Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Release Day Blitz, Review & Giveaway: Monster Stepbrother by Harlow Grace

Title: Monster Stepbrother
Author: Harlow Grace
 Release Date: February 10, 2015

His dark obsession runs deep.

How does a girl go from being her Daddy’s precious baby doll to feeling like a filthy whore?

Easy really. When my father remarries it changes the course of my life and everything becomes . . . complicated.

My new stepbrother is a monster who hates me. Unapologetic, controlling and brazen he’s intent on making my life a living hell. Blackmails me into doing things I never thought I’d do. Illicit things. 

Oliver King makes the rules. He f*cks me whenever he wants. How he wants. Where he wants.

My head screams this is wrong, yet I can't resist giving in to forbidden desires.

I’m his possession, his toy — his ultimate pleasure.

He’s never letting me go. I’m his dark obsession.

My dirty addiction to my stepbrother grows to a dangerous level. Am I sick to crave more from the man who has made me his slut? Or should I escape and run as far away as possible? 

My name is Maya Childs and this is my story. 

Dark erotic novel that contains sensitive subject matter that may make readers uncomfortable. Not appropriate for readers under 18. Contains explicit language and descriptions of sexual situations and violence.


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Monster Stepbrother by Harlowe Grace is a story about forbidden love in the eyes of society and what happens to a person when a love that consumes that but can never be becomes to much to bear.  This story is filled with moments of tenderness but also moments of harshness and cruelty that no person should ever have to experience at the hands of the one that they adore.  This book was a 3.5 star read for me and I would recommend it to others.

Maya Childs was excited when she learned that she would have a new step-brother, being that she was an only child when her father married his mother.  Four years older than her, she never expected to have feelings that went beyond familial nor did she expect outright lust.  Doing everything in her power over the years to get Oliver to just notice her became a mission that she was unable to escape from, a mission that causes her to do the unthinkable when she turns 18, a time when Oliver finally notices her but not in the way that she has always imagined.

Oliver King is an angry teenager at the start of this book for many reasons; angry that his mother remarried so soon after his father's death and angry that he had to go to visit his mother's new family when all he wanted to do was stay in LA.  Handsome and being well aware of the attention that he gets from the opposite sex is something that Oliver uses to his advantage to indulge in his love for sex, that is until he stares into the innocent eyes of his new step-sister Maya and the thoughts and feelings that over-take him are wrong beyond his wildest imagination.

Oliver makes it is mission to be as cruel to Maya as he possibly can in the hopes of shoving the feelings that he has for her deep down to a place where no one will ever suspect.  Calling her every name in the book and refusing to come and visit his mother more than several times every few years, he puts as much distance as he can between him and the woman that he knows he should never want and certainly cannot have because she is family in a roundabout way.  

Maya begins to self mutilate in the hopes of taking away the pain that she has for the way that Oliver treats her and for the yearning that she has for him that no one is ever able to diminish, no matter how hard she tries.  Wishing that things could be different and never believing what the words that her best friend has uttered over the years that Oliver treats her the way he does because he wants her, Maya is pushed to her breaking point during her 18th birthday party when Oliver calls her a slut for the dress she is wearing and embarrasses her in front of the guests demanding that she change.  It is then that she decides to take away the pain for good, that is until Oliver finds her.

In exchange for his silence as to what Maya has done, Oliver demands a weekend with her as his sex slave.  He will be able to fuck her anyway he wants whenever he wants during the time that there parents are away.  Accepting that this may be the only way she can ever be with him the way she wants to, Maya agrees; partly for her and partly for not wanting to hurt her father and bring a pain from the past to the surface.  What Maya and Oliver didn't expect was for their weekend to bring the feelings they both harbored for the other right to the surface, leaving them wanting things that they shouldn't in society's eyes.  When Oliver walks away from her once again Maya is beside herself in the next few years that she doesn't see him; especially after hearing from her step-mother that he intends to propose to his on again off again Denmark girlfriend.  Maya gets advice from her step-mother that she never expected and does the unthinkable; she goes after Oliver in one last attempt to try and have the relationship with him that she really yearns for.

Will Oliver and Maya admit that they love each other and attempt a real relationship?  Or will it all go up in flames as it has so many times before over the years that they have known each other?  You will have to read to find out!

Harlow Grace has tried many things in her life but writing has always been and still remains her passion.  She loves to create characters in need of redemption and her stories are mostly all dark romance but then again, she likes to mix things up so don't be surprised if she publishes a sweet romance every now and then.  When she's not writing or reading, Harlow is plotting and planning her next adventure or dreaming of lazy days in the sun with a good book in one hand and a cocktail in the other.