Thursday, February 19, 2015

Blog Tour & Review: Distractions by Bianca Dean

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Red has been trying to move on with her life. She really has. Her first real relationship ended in disaster and she can’t muster the energy to leave the house. Her brother Brenden and their best friend, Gavin, are sick of it. Guilting her into a night out, Red reluctantly agrees only to see her ex having the time of his life with another girl. Small town living would have it no other way. On the verge of a full blown panic attack, Gavin steps in to provide Red the distraction she needs to forget all about her ex. But as things quickly spiral out of control, will Red be able to keep her feelings for her best friend a secret in order to save their friendship?
*This book contains sexual situations and explicit language. This is Book 1 of the Distractions Series.

Distraction by Bianca Dean is a cute story about falling love with the one person that you know you shouldn't, your best friend.  Red has been in love with her best friend Gavin as long as she can remember; watching him use girls and leave them when he becomes bored forcing her to keep her feelings hidden because the friendship that they have is more important than a fleeting love that probably won't last.  This book was a 3.5 star read for me and I would recommend it to others who like a book that has head-strong female lead and your not so typical alpha male.  If you are looking for a CEO, MMA Fighter or a Rock Star this is not the book for you.

Red has just had her heart broken and she is wallowing in her misery; wondering if the things her ex said about her were true.  Wondering if she would ever be able to have a real relationship or if she was destined to be treated like the cold hearted person Wilson claimed she was.  As she begins to spend more time with her brother and Gavin, the feelings that she has squashed for him come boiling to the surface and they threaten to explode.  What Red doesn't know is that Gavin feels the same way that she does.

Both Gavin and Red are worried about their friendship and what will happen to their happy three-some friendship if they attempt a relationship.  And the readers often wants to reach through the pages and shake both of them telling them to get on with it already.  You won't be disappointed with what happens, through mis-understandings and lack of communication; Red and Gavin finally make it back to each other where they belonged all along.

Bianca Dean
Bianca Dean, author of Quarterback Sneak and Wanna Play? is a native of New Jersey now living in NYC. Working on her PhD, Bianca loves good food, great movies and stimulating conversation. She's a huge sports fan, and can be found, during the appropriate season, screaming at the television, beer in hand, trying to make people that can't hear her run faster. In the off-season she can be spotted walking her dog or grabbing dinner with friends.

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