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Blog Tour, Review, & Giveaway: Ruin You Completely by Calia Read

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I met Mathias Sloan in a club. Truth. I told him I was twenty-four. Lie. I told him my name was Olivia. Lie. I thought that I would have a one-night stand and be done with him. Truth. I didn’t know that he was my new piano instructor for the next six months… Truth. We would come together and fall apart. After him, every man was ruined. Truth. If I knew what I know now, I wouldn’t have walked to him. I would’ve turned and run… LIE.

Our flight was at eleven. I glanced at my watch. 8 AM. We should be in the car and on our way to the airport by now, but I couldn’t seem to move.

I was just hurting myself. Hope was for fools. The smart people in the world accepted that and moved on. And the fools, the ones like me, would never understand. No matter how much pain was tossed their way.
Finally, after a few minutes, I gave up. I adjusted the strap of my purse and walked toward the front doors.
Then I saw him.
He stopped in his tracks. So did I.
He was a disaster and there was no other way to put it. His hair was pointing up in crazy directions. I could picture him repeatedly dragging his fingers through it. He was still in yesterday’s clothes. His shirt was unevenly buttoned, as if he had jumped out of bed and grabbed the first thing he saw.
It soothed me, just a little, that he was suffering as much as I was.
He walked toward me, looking like a man on a mission, and didn’t stop until he was directly in front of me. Standing this close I saw that his eyes were bloodshot and a day’s worth of stubble was growing in.
“I thought you’d be gone,” he said.
I gestured to the limo waiting outside. “I’m leaving right now.” 
His shoulders sagged and he closed his eyes. I’d never seen him look so defeated. “I’m sorry about last night. I fucked up.”
“I’m sorry, too.”
He stared at me imploringly, almost like he wanted to say something else but couldn’t get the words to form on his tongue.
“Stay,” he said.
We stayed apart, but he might as well have been touching me.
“I can’t, Mathias,” I whispered brokenly.
“Katja, I will give you anything, I mean, anything, in this world just to keep you.”
He nodded.
“Give me your heart.”


RUC Release Day Teaser

Book 1 - Every Which Way - Amazon | B&N
Book 2 - Breaking the Wrong - Amazon | B&N
Book 3 - Ruin You Completely - Amazon | B&N

I have been a huge fan of the Sloan Brothers series since I first read Every Which Way back in 2012.  Still Thayer Sloan is one of my favorite book boyfriends.  When the author Calia Read announced a book for the mysterious Mathias I was jumping for joy.  In the other books, he the older brother and we don’t know a whole lot about him.  The added mystery of him just added to my excitement on this.  In each novel, the author has grown leaps and bounds so with this, her forth published novel, I knew she would have a knock out and she did not disappoint.  The rollercoaster of emotions that I went on through Ruin You Completely is something I crave!  I love it when an author takes us on the emotional journey from start to finish!  I was pulling my hair out and screaming in frustration at the characters.  They are both stubborn and strong willed but that just made me love their story even more.   You cannot go wrong with this one!  Even though this is a part of a series, each book is a standalone.  This series is one of my favorites so if you have not read the others I would highly recommend them. 
Mathias Sloan is hired to be a piano teacher to an upcoming and coming pianist by the young women’s grandfather in Germany.  Little did he know the relationship with his to be student was doomed before it ever started.   The night before he was to get started he meets Olivia in a bar.  Things go to zero to hundred real fast but before things can get out of hand, Olivia’s best friends stops her from doing something she regrets.  The next day, Mathias discovers his student is Olivia… well actually Katja.  She lied to not only about her name but her age (she’s 19 and he’s 26) and neither had any idea that they would be working together for the next six months as student and teacher. They were going to have one night of lust but it never happened.  Still the fire that Katja feels for Mathias never dies, the tension is always there.  They must keep a professional if she is to advancer her career and her dream of being a concert pianist. 
“Mathias emitted this energy that always stirred something in me.  It never failed.  He’d be close to me and even if it was for a second, my mind shut down and my body took over, encouraging me to do things I had no business doing.”
They had a professional relationship that had to be kept or all Katja dreams could be ruined. Their feelings come to a highpoint after their six months together and her she wins the competition she was training for. All the emotion and feelings they had suppressed were about to explode and for one it would be too much.  A realization would come to one of them and they both knew the end of their relationship was near.
“We may have met through lust, but this was something different. And I loved it.  He showed me that sanity was safe. Something better and stronger and altogether terrifying.  It had the potential to cement our lives together.  I should’ve been satisfied. Elated. Completely at peace.  Yes there was a feeling in the pit of my gut that this would be the last time I would have Mathias this close.”

After a night of passion that neither will forget Katja finds herself alone, that Mathias left Germany and returned to the states.  She must do all she can to forget him and move on.   Months pass and Katja must do a national tour of the States for the competition she won.  Little does she know the last stop is Mathias home town.  What will happen when they come face to face with each other again?  Can the months apart extinguish the fire they have inside of just fuel the embers that have been burning?  It’s a rollercoaster of emotions for both Mathias and Katja and it’s one that can be very frustrating at times.  But it’s a journey I enjoyed and has validated that Calia Read as one of those authors that is on my automatic one click list!  I thought this last quote was fitting for them both.   They are come from different worlds and sometimes love isn’t always enough.
“The problem is that sometimes opposites don’t attract. Sometimes people are so different that instead of complementing each other they ruin one another.”

One word ANGST! Ruin You Completely had lots of ANGST. This forbidden romance held me captive to the end. I read this as a standalone. It was intense, spicy and addictive. Now that I met one Sloane I must discover the others.
Mathias has a past. He is broody and stubborn. He’s a bit of a mystery. He avoids attachments and keeps his heart guarded. One night he goes to a club with a friend, he sees something delectable and their attraction is enigmatic. Mathias and this girl seduce each other. It is HOT! It felt like they could be more under different circumstances. But could this gruff guy let his guard down? Could this girl shed her good girl ways and be true to herself? What follows is what keeps this book alive, exciting and emotionally charged. You will get swept away with the angst, heat and heartache.
“I want you to tell me you’ve thought about me as much as I thought about you.”
Katja and Mathias share a passion for music. They are diligent and dedicated. Observing their relationship pit falls was intriguing. They shared a sexual chemistry that was explosive and at times frustrating.  Falling for something that is off limits made him angry and edgy. He was a downright bastard at times. Watching Katja put up with him and fall for him was beautiful and painful.  The heart sometimes desires things we can’t have….. Things we shouldn’t have.
“She was the only person that brought out a different side of me.”
Calia creates strong memorable characters. They usually get under your skin. They make you curious and have you reflecting on them well beyond the completion of the book. They stay with you.
You will enjoy this tragic love story full of emotion, redemption and desire. I am hooked on
Calia Read’s writing. Her books provoke emotion, inspire and make you feel. I am patiently
waiting for her next release.  If you haven’t read Unravel I implore you to click it too. One of the best mind bending books I ever read. Bottom line is Cali Read is an author you should stalk!

Calia Read lives in Indiana with her husband and their four kids.