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Blog Tour: UnWritten by Chelsea M. Cameron

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Children's librarian by day. Romance novelist by night.
British single father.
Someone else is writing this love story...

Blair Walton isn't your average curvaceous tattooed children's librarian. She's also one half of bestselling romance author, Scarlet Rose. Along with her BFF Raine, she spends her nights writing books so steamy, she's afraid they would shock her Southern conservative grandmother to death . . . if she knew about them. That's why she and Raine write in secret.

On deadline for their latest book and out of ideas, Raine suggests (demands) that Blair find a guy and "do some research". Declan Bennet has all the qualifications: He's British, looks fabulous in a suit, has glorious blue eyes and gets bonus points for being an amazing single dad to his adorable son, Drake. But what starts out as a research project quickly turns into something much more. And Blair's not the only one with secrets.

I have to admit… I’m very picky about the books I pick to review.  I was very excited to read Unwritten as I have read other books by Chelsea Cameron and I loved them.  I would love to stay this book feel into the category that I loved it.  Unfortunately for me it was just OK.  It had a good story line, had great characters, but I feel the story never really came together and just fell flat.  There were parts of the story where so much was discussed and I found myself asking why? Why was so much time devoted to this subject when it didn’t really matter after all??  There are parts that were very witty and I found myself laughing so for that I felt this deserves a 3 star.

We have Blair and her roommate Raine.  They appear to have everyday boring jobs with Blair being a librarian and Raine a bank teller. But they are actually writing partners and are USA Today bestselling author under a pen name.  This is the part of the story I actually loved! Raine and Blair’s dialogue was hysterical.  They are true best friends and I was looking for more dialogue from them because it was great!  They have kept their writing status a secret as they sell smut and they do not want their friends and family to find out.

While working at the library one day, Blair meets the handsome and charming Declan.  He has a son that has made several trips to the library and picking him up one day they met.  He’s a single father and a hottie with a British accent.  Blaire and Raine have writers block so Raine suggests that they do real live recon and that Blaire should date Declan.  They get some background on him and find out he’s quite the catch.  But to Blair’s surprise, he asks her on a date first.  She agrees and they hit it off.   Now lurking in the background is the evil nanny.  She is quite jealous of Blair and I thought I saw the story going into a direction.   Blaire and Declan relationship turns hot and spicy rather quickly and the nanny was never a problem again. 

Both of them have secrets they need to expose and several events happen that leave me scratching my head.  I felt there were parts of the story that were going to unfold but never did and it left me feeling like there was a 2nd part to the story.  After reading it left me with a lot of questions for it being a standalone.  I felt this story had so much potential but just ended up falling short. 

Chelsea M. Cameron is a YA/NA New York Times/USA Today Best Selling author from Maine. Lover of things random and ridiculous, Jane Austen/Charlotte and Emily Bronte Fangirl, red velvet cake enthusiast, obsessive tea drinker, vegetarian, former cheerleader and world's worst video gamer. When not writing, she enjoys watching infomercials, singing in the car and tweeting (this one time, she was tweeted by Neil Gaiman). She has a degree in journalism from the University of Maine, Orono that she promptly abandoned to write about the people in her own head. More often than not, these people turn out to be just as weird as she is.

Her New Adult Contemporary Romance titles include My Favorite Mistake, which has been bought by Harlequin along with a sequel, Deeper We Fall and Faster We Burn (April 20, 2013)

Her Young Adult books include Nocturnal, Nightmare and Neither, the first three books in The Noctalis Chronicles. The fourth and final book, Neverend will be out in 2013. Whisper, the first in The Whisper Trilogy is also available, with the second book in the series, Silence and the final book, LIsten coming out in 2014.


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