words that they wrote to each other.  

"Sometimes things take longer to fall into place but those are usually the best things in life.  The things we have to wait longer for."

The love that Lark and Azurdee have for each other is unfailing, even in the face of danger and situations that are beyong each of their controls.  I normally don't care for carefully gift wrapped endings in books, but this one was absolutely perfect.  I was so happy that after every obstacle they face apart and together, that they found their happily ever after!

This book is a must read for all, especially for those that are fans of Kelly Elliots other series!

"You're everything I've ever wanted, and everything I've ever feared."
Guarda mi corazon

Unconditional Love was another great..no fantastic story by Kelly Elliott.  I have read multiple stories by this author and not once I have I been disappointed.  I would love to walk in her mind one day just to see how many different characters she has running around up there.  I would definitely rate this a huge 5 stars!  Kelly Elliott is one of my authors that as soon as her books become available my one click finger can't stop twitching!  This is told in dual POV's by Lark and Azurdee.  This is a hot steamy romance and if your a fan of Kelly you know the woman can write some sexy scenes to perfection!  
Even though this book is the first in the series there are some characters from the past series she has written it and also some fabulous new ones as well.  I am now anticipating Tristan's story (Larks brother), you get a glimpse into his predicament love triangle and of course it leaves you itching for more. 

Lark and Azurdee meet through there mutual best friends.  Lark is the play-boy, one night stand kind of guy.  Azurdee is the sweet and definitely innocent girl.  Lark has a horrible past nightmare that he lives with everyday and he makes a promise to never love someone so much because eventually it will all be taken away.  He lives for honoring his country in the Marines and nothing will stand in his way of his career, especially a woman.   Azurdee owns her own business and is perfectly happy.. well so she thinks.. she definitely doesn't need a play-boy one night stand to wreak havoc on her life. But when they are left alone and their pull towards one another gets to strong....
Can they be together? Or will past demons keep them apart?
Can Lark put anyone first again in his life over his job? Can he open his heart again for it to get shattered to pieces?
Or is Azurdee just what he needs to find his unconditional love?

You have to pick this book up ASAP!  
Below are some of my favorite lines from the book!
Can not wait for more from this author!

Azurdee- I nodded my head, "No its not just sexual.  I mean, a big part of it is of course, and the fact that I pretty much threw myself at him tonight has my stomach dropping.  But there's more to it.  When he enters a room, I swear I have to take a deep breath.  He brushes by me or touches me in the slightest way and my stomach flips around like I'm on a damn thrill ride.  His eyes...Oh my god.  I get totally lost in them.  I swear if he had told me to strip down and let him make love to me on the dance floor, I would have done it."

I watched his lips move while he talked and I was glad it was loud in the club because I had let a small moan escape my lips.  I was turned on just watching him talk.  Good God.  Why does he affect me the way he does?

Lark-- It had been years since a girl had this kind of an effect on me, but then again, Azurdee was no ordinary girl.  She was different.  She was the first person since Nikki to wake something up that I had buried so deep down that I almost forgot it even existed.  

Something was slowly starting to shift ever since the day a beautiful brown-haired beauty smiled at me and woke something up deep down inside me.

Kelly is married to a wonderful Texas cowboy who has a knack for making her laugh almost daily and supports her crazy ideas and dreams for some unknown reason...he claims it's because he loves her!

She’s also a mom to an amazing daughter who is constantly asking for something to eat while her fingers move like mad on her cell phone sending out what is sure to be another very important text message.

In her spare time she loves to sit in her small corner overlooking the Texas hill country and write.

One of her favorite things to do is go for hikes around her property with Gus....her chocolate lab and the other man in her life, and Rose, her golden retriever. When Kelly is not outside helping the hubby haul brush, move rocks or whatever fun chore he has in store for her that day, you’ll find her inside reading, writing or watching HGTV.


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