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Blog Tour: Sinfully by Leighton Riley

Title: Sinfully
Author: Leighton Riley
Release Date: June 8, 2014
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She played the game by her own rules...until he changed them...
Payton wrote a self-published book regaling her encounters with men while visiting Las Vegas. To her horror, life changes in more ways than one when someone finds out her true identity.
Ryder, a successful publisher, is determined to find and sign Reece Edwards. Using what little information he can find on her, he sets out to find her, feeling it will definitely be worth the chase.
While on his search for Reece, Ryder meets Payton and the chemistry is explosive. Payton has done well with not allowing anyone to get close to her, but something is different with Ryder. Ryder can’t get Payton out of his head, but he is still on his mission to locate Reece.
With two tragic pasts, Payton and Ryder each have demons to overcome. Will they be able to put those demons to rest or will it be all for nothing?

Sometimes the gamble to take is right in front of you....

Sinfully was an off the charts hot sexy romance!  I would give it a huge 5 stars!  I didn't know what to expect from this author because this is the first book I have read by her.  But Hot Damn I am a huge fan now!  This book is filled with so much steam your panties may just melt right off.  This story was told in Payton and Ryders POV.  If I haven't said this before Ryder has got to be one of my favorite male names in a book, every time I read a book about a Ryder they are literally the most mouth watering men to read about!   Don't get me wrong this book wasn't totally about steam it did have a great story line so don't be turned off if your not into a book with hot steamy sex because it to me was the whole package.  Honestly I think a lot of us readers of romance will cling to this book because of the story line because its about an author who writes these steamy books and a big shot editor trying to get her to sign with him.  Who doesn't love to read a story about an author..cause we all know we have met some amazing woman/men out there through our crazy FB world that we could see living this life..or so we hope they do **wink** wink**

Payton is a woman who writes children books and hot steamy romances on the side. She uses a pen name because she doesn't want anyone to know that these hot steamy stories she writes are actually about true encounters she has actually experienced.  She loves her visits to Las Vegas because that is her escape from her crazy busy life.  Vegas is her reason for her steamy romances.  Even thought she is anonymous a big shot editor has been trying to get her to sign with him but  she can't do that because then it would expose her.  What will happen when she finally meets a wonderful man that she truly feels like spending more time with but finds he isn't who she thought he was?  Or will past conquests from vegas stand in her way when she gets threatening letters that state they will expose her?

Ryder is seriously sexy as hell.  He is an editor who has led a pretty good life until a tragedy struck and then he just focused on getting what he wants and he does get what he wants. This time what he wants is the author that wrote some really hot steamy books.  But she is not responding to him when he emails so he is taking a chance to go where she lives in hopes of running into her.  What happens when he finds her but doesn't know who she is at first?  When he finally realizes the woman he can't stop thinking about is also the woman who wrote these books and is unattainable?  
Can he be with her and not get what he wants out of it?  Is the hot sex all that they have or is there more?

You have got to pick up this book!  I didn't want to give too much away because I don't want to spoil it for you. And I can't wait for Tristan's story because I have to know how his life turns out!  Thanks for a great story and hurry up with Tristan cause I am not sure I can handle the wait much longer *;) winking

Here are some of my favorite lines from the book:
These encounters started off without even realizing what I was really doing.  It was only when I got back to San Diego that I realized what I had done and how much I wanted more of it.  I craved going back and meeting someone new.  Just the thought of it made my core tingle and my nipples deliciously hard. 

I hated that I wanted to get to know him better.  I wanted to cook dinner with him and wake up next to him after having mind-blowing sex and snuggling together as we fall asleep.  I wanted to know who his friends were and what he did on Saturday mornings.  That scared the hell out of me.

I missed that look in a woman's eye that tolme she loved me and wanted me.  I missed those moments when I couldn't wait to get here alone so I could fuck her quickly and then make love to her slowly all night long.  I missed the moans and screaming of my name with someone I truly cared about.  The damn book was turning me into a pussy.

"Thank you, Payton.  Whatever hell you've been through to make yourself scared to let people in, I'm determined to help you through it.  Have faith in me, and us."
I grabbed her hand and pulled it over to the bulge in my pants.  "For later, baby.  This is what you do to me, all the time.  Take care of what you need to because I'll be coming for you after I get back. I can't wait to strip you down and fuck you till you pass out Payton."

Sinfully by Leighton Riley is not your typical romance.   I loved Ryder's character and how different he was then the usual alpha males that I often encounter in books.  He wasn't a bad boy rocker starting to reform, a military guy just out of the service, a CEO of a multi-million dollar company, a lawyer or a biker.  He was a book editor, who loved to read and had a passion for finding the next unknown author, hoping to make them into a best-selling author.  Payton wasn't your typical heroine either.  She was an author herself, of children's book, but she wasn't the girl next door who was jaded hoping to find her one true love and settle down to have a family.  She loved to fly to Vegas on a whim and meet new people, specifically guys that would sometimes lead to one night hook-ups, each encounter different from the next.  The scheer fact that these characters were so different from anything I had read before had me yearning to turn each page as I read to see what would transpire between these two.  This book was a 3.5 star read for me and I would recommend it to other's looking for a romance story with a twist.

"Sometimes in the waves of change we find our true direction."

Ryder was tipped off to an indie author who self published a book that was making its mark on Amazon.  After reading a couple of chapters he was hooked and he continued to think about the story long after he turned the last page.  He made it his mission to find Reece, the author of this erotic novel, a tale of a woman's escapades in sin city, and sign her to his publishing company.  Without any knowledge to go on, aside from knowing that she resided in San Diego and that she probably was an avid kick boxer, he packed a bag, hopped a flight and went in search of this unknown author.  He met Payton during a kick boxing class at a local gym he thought he may find Reece at and was drawn to her instantly.  They spent the day having coffee, talking, walking on the beach and even made plans to have dinner together.  Payton thought this was her chance for a sexual encounter without strings, encounters that she normally reserved for when she went to Vegas.  Little did she know that a no-strings attached encounter was the farthest thing that would take place between her and Ryder.

"Not anymore, babe.  We have scars from our past but we aren't broken anymore"

Ryder was dealing with the loss of his twin sister Cami to a tragic surfing accident, one that kept him from his best friend and the water for the last ten months.  It was only being in San Diego looking for Reece that he finally was able to get in touch with Tristen to start the healing process that was long over-due.  Though Payton was never far from his mind, he was determined to find this author who all but told him she wasn't interesting in signing with his company.  After an encounter with Payton where she left him a note telling him goodbye signing it Sinfully,  he began to piece together that the woman who he couldnt get out of his head and the author he was searching for where in fact the same person.  Following her to Vegas where she goes to shed herself of her growing thoughts and feelings for Ryder, he lets her know that he is aware of who she is, in a not so comforting way.  The aftermath is one of anger and resentment from Payton, thinking that Ryder only wanted to be with the brazen girl from the stories, as well as being the stalker who kept sending her cryptic notes, both which couldn't have been farther from the truth.

The story continues with Payton and Ryder apart, dating other people while always thinking of each other.  The reader is hopeful the entire time that they will find their way back to each other, because apart they are slightly broken, but together they are whole.

One hot cover and a wicked title had me excited. Sinfully by Leighton Riley has a touch of depth, a dab of humor and a bit of spice. I found myself enjoying this book early on...

This is a story with a dual POV about an author living by her own rules and an editor whose on the prowl for the latest talent. Sinfully had a few twists and turns that kept me intrigued. I found myself liking Ryder as the story unfolded and rooted for him. He's experienced a bit of sadness and has overcome it in his own way.

Ryder is a dedicated professional who seeks out literary talent. He's fit and hot and just may be ready for more than casual hook ups. He's got a sensitive side and I liked this about him.

“I would do whatever you asked. “I kissed a tear on her cheek and looked into her stunned and confused eyes.”
Payton is an author with a unique past time. She enjoys brief getaways where she can be sinful. She is private, independent and is protective of her lifestyle. Life wasn't filled with butterflies and rainbows for this heroine and it has had an affect on her life choices.
“It wasn’t JUST sex with Ryder. I knew I was falling for him and had no idea what I should do. I had been so god at being independent.”

Grab Sinfully if your interested in a dramatic story that holds your interest and tugs at your heart. I would definitely read another book by Leighton Riley. The book conveyed a beautiful  message in a round about way that life is short, follow your heart and fulfill your dreams because you never know how much time you have. Also, follow your heart and your aspirations they may lead  to good things and very Happy Endings! Like Orgasmic maybe…..

I liked the Hero and Heroine- they were emotionally troubled and I like that in a character
Unigue Concept
Quickly Paced Story
Hot Sex
A bit of Suspense
Great Debut Book
Here is my dreamcast:

          I hadn’t felt so alone in a while. Vegas was usually the place where I felt at peace and didn’t have to deal with any of the bullshit that had occurred over past twenty-four hours. I took the hottest shower I could stand to wipe myself clean of the day, followed by a luxurious bubble bath while I drank the bottle of Moscato I had bought to be shared with someone other than myself. I submerged myself under the water, holding my breath for as long as I could while I floated back to the top. It felt liberating being able to only hear the roar of the water, without noises from the real world getting through. I must have repeated the process six or seven times until it lost its fun. I didn’t want to go home and I didn’t want to stay there. Both places reminded me of Ryder. I can’t believe he ruined Vegas for me. I had no idea where I would go the next day.
          After the water started to turn lukewarm, I hopped out and air dried as I packed my bags. It felt nice to walk around my room, feeling the air against my cool skin. I was high enough that no one would see me when I walked close to the windows and the feeling of possibly being seen was highly erotic. I was packing my heels in my bag when there was a weak knock at the door. Turning suddenly, I had to wonder if it was meant for my door or maybe I was hearing someone knock next door.
          I threw on a t-shirt and thong and stepped closer to the door. Just as I got on my tippy toes to see through the peep hole, I heard and felt another knock. Looking through the hole, I saw Tate walking away from my door. I opened the door without another thought and followed him, tapping on his shoulder.
          Tate stopped, turned toward me, and then looked back at my door. “Were you planning on going back out like that?” He had a hint of amusement in his eyes.
          “No, I heard you knock and threw the first thing I saw on to see who it was.”
          “So you weren’t dressed?” His smile was full force.
          “I was just packing to leave and hadn’t decided what to wear for the rest of the night. Why aren’t you with whore-face?” I didn’t need to tell him I wasn’t sure when I was leaving or where I was going. I hadn’t quite figured it out.
          “Ahh, the more important question is how you’re going to get back in your room, doll. Seeing you strut downstairs to the front desk with your tight little ass peeking out from under your very thin t-shirt might gather even more looks than you and Tyler got on the casino floor earlier. You do know he’s getting married tomorrow, right?”

1. I’m 24 and Texas born and raised (not fun per se, but mandatory, right?)
2. I will see any movie with Adam Sandler or Channing Tatum in them
3. I can’t drive with shoes on (I’ve had 8 ankle surgeries on my driving foot)
4. I plan out my books while I drive to work normally
5. I have the most random taste in music ranging from Alanis Morissette to Rob Zombie to Luke Bryan to Metric
6. I’ve been on over 600 flights in my lifetime
7. I’m scared of fire and have never ever lit a match or lighter
8. Apparently, I talk really fast
9. My favorite drink is Sweet Tea (not bottled, the real stuff)
10. I love chocolate and peanut butter
11. I don’t snore, but I talk in my sleep
12. I always bake cookies for road trips... a lot of them
13. I HATE beer
14. Brisket tacos are the shit
15. I’m tempted to move to Austin just so I can go to Gourdoughs whenever I want
16. I get excited when hurricanes form (I know, it’s horrible and feel for everyone who lives on the coastlines, but ever since I was little, I was always cheering them on to get bigger)
17. I would be an awesome getaway driver if you were to rob a bank or egg your boyfriends car
18. I say “y’all” and am proud of it
19. Bailey in Sinfully is modeled after my niece who still asks for the “Talk Dirty Tummy” song
20. I have the best PA in the world ;)

Texas born and raised, I found my love for dirty books rather recently. I work in real estate for my normal job and I write contemporary romance. I love sweet tea (made right!), cookie cake, and anything with chocolate and peanut butter.
I have a few guys at my gym that are my TDF’s (tall, dark, and fuckable) but also have a HSB (Hot Sauna Boy), because let’s be honest, they’re my motivation while I’m there! I go to Las Vegas often but I swear I don’t have as much fun as Payton does. Although, if I found myself a Tate there, I might change my opinion!
Authors such as Katy Evans, SE Hall, Angela Graham, Jasinda Wilder, and Jillian Dodd have been a large influence on me and I’m forever grateful. I decided to write Sinfully on Black Friday in November 2013, on a whim. I thought I’d get bored after a few pages but was captivated by the characters and it developed into something I am truly proud of. Sinfully will be the first of three in its series, but they will be able to be read separately if desired.
When it comes to book boyfriends, I love those who are strong but with a little imperfection or tragedy in their past (Remy, Kellan, Q, Twitch are just a few of my favorites). I LOVE talking to my readers so feel free to message me on Facebook. ♥

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